How I’m Profiting In This Declining Stock Market

All my top students and I are at our all-time-profit highs. I’ve made over $47,000 so far in 2022. How is that possible while the overall markets and big companies are down 50% from their highs?

Watch the video below to find out and learn the mistakes most traders make in this market. Plus…

  • Discover the two rules I follow to grow my account — even in a downtrending market.
  • Get the one mindset tweak that can help you stay safe in any market.
  • Find out the four most expensive words in the English language.
  • See why you shouldn’t join any penny stock or crypto ‘army.’

Watch the video below to learn all that and how you can avoid BIG losses!

I focus on teaching my students the process over profits. Learn the patterns, rules, and mindset you need to make it in this market. I teach it all in my Trading Challenge — apply today!

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