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Best Stock Trading Tools: How To Use The Old Yahoo! Finance & StocksToTrade

Yahoo! Finance has always been my homepage and favorite website of all-time to use for all kinds of stock research…but as of a few days ago, that’s changed with their latest, and horrendous, update to the site…the guys running the show are truly incompetent and I’m not the only one who thinks so, here, take a pool and see for yourself:

Which Yahoo! Finance Do You Like Better?


Yahoo! has never been a very successful Internet company (their greatest get was investing in BABA or else they’d be worth roughly the same as AskJeeves LOL) and sure enough, they’ve managed to screw up the only financial web portal I’ve used for the past 2 decades with their latest update…not surprising given how clueless multibillion dollar companies are when it comes to the needs of traders, see E*Trade’s shuttering of the once great ClearStation when they bought them out as another example.

The good news is you can still use the old Yahoo! Finance HERE for as long as it takes them not to realize their Canadian website version is 50,000x better than their “new” website.

I had a feeling this day was coming so my team and I have been hard at work on this new stock research tool for the past 2 years now. Keep reading to find out how to save 35% off the annual subscription.  The deal ends today!

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It’s only been a few months since we launched publicly, and given over 2,000+ traders use this new tool already, it’s now definitively the hottest trading software on the market today, Stocks to Trade (STT), and already it’s proven to be even bigger and better than we anticipated.

The response from new users has been overwhelmingly positive, and now STT is ready to roll out even more features to make your research and trading life easier and much, much more lucrative.

If you have benefited from my trading challenge and, this is the only missing link to mind-blowing efficiency and success and I’ve personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into building STT precisely because I didn’t want companies like Yahoo! or E*Trade in charge of providing me the data and research I need efficiently because they’re frankly not traders.

STT was built by trades FOR TRADERS.

This trading software is in a class all by itself, with the ability to scan over 16,000 stocks—in real time—and filters designed by me personally, with 40+ of my own pre-programmed trades that match my successful trading strategies…and we’re building even more scans and tools as I write this.

This software is not just for hedge fund managers and Wall Street traders, although it could pull this off, Stocks to Trade is designed with YOU in mind.

And if you’d rather not take just my word for it, check out what some of the STT users have to say so far (they LOVE it):


@StocksToTrade @timothysykes hands down the best trading software out! Thanks for all the hard work creating this.

— James (@Jameyistyred) May 31, 2016

My account it up almost $300 from starting at $1000 back in February. Thanks to @timothysykes @profitly and @StocksToTrade. Progress.

— Clayton (@TraderRanger) May 24, 2016

Thank you @StocksToTrade for spotting $HEAR In @ 1.07 out @ 1.28 with 2000 shares aim small miss small like @timothysykes says — Curren$y (@MichaelsArcs) May 11, 2016

@StocksToTrade received good customer service earlier & the cool STT now on my new trading laptop, + looking forward to broker integration

— Kirby Scott Coe (@KirbyScottCoe1) May 6, 2016

Thanks to @timothysykes and @stockstotrade for $EPE in @ $5.54 out @ $5.81, banked $270 bucks. ($32,826 JA)…nice earnings winner!! — Billionaire Kid (@LT_Valentino) May 5, 2016

A big Thank You to @timothysykes & @StocksToTrade for making Trading so much easier! ????????#worksmarternotharder

— Wolf Trader (@wolf_trader) April 19, 2016

From Revolution to Evolution

So, we’ve launched the revolution—not it’s time for the evolution (yes, already—we believing in evolving at lightning speed to keep you many steps ahead of the game).

After only a few months in play, we’re now ready introduce two new features, with you in mind:

Introducing … Oracle and Paper Trading

Oracle is Stock to Trade’s proprietary active stock price action predictive algorithm that will help you to build watchlists and identify plays that have the potential for profitable price action.  It automatically detects stocks that have been determined to have the potential to generate profit, and predicts how much a stock could go up or down based on Stock to Trade’s proprietary algorithms.

Paper Trading allows you get started with trading without risking any real capital. STT’s proprietary paper trading module uses real-time market data that allows you to trade—without any money—just like you would with your own capital.  Paper trading also allows you to enter simulated positions to test trading strategies before putting them into practice with real money. This is a great tool to learn about trading and trading strategies without the financial interaction or risk. With Paper Trading, you don’t need a broker because the account is built into STT.

If you happened to miss the launch of STT and are behind in this game, this is what you’ve been missing:

  • FULL ACCESS: Level 1 and Level 2 for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB and PINKSHEETS (i.e. all US stocks)
  • TOP % GAINERS AND LOSERS: Data that breaks it all down for you
  • UNLIMITED Watchlists
  • REAL-TIME SCANS that are fully customizable
  • EVENTS AND NEWS on Chart
  • SEC FILINGS for every stock
  • ALERTS on Chart
  • CHART Indicators
  • PRICE EVENT Indicators
  • PRE-LOADED SCANS using my own winning strategy
  • DYNAMIC CHARTS that are user friendly

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of the extended 4th of July deal on STT for over $700 off the annual subscription; but it’s valid only until tomorrow, July 19th —so act now. I want to see you get this for less so you can start off trading $700 in the plus and make even more.

Just like all my trading challenge students, I want YOU to make your millions, and using STT can boost your prospects with useful and efficient tools. Now you can get truly plugged into my strategy, boot up my 2 decades of trading experience and take solid and well planned trades. This is my gift to you, and while it took longer than expected, and, much more money than expected to create, I hope you’ll take advantage of it and start using this new tool to aid your daily research and stock scanning considerably.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

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  1. Jon Sawyer

    Thanks Tim!! Awesome software with STT! Any timeline as far as full broker integration for trading through STT? Do you think broker integration might be available in 2016?

  2. Daniel

    It will be nice if the Paper Account of StockToTrade to have the option to simulate with costum broker commissions to be like a real broker account.

    Thank you TIm!

  3. Christopher Zygaj

    I am one of your students, JOEL SYKES called me to create a watch list and left me his e’mail, but unfortunately I lost it, can you please send it to me?

  4. Seth McClain

    I’ve heard STT is great in so many ways. But I’m not sure its worth replacing all the functionality, and familiarity of my TOS setup. I mean, bang for your buck. Sure its not custom built for penny stock traders. But you can make it that way. Like my custom % gainers scan that works on the side for me while displaying 6 charts at once for me. And also unlimited watchlists( I use 4 daily ) and my live news feed. What I do think is absolutely priceless with STT is the speed it refreshes, and how it alerts you. makes it hard to miss stuff. Other than that, for newbie poor people with small accounts, its not really affordable until your already used to working with other cheaper setups. that get your account to a size that makes it easy to afford things like STT and profitly premium accounts. Anyone know of any must have features STT has that I missed?

  5. Daniel

    This is so amazing I am probably even more excited about that Oracle!! The paper trading is so amazing!! Can’t wait for the broker integration!! After these three features I’d like to be able to search all news for all stocks so I could search for the title earnings winners and within seconds get stocks that within the last hour had reported earnings!! Ect!! And I’d like to know is the algorithm takes into account the news press releases? That would be freakin epic!!

    Then after that please make all this available for the iPad and then the iPhone, dang that be so crazy!!!!

    Thanks Tim,
    With these additions I think I’ll start trading today!

  6. Zix

    Tim, STT is great.

    Sadly, since most of us work behind a proxy at work during trading hours. These proxies do no let us log on to STT and use it. Can’t the dev team behind STT add support for working behind a proxy, so that your students can use it from the workplace?

    U can’t even begin to imagine how useful that would be!

  7. Gary Gary

    @sethMcclain yes, I use TOS too. It’s got a lot of nice features. Charts are good. The big thing it is missing is pre-market scanner. Seems things don’t kick in until 9:30am. Which is still OK but a pre-market scanner would be very useful. And they’re also lacking a Hi/low list, the float, and relative volume. But overall it is good.

  8. Gary Gary

    After looking at the new Yahoo, it basically has everything it had before, they just use a different font and reorganized it. It’s got a little bit of a learning curve, but after about 20 minutes you should be able to find everything that they had before that was useful for traders. Also, David Pogue, yahoo’s tech guy, just posted a 4 minute video that explains the new website. After I watched that I realized everything that I used before is still there 🙂

  9. Daniel

    Hello Tim,
    Can you say when “Oracle” and “Paper Trading” will be implemented into even a beta version. I am a beta tester, i’d like to know when I could start using these two new features?

    Also when do you think the broker integration feature be released?
    Daniel (Again)

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