How I Made $800+ a DAY In March (Over $14K In Profits) {VIDEO}

I made over $14,000 in March. And I’ve had record years the last two years thanks to this tool and the hot market. But it’s not about big gains and home runs every trade. Small gains add up. I’ll show you how with some of my recent trades. And I’ll share with you how losses are important too…

Watch the video below to learn:

  • What I see happening in the market that’s affecting penny stocks.
  • Why my weekend pattern is one of my hottest strategies right now.
  • How losses can teach you the biggest lessons.
  • Why I’m being extra picky about my trades right now.

Learn all these lessons and more in my monthly recap below:

My millionaire students and I are successful because we learned risk management, how to lose small, and that small gains add up over time. I teach students about the trading process — not just how to make profits. If you learn the process, the profits can come. Find out how in my Trading Challenge.

How did you do in March? What patterns are YOU trading? Let me know in a comment below!