Details Of My Upcoming Conference That’s 80% Sold Out Already

I owe you an apology because by the time I got around to writing this blog post detailing this year’s Trader And Investor Summit which you should grab your ticket to HERE, we’re already 80% sold out and I’m sure in the next 48-72 hours we’ll be 100% sold out and then I’ll be getting emails from people who didn’t go to and they’ll complain that we’re sold out before they even got a chance to register.

Well, that’s the state of my booming educational business right now as I have the most transparent and successful students, see some examples of ALL our trading track record HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE, so this is one hot ticket to learn from us for 2 days on September 29th and 30th and then see us trade live on October 1st, 2018 too!

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To those of who already got your tickets in just the last few days since the early-bird sale went live, all I can say is “wow”, your exciting and positivity really pumps up as I am so truly blessed to do what I love and I absolutely love teaching all the rules and patterns that I had to learn the hard way over the past 2 decades and it’s my honor to help be the mentor to you that I never had. ..and I know of no better way to learn to in-person as my recent small-group trainings have demonstrated, seeing my screen live and in-person REALLY helps propel your education forward in dramatic fashion so I can’t wait for my annual conference in roughly 3 months from now!

As for some FAQs I’m getting regarding this conference, please do visit ASAP as it has all the details, especially on how you can save 70%+ off the regular price when you reserve your ticket now, and to tell you the truth, we were going to cut off selling conference tickets in just over 7 days from now, but I don’t think they’ll last that long so please, please, please don’t delay if you do intend on coming as I absolutely hate getting messages later on from people who wanted to come, but can’t or simply forgot to register as too few people understand the insatiable demand of my students the past few years as it’s getting crazier and crazier and we’ve been selling out quicker and quicker every year.

Long story short, it’s good to be real in and industry of frauds and that’s why I really don’t even make the time for any student who’s unsure about learning as 1.) it takes a huge amount of dedication to succeed in this industry so if you have doubts starting out, you probably won’t be willing to put in the time required to actually master this craft and 2.) my team and I are so overwhelmed by students who ARE sure about their wanting to learn that we priority those who are serious first and we simply don’t have the time, energy or patience to deal with non-dedicated students so I say this to everyone on the fence that if you’re not sure if you want to attend, please don’t and save that spot for someone who is sure.

Now some people tell me I’m being rude when I say that, but there’s just no nice way to talk to lazy people, or those people who think they’re going to get rich following alerts and “hot picks” of some ugly bald guy on TV whose ratings are at multi-year lows due to his track record absolutely sucking as in this game it doesn’t matter how entertaining you are, performance matter sand your ability to actually teach someone and change their life with knowledge matters the most!

So again, go to and see all the details of this conference, it’s not just me teaching and trading live, it’s my top students and several other successful traders too so you get a nice diverse taste of various trading styles and strategies so you can take a little something from each speaker…and it’s also great to meet the whole penny stock trader community and put names to screen names and see just how real we are compared to other financial communities that are just flat out fakes.

In case you wanted to see what some students have written to us about what it’s like learning and trading in the same room as my top students and I, check out these awesome testimonials from years’ past and know that I want to do even better this year:

This was a game changer worth every penny and much much more. Could not recommend it enough to anyone and will be singing its praises for the coming years. Tim S, Tim B, and Tim G all in one conference room= Priceless -Craig T.

Cant Thank you and the other two Tim’s lol enough. Past 2 days taught me so much on patience and really just sitting and waiting for the pattern/opportunity to present itself. Have much more studying and reading to do before another trade is made. -Shawn

I wanted to take the time to let you know what an impact this conference has had on my life. I became a trader from a bad injury that left me unable to work. I have not had consistent wins prier to the conference, my account was slowly getting smaller and part of the problem was timing, but mostly it was my doings I was making trades I should not. But since I left there my trades have went :

9/20 DMPI $1244.51

9/22 ARDM $834.49

9/26 MBRX -$50

9/26 HMNY $345

the last two were from today so I don’t have exact numbers. But I like a lot of people learn better in person. the speakers were amazing. They helped open my eyes, so I can see my faults and gave me ways to correct them. I could have gone in to how nice everyone was, and they were by all means, and the location was great. But what matters the most is that I am now making money, better trades, and less mistakes. This has truly been, A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. THANK YOU!!! -J Broome

Amazing experience!! Met so many other traders and got to learn from their experiences. It was a dream come true to meet, learn from, and trade alongside our phenomenal gurus and top students! The stories told were incredible, the lessons learned were priceless, and it was an all around eye opening experience to what hard work and dedication could bring to my future! Thank you very much!
-Dave S.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, every single day. It was well organized, packed with a lot of information, and quite entertaining (as much as trading can be). The presenters, the information, the sporadic Q&A, the live trading with live commentary on the last day–perfect! It was also icing on the cake that it was held in my hometown 🙂 – H.N.