FOX News’ Charles Payne’s 3rd Pump & Dump, Is The SEC Deaf, Dumb Or Just Plain Stupid?

As of this writing, I have ZERO position in MESA ENERGY HOLDINGS INC (MSEH) and I did not trade NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc. (NXTH) or Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. (CLRH), I write this expose to clean up the misinformation pollution created by such a soulless human being as Charles Payne. FOX News should be ashamed for giving high profile exposure to a blatant penny stock promoter, with a proven history & SEC record.

FOX News’ Charles Payne has gotta be the dumbest stock promoter guy you’ll ever meet…the guy has already been rebuked for blatant stock promotion by the SEC and yet here are the intraday charts of his last 3 pump and dumps:




See any similarities?



I’m not the only one researching this scumbag– has had several great articles about his underhanded dealings

I’ve already written about good ole scumbag Charles several times, the latest daring him to respond to my accusations of him being the scummiest stock promoter around, but such accusations are met with silence, even when Charles’ telemarketing firm is asked point blank by one of my TIMalert subscribers (the telemarketer hung up)

I don’t even care about my trading profits anymore–when a national TV commentator can use his status and influence to rip off millions of viewers and make them mistakenly believe the fault lies with penny stocks…and especially when Charles has mastered his pump & dumps so well that he refuses to let anyone short sell…well this slug must be squashed…to make room for less manipulative more giving slugs. (I’m not against stock promoters on the whole…I do take pride in exposing their ignorance and corruption though)

Mind you I wasn’t even looking for another whole Payne pump & dump–given that Payne’s firm is so experienced in pump & dumping, there are few if any shares available to short so researching these things is just a massive timesuck. The research below is from the amazing Doc King, one of 16 penny stock traders you should follow on Twitter

Other than the obviously pumped up charts, the Payne connection comes in with his using and to promote MSEG, which is now MSEH….so incredibly ignorant of him to label it so similar to his other advertising site…which promoted CLRH & NXTH

MSEH.OB the latest OTCBB “money maker”, yeah right, for someone but usually not investors.

Of course not all, but most of these stocks are just plain sketchy and that is being nice about it.

The best thing about that fact is, if you are any kind of internet user, you can find good info for your DD on any company
you are thinking of putting your hard earned cash into.

But if you want to just give it away then ignore the rest of this report.

When I come across a stock that seems to be performing well, first I am interested in why.

All too often it is because someone is taking advantage of a very broken system.
Since no one else is concerned about protecting my investments, I had better get to digging.

Step 1: Yahoo Finance.
Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc., an exploration stage company, engages in the acquisition, development, and rehabilitation of oil
and gas properties in the United States. It primarily holds interests in the Java Field natural gas development project
located in Wyoming County, New York; and Coal Creek prospect located in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. The company was founded
in 2006 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

Here we can find the basics to do all the DD we need.

Step 2: Google Maps
Trust me when I say you want to know where the “corporate headquarters” is located.
5220 Spring Valley Rd
Suite 525
Dallas, TX USA 75254
Phone: 972-490-9595
Fax: 972-490-9161,+TX+75254

Inerestingly enough this is also the address for:

A Dating service:
Trusted Singles
Starbuck Singles
5220 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX 75254
Phone: (214) 389-2900
Having their own problems it seems.

A TV Station Sales Office:
Fox Station Sales
5220 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 687-0400

RentSmart Apartment Locating
5220 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, Texas 75254

Quality Thouroughbred
(972) 392-7236
5220 Spring Valley Rd
Dallas TX 75254

Energy Exploitation
(972) 934-2686
5220 Spring Valley Rd
Dallas, TX 75254

And a host of others including a Bank and Attorneys.

Equity Bank, SSB (FDIC Cert: 23498) is a FDIC Savings Bank and was established and has been FDIC insured since July 15,

Main Office (headquarters) is located at:

5220 Spring Valley Road, Suite 415
Dallas, Texas 75254
Phone: 214-237-3170
Fax: 214-237-3197

It’s important to know who the neighbors are especially if your next door neighbor is an Investment Banking Service.

Turchin & Voorhies
* 5220 Spring Valley Road
* Suite 520
* Dallas, TX 75254
* United States of America

* Office 972 404 4700
* Fax 972 404 4703

* Investment Banking

Turchin & Voorhies is a boutique investment bank serving middle market companies in a broad range of industries that
includes manufacturing, distribution, retail, technology, and health care. We strive to be a valuable partner to our clients
and their entrepreneurial leaders by offering sound, ongoing advice and developing winning ideas and strategies – and then
executing them effectively. By providing senior-level attention throughout the process, we ensure that our clients obtain
superior results.

On Their website they offer these types of services:

Raising Capital
We act as agent in privately placing senior debt, subordinated debt, and preferred and common equity for our clients.
Typically, these activities are best suited for companies that wish to:

* Fund corporate growth
* Raise additional working capital
* Finance acquisitions
* Complete a management buyout
* Refinance existing debt
* Arrange a recapitalization

We have ongoing relationships with institutional, individual and strategic providers of capital.

Well now this might make it easier for a company to sell stock especially if the company is in the suite directly next door to you. Hmm…

Step 3: More Google

What is listed about the company and the principles?
Now this is where the work starts, There can be a great deal of info or very little.

Here is some to start on.

A list of news info to peruse.

By reading the news we find out that they were on the Pink Sheets as ticker MSEG before the OTCBB and they did not do so well. Just look at the old charts to see that all too familiar look. Starting the trading off in Sept of 2007 at $1.25 it dropped to .35 on Feb,15 2008. From May 15th 2008 the stock skyrocketed from a low of $.75 to a high of $5 on May 30th 2008 and on that same day plummeted to a low of 1.05
The stock ended it illustrious trading run in November 2009 at a low of .07 cents. Rough ride I would say.

Step 4: Even More Google and other sites of course.
(Many times the websites will disapear but google gives us a little trick to fall back on, Cached web pages)

Here is a nice little pump article cached by Google about MSEG.PK

Well now I am not so thrilled when I see history like this.

And here is a little more, cached by Google. (Thank you Google for keeping the skeletons available to dig up)

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. Auditor Raises ‘Going Concern’ Doubt
Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. filed its Annual Amendment on November 21, 2008 for the period ending December 31, 2007. In this report its auditor, GBH CPAs, gave an unqualified opinion expressing doubt that the company can continue as a going concern.

Mesa Energy Holdings Inc. Auditor Raises ‘Going Concern’ Doubt
Mesa Energy Holdings Inc. filed its Annual on September 03, 2009 for the period ending December 31, 2008. In this report its auditor, GBH CPAs, gave an unqualified opinion expressing doubt that the company can continue as a going concer

Now I could dig deeper and so can you, but why.

I hope that you can see, with just a little effort on your part, simple due diligence can save many sleepless nights and lost money.

As of writing this report I hold no position in MSEH.OB or is predecessor.

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