How To Find Tickers Primed For Take Off

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 26, 2023
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The hourly rate of pay for an average trader …

There’s pretty much no way to calculate that. Mainly because most people don’t show all their trades.

But what I do know, is that ‘retail traders’ lost about 30% of their total account in 2022.

With that in mind, I’d still argue trading is a much better option than working the register at McDonald’s for $15/hour.


Because I’m a ‘retail trader’ and I made money in 2022 … So did my top students. And we made a lot more than McDonald’s employees …

Obviously, there’s a way to win in this market that most people aren’t realizing.

It’s because I do these 2 things differently …

And that’s what I’m sharing today.

How I Win

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I’m quick and I’m woke.

Not woke like the media uses it. Woke like, I know these are terrible stocks and if I don’t take my profits I’ll get buried alive.

Case in point; my trade from Wednesday on Grom Social Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ: GROM)

The stock spiked +120% earlier this week and then fell +45% yesterday.

Here’s a chart …

GROM chart 5-minute candles

You’re looking at a real opportunity. I took an 8% profit.

Sure, I missed most of the move, but 90% of trades fail. That automatically puts me in the top 10%. And that 8% is scalable.

Another aspect to focus on, that trade only took me a few minutes. I’m not stressed out on the edge of my seat all day, unable to concentrate on anything else …

I take my profit, and I move on.

Because I knew the price crash was coming. How?

I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and there’s always a crash.

None of these companies are worth their wait in mud.

And because I understand that, I’m able to safely profit without getting greedy.

There will be more traders that try to profit this year. And like 2022, there will be losers.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities, keep this mindset, and focus on the hottest tickers.

Here’s how I find stocks to trade …

Top Scan

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I mentioned I was quick … These moves happen fast.

The news drops and the stocks immediately spike that day.

Take a look at GeoVax Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: GOVX) from yesterday.

That first green bubble shows breaking news of a new patent.

GOVX chart 1-minute candles

And if you’re subscribed to the Breaking News scan, you were alerted right away …

The Breaking News tool has changed my trading forever.

I haven’t been able to do the math, but it feels like 50% of all my profitable trades come from this one tool.

I’d say it’s worth its weight in gold … but it’s a software and it doesn’t weigh anything.

In order to profit, I’ve got to be on time, and I’ve got to understand these are trashy stocks.

The latter is pretty easy to grasp. And in order to make it in time, I rely on Breaking News.

Subscribe and start trading like yours truly.

To your success,

— Tim


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