Check Out This Penny Stock Chart Pattern — It’s Like Clockwork!

Yes there will be LiveStock on Friday, tune in!

Last week now to save

When I shared this simple yet overwhelmingly reliable pattern with you the other day and then I posted a few days later these charts of 2 stocks that were being manipulated higher, smart PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers put two and two together.

Unfortunately, intelligence has never been my or the subscribers of my 4 newsletters strong point so most people simply emailed me asking the tickers of these two companies which were Spectral Capital Corp. (FCCN) and TITAN OIL & GAS INC (TNGS) and yes, I replied to every one of my subscribers and to none of my non-subscribers.

Check out how these stocks have done just a few days later:



Both has gotten crushed and the pattern has proven itself yet again…sadly, unlike the time this same pattern yielded $70,000+ in profits for my subscribers and I, this time there were NO shares available to short.

So we sing this song and look forward to the next few paid pumps, some of which have already started:

(please use my study guides and be prepared for when there are shares to short, as does happen every now and then, remember even Thinkorswim had shares to short of HHWW!)