Do You Go Into A Restaurant & Ask The Chef To Cook You A Free Meal?

No, of course you don’t!

So when people email me, ask me on my Facebook profile or on my Twitter page what I think about this stock or that stock-sometimes stocks that don’t even fit my strategy whatsoever but the people are too lazy to even research what I look at so they don’t even know, kinda like going to a Chinese restaurant and asking for a Beef Enchilada!)–they forget that I’m not gonna spend one damn minute on their “free order”…charity would be nice, but not when you’re as busy or get as many requests as me.

You see, the whole Facebook and Twitter world is all about sharing info openly, and that’s great–the hippies are in charge…except that in finance, most information is complete crap. Good information, solid information, information from trusted and experienced sources costs money. Just like fine food from a great chef does.

In fact, my TIMalerts premium service, where I tell you all my trades and watchlists will cost you $1/day. Considering my track record and customer testimonials, I think that’s more than fair.

This blog will always remain free, but the watchlists and trades detailed are delayed because to have it in real-time is what TIMalerts offers. is my restaurant and it’s not only cheaper than the cheapest restaurants in the world like McDonalds, the stuff that is served is far healthier (to your account size) than just about all other competing restaurants, as evidenced by I’m still #1 for over the past year out of 20,000+ competing restaurants on Covestor….which is why these other restaurants are free.

So, if you want to risk eating free sushi that will probly make your trading account violently ill, be my guest. But don’t expect my quality restaurant to give you free meals–like any restaurant, there’s no guarantee that you’ll like what I serve, but the reviews are in and if Covestor were Zagat/Michelin, I’m a friggin 3-star chef, 28 or 29 out of 30 chef. You’re fortunate I only charge $1/day…which may sooon change so make sure you get an annual subscription so you can enjoy my serving every single day!

PS Don’t forget to check out my video cookbooks so you can make my recipes at home!