Can Trading Penny Stocks Give You an Edge Trading NFTs?

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on March 28, 2022
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I’m always saying that traders MUST be willing to adapt and follow the opportunities in the market.

Right now, the most exciting opportunities I’m seeing are in the NFT space. In fact, Adam Jarrett, one of my Trading Challenge students, collaborated with his 14-year-old sister and made over $1 million on NFTs:

Source: Business Insider

A lot of Adam’s NFT skills are the result of the knowledge he built up trading both crypto and penny stocks. His past trading experience gave him an edge…

Now, he wants to teach you how he did it.

Wanna learn? Don’t miss my NO-COST event with Adam on Wednesday, March 30 at 8 p.m. Eastern. If you’ve been interested in NFTs but don’t know where to get started, this is the perfect place to start. Plus, I’ll be giving away a limited supply of my first collection of NFTs — this is the only way you’ll be able to attend my upcoming NFT Trading Summit!

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I’m PUMPED about this event — and NFTs. Keep reading for more of Adam’s story as well as a Q&A with him…


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From Crypto to Penny Stocks to NFTs

penny stock and NFT trader Adam Jarrett sits oceanside
Photo courtesy Adam Jarrett

Adam’s trading journey has been extraordinary. He started as a crypto trader in 2015 but got burned out by the 24/7 lifestyle.

A few years down the line, he decided to switch gears and trade penny stocks — but he knew he had a lot to learn. So he applied for my Trading Challenge. Adam tells me that once he was accepted, he learned a LOT.

According to him, being part of the community and in the chat room helped reinforce what he’d already learned trading on his own and gave him more confidence.

He ended up making back the investment he made to join the Challenge and more. Adam has logged over $138,000 in profits on The majority of those trades are penny stocks, though a few are cryptos.

Adam’s NFT Pivot

NFT trader Adam Jarrett sits in front of multiple trading monitors
Photo courtesy Adam Jarrett

Adam got into the NFT market in 2021 and quickly became a phenom. His first collection, made in collaboration with his 14-year-old sister, made over $1 million.

After growing up in poverty, it was important to Adam to make a positive impact with his earnings. He reports that he’s already donated over $248K of his profits to charity, including (but not limited to) donations to The Beluga Whale Alliance, Sunshine Kids, and Typhoon Odette relief drives.

I love what Adam’s doing with his profits. Giving back is a value I share with him and something I do through my charity Karmagawa. I also love how he’s taking advantage of the current opportunities in the market — and that he’s so willing to share his techniques with other traders.

I’m SO psyched about our event on Wednesday. Don’t miss it!

Meantime, I caught up with Adam and asked a few of the questions I’m sure you’re wondering about.

Want more? Check out this interview where Adam talks about trading with fellow NFT trader (as well as my millionaire student and 30-Day Bootcamp collaborator) Matthew Monaco.

Tim Sykes: You were already finding success trading penny stocks … Why pivot to NFTs?

Adam Jarrett: I always opted out of the NFT space because there’s so much degeneracy. I wanted to be healthy. It wasn’t a healthy lifestyle in crypto — it was 24/7 and I spent many years being out of balance.

I wanted to be a penny stock trader. But eventually, I realized I couldn’t ignore NFTs.

The money that you can make from NFTs from a little bit of effort is insane. NFTs are social speculation. All it takes is enough people believing that it could have a higher value for it to go up. You could say that about stocks, too. But the non-fungibility and illiquidity with NFTs make things go insane.

But a bell really went off when I realized that I could do something philanthropic through this technology. That made me realize it was the perfect time to capitalize on this market.

TS: Why should traders be excited about NFTs?

NFT trader Adam Jarrett
Photo courtesy Adam Jarrett

AJ: It all depends on how you look at it. To be successful in any market you have to be competent and you have to be patient.

  • Trading NFTs doesn’t have to be full time. You can trade penny stocks and crypto and supplement with NFTs.
  • You can work a job and find the time to get in on NFTs.
  • For people with small accounts, if you find the right projects and take your time, there’s an insane opportunity to scale your capital. Whether you take that money to continue with NFTs, start a business, turn it into trading, or pay off debt is up to you.

TS: What’s the most common mistake you see newbies make with NFTs?


  1. Being lazy and not doing research. There are 20 projects coming out a day. Maybe one will go up in price.
  2. Clicking random links. People don’t realize that there are so many phishing attempts. It will look like a Discord team member sending you a message, but if you click that link and connect your wallet, your wallet gets drained.

TS: What do you wish more people understood about NFTs?

AJ: You don’t have to like what’s going on to make money in the space.

You can choose to participate or not. I chose to not participate for a time because I wanted to be a more clear-headed individual and didn’t want to be a degenerate. I missed out on a lot of gains, but I’m OK with that.

Note: I love Adam’s point of view because I feel the same about penny stocks. I don’t care about the companies. Actually, I think that most will eventually fail. But I can still profit from short-term spikes before they do. That’s one of the big differences between trading and investing!

TS: What’s one thing you’re SUPER excited to share with traders on Wednesday?

AJ: That the potential in NFTs is real. I don’t want to sound like the person who’s selling dreams, but you literally can change your life if you choose to participate and you have patience in this game. There’s an insane amount of potential.

If you learn the content in my course and apply it, it can be a lot easier than people think. So many ‘furus’ are giving horrible advice and selling pipe dreams. Too many people aren’t being critical. I’m very critical. Separate yourself from the hype and don’t just follow the crowd!

Ready To Take the Next Step?

Penny stock and NFT trader Adam Jarrett speaks on a panel
Photo courtesy Adam Jarrett

I used to make fun of NFTs. But I had to change my stance when I saw the incredible opportunities out there … When I saw the amazing profits my students were making by trading NFTs.

That’s why I’m SO excited to host a NO-COST event on Wednesday to help educate traders on how to trade NFTs.

Get Access Now!

If you’re curious about the white-hot NFT market but don’t know where to start. you MUST attend. See you there.

Are you ready to adapt to the hottest opportunities in the market right now? Leave a comment and let me know what you think about NFTs. I love hearing from you! 


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