Details Of My Upcoming Conference, September 16-18th, 2017 - Timothy Sykes

Details Of My Upcoming Conference, September 16-18th, 2017

We literally just released 70%+ off early-bird tickets here for my 10th annual Trader & Investor Conference happening September 16-18th, 2017. We’re already 75% sold out with a little over 2 months left before our conference in Orlando, Florida. This is the single-best opportunity you have to learn and trade live with several self-made millionaire traders…and those of you who’ve attended previous conferences, know I like to have some surprises each year. Like last year, when I handed out $100 bills to those who sat in the front row and showed their actual dedication.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Hint hint: let’s see who is going to sit in the front row this year, my guess is you’ll have to arrive earlier than others to lock in your seat!

So once again, I’m going to provide a link to the early bird tickets one more time here since we’ll likely be 100% sold out by next week. If you want to attend, you’re going to have to act fast…having more millionaire students than anyone else, being real about my strengths and weaknesses, and being FULLY transparent with all my trades (posted here has led me to have the largest conference in the world for stock traders. My team and I take this event VERY seriously.

I cannot wait for this year’s conference because this being our 10th annual conference means we have to go bigger than ever before…that means less trading theory and MORE TRADING ACTION!

Now obviously I don’t know what trades will be in play 2 months from now, but because this conference will be on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I can guarantee that we will spend the weekend preparing for Monday’s live trading session not just to make solid trades on that Monday, but so you will know EXACTLY what I do every weekend, and every weeknight to prepare for the market open the following day. And by the time you leave this conference, you won’t just have a dream of getting rich, you will have a concrete plan.

It also helps that several of my top Millionaire trading challenge students like Michael Goode, Tim Grittani, Mark Croock and Steven Dux are all scheduled to attend and possibly even trade live too…NOWHERE else in the world will you find this many self-made millionaires and upcoming millionaire traders explaining and sharing EVERYTHING they’ve learned over the years.

And I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the support and mentoring these great students are providing in our community as I try my hardest, but the key to success is that there’s no one magic formula for getting rich so it’s better to take lessons and parts of several great traders exactly what Steven Dux described in this interview which has led to his fast success:

We’ll also have great traders, like Superman and Triforce Trader, too. Each of them has made seven figures in the stock market and now both teach too…Superman is better for part-time traders, as his strategy of finding the moment before others take time, thus his position holding time can be weeks or even months, while TriForce Trader trades all sorts of markets, not just stocks like everyone else I’ve listed in this post.

The key to mastering the stock market is creating your OWN strategy and taking bits and pieces from all these great traders helps you speed up that process…not to mention meeting these great traders and many more upcoming traders is not only fun, but also very useful as many people believe your net worth is your network so it’s good to form lasting relationships with successful traders.

Perhaps most importantly, because this is our 10th-annual conference, my team and I have gotten much better at putting it on over the years, so this event is a well-oiled machine…and hit us up HERE for info on how to save on the hotel package for this conference!

And no, we don’t put this event on to make money, we roughly break even or even lose money each year and I’m proud of it, because when you grab your early bird ticket here, understand that this is perhaps the single best educational deal in all of finance and we’re passing down 70%+ savings now for just the next few days to reward action takers and as a thank you for your dedication to your studying!

Long story short, it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a veteran trader, there’ll be something for EVERYONE and I looking forward to seeing so many students in person just over 2 months from now!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)


    Hey Tim are you going to be having anyone from the crypto community or want anyone ? I was once of student of yours and attended the Vegas cinference in 2010 — you were the ground roots for my development and I see a lot similarities to the chart patterns you look for penny stocks in crypto as well — especially with all of the pump and dump altcoins

  2. Eric

    Epic conference.. the conclusion is clear :Everyone needs to go that can .. Sometimes life gets in the way , but hopefully old lifestyle won’t matter if you are a sponge and soak up every valuable world and strategy from millionaires and attendees alike .. In summary, learn from everyone. Even the new trader can teach a veteran a thing or two

  3. Prabin bhandari

    Boss i wannna join you all and be on the first seat 😍😍 what should i do for that. How can i buy ticket.

  4. Tone Renne

    Looking forward to attending for the second time, I really learned a lot last year and I am anxious to see what I can leave with from this years! My wife is attending this year as a new trader and it will be interesting to see what she learns as well. To all those who have doubts I can honestly say this is the single most important and valuable seminar to attend. I’m also a challenge student and STT pro subscriber, it doesn’t come easy but it’s worth the journey! Thank you Tim Sykes, Tim Bohen and your teams respectfully for all that you do!. See you at the summit!

  5. Conner M

    So excited Tim!! Got my ticket and I’m ready to meet everyone, especially you!👍🏽

  6. SpaceBoundT (Tony)

    Super excited for the learning and the experience. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity. I’ve lost a lot more in a single trade that could’ve been prevented from what I’ve learned and going to learn at this conference than the cost of this conference (including room and travel). I’m looking forward to this one and also thinking about the one in 2018 that hasn’t even been scheduled yet. haha

  7. DNN

    That’s wassup, Timothy. It would be nice if you stopped by Delaware sometime and schooled some of these folk on starting a business and staying focused. Delaware needs your positive business energy good brother! 🙂

  8. Anil

    I will be traveling from India for this conference. This is my first time to this meeting and I look forward to learning some cool strategies. See you all there!

  9. DNN


    When are you coming to the state of Delaware? We need some live New Yorkers down here with mad high energy levels, son. Son, when is your arrival date, son? Your buddy over here is from Flatbush Brooklyn, son. Son, come thru Delaware like soon, son! 🙂

  10. Jennifer Komondy

    Awesome!!! love the idea of live trading, I will be there again this year- cannot wait- I feel more prepared – anyone that is on the fence about going- GO! it is completely worth the money and so much more!! So many days surrounded by great knowledge- if you cannot be there in person- at least get the audio- the information is so valuable!!!

  11. Mitch Bromwell

    Looking to purchase a seat for the event, please share the link for tickets.
    I’m also researching how to keep records of every trade and pattern used to get in and out of a position, win or loss I want to have total accountability.
    I have never bought or traded any stocks or penny stocks . Only in stocks within a company 401K.
    Are you willing to teach a total novice?
    I just want to get it right and limit my risk to reward.
    And my goal is to double my monthly income.
    Tim, Thanks for Your Support.

  12. Mitch Bromwell

    I’m locked in for September 2017 Orlando, Florida.
    Still waiting for the Information on package price for the Hotel accommodations on International Drive.
    Thanks again for Your Support, Space-Man

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