How My 22-Year-Old Student Made $900,000+ In 1 Year


The video below is the culmination of 20 years of my stock trading and refining my strategy over time and now 10+ years of hard work getting better as a teacher too and refining my trading challenge program enough so that students don’t just learn from my, but also several other successful traders like this young guy and this gizzly millionaire too, along with upcoming success stories like my favorite student in Miami

Before you get to the video, here’s a little birthday gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and to honor this great student who has taken $27,000 and turned it into $900,000+ in the past year or so** all while using this tool every step of the way…please watch this video, prepare to have your mind blown and take careful notes too as Steven is not only a great trader, but also a solid teacher and yes to everyone asking, don’t worry, we’ll be posting the webinar he did last week for these students shortly too.

Please also leave a comment below this video and congratulate Steven on this achievement, let’s show him how proud our community is of him and all his hard work!