Do you suffer from frequency illusion?

By Updated on October 12, 2022

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Our thoughts become our beliefs.

If you think that’s true, this will be the most important message you read today.

Right now, it’s hard to be positive about things.

Inflation is running out of control, our country’s leadership is failing us, the housing market is starting to crack, and we all know how the stock market has performed this year.

Every website or social media platform you flip on…

Is there to remind you of it…

But if you’re like me, frequency illusion is a good thing…

Frequency Illusion

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Tell me if you’ve ever played this game as a child in the car.

You see a vehicle on the road, a red-colored Buick, and then you try to see if there are more. At first, you’re thinking, there’s no way…

But all of a sudden … they’re popping up … left and right.

Why does this happen?

Because you’re now putting focused attention on finding something.

Next time you’re on a road trip, try it out, and you’ll see the frequency illusion phenomenon at work.

So what does this have to do with trading and making money in the stock market?


You see, we’re constantly being fed negative headlines on social media, newspapers, and television.

And while the economic picture may not seem rosy…

That has nothing to do with how you’ll perform in the stock market.

How To Use Frequency Illusion To Make Money In The Market

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Instead of drowning yourself with doom and gloom, change your lens.

For example, members of the Tim Sykes Challenge are surrounded by winners in my chat room. A few traders in there are up over $1 million in trading profits this year!

Imagine trading alongside Tim Lento, who is up $1.04 million, or Jack Kellogg, who is up $1.67 million this year…

Instead of doom and gloom, your eyes would be lit up with opportunity.

Sometimes new traders think the key to success is developing certain skills. And while there is truth to it…

I believe you also need to have the right mindset and be around like-minded people who achieve the things you want.

Our society has developed a bad habit of celebrating victimhood. And it bothers me.

I’m here to tell you that you have more control over your situation than you think.

My best advice is to surround yourself with others who are winning.

When I first started trading, I had to do it the hard way, alone.

I had periods of self-doubt, anxiety, and frustration.

I didn’t have someone to look up to saying “this is how you do it.”

Wall Street was secretive back then, and electronic day trading was fairly new in the early 2000s.

It’s probably why I garnered so much media attention in my 20s.

A regular person from a small town, earning the type of income once reserved for Wall Street’s elite.

I broke the mold.

And to prove my success wasn’t a fluke, I created the Tim Sykes Challenge.

To date, I’ve helped 20+ of my students become millionaire traders.

That’s why it pains me to hear about traders struggling, making excuses, and not living up to their true potential.

Get away from the haters…

Get away from the naysayers…

Get away from the negative thinking…

Start working with people who are winning, goal-oriented, and with a proven track record of success.

The market might suck, but that doesn’t mean your trading should suck.

If you’d like to join the Tim Sykes Challenge, it starts with an interview.

The program is not a fit for everyone, and not everyone gets accepted.

Now, that’s not intended to scare you away, but to let you know we’re looking for motivated individuals who want to be part of a thriving community.

Not folks chasing get rich-schemes.

If you’re ready to start, click this link to schedule your call with a member of my team. 


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Author imageTimothy Sykes
Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my Trading Challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don’t forget to check out my 30 Day Bootcamp, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading.

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