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This Great Penny Stock Trading Chatroom Even Surprised Me

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Written by Timothy Sykes
Updated 1/10/2023 8 min read

There are so many chatroom’s, forums, communities and websites in the world of traders, especially the penny stock trading world, but the vast majority of them are worthless and even dangerous. So you must be VERY careful who you learn from, as this ridiculously long bull market has opened the door to many fakes who you can see – don’t show ALL their trades transparently and many of whom simply buy low float stocks in the hope of spiking them all within minutes, or even seconds, with no real strategy at all ! Hence why they’re not real Trading Millionaires and therefore cannot show any multi-year trading track record, like I do here because they’re just pretenders.

It’s truly astounding more “teachers” don’t simply share live trading videos like I do HERE** and HERE** and HERE** and HERE** for example, after all if you’re real why wouldn’t you do this?

But in the past few weeks I’ve been VERY surprised at how great one of these chatrooms has become and it’s quite a shock for me since I usually think of these chatrooms as the least important places to learn, preferring to point my students to comprehensive study guides like this and this instead.

For those of you who don’t know, I actually have 2 chatrooms, one for these newsletter subscribers and one specifically for my Trading Challenge students and as I posted in this video today, my Trading Challenge chatroom has really emerged as among the best educational chatrooms I have EVER seen. So while I’m very proud that it resides on my Profit.ly website, its greatness has little to do with me personally, watch and see why:


The reason why it’s so great is that it’s headed by not just one or two great traders, but now nearly half a dozen truly profitable and helpful traders going back and forth with exclusive alerts, commentary and even mentoring upcoming Trading Challenge students, it’s staggering how useful it has become lately and I must thank a few key individuals for all their hard work at transforming this one-time newbiefest into a solid real-time tool, one that every trader can utilize if they want to help increase their odds of success.

The key to the transformation of this chatroom begins with my top Trading Challenge student/now teacher Tim Grittani who just passed $4 million in profits** the other day along with my 1st Millionaire Student/now teacher Michael Goode who also just passed the big milestone of $2 million**, they’ve both gotten incredibly good at teaching and sharing useful information ridiculously fast.

I bring up their profit stats not just to brag, but because my top students and I differ from other communities in that we’re fully transparent, so you can see ALL of our trades publicly, wins AND losses, the good, bad and ugly. We don’t hide from our losses, we actually highlight them and write blog posts about them as you can see here:

20 Lessons From $2 Million In Losses

Losing $180,000 in a Day & Other Millionaire Lessons

Because unlike too many traders whose egos are more fragile than Faberge eggs, we don’t mind looking like idiots with our sometimes lack of discipline on trades because guess what, IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE, and the sad fact is that most people just don’t dare fess up to it publicly, pretending instead to be “perfect” traders, mistakenly believing that nobody realizes what they’re actually hiding. So it’s far more beneficial to learn from someone who shares everything – as that’s the secret to a complete education, not a sugar-coated one like too many newbie teachers who have never made millions of dollars themselves provide in that BS chatrooms, where their students only discover their incomplete education AFTER substantial losses…losses, that these other chatrooms like to sweep under the rug in fear of being exposed.

Also, I must mention 2 upcoming Millionaire Trading stars, the $700,000+ profit man**, my student of the year 2016 Mark Croock:


…and the $772,000 profit man**, upcoming student of the year 2017, Steven Dux who I profiled here:


…as they are both now giving exclusive stock trading alerts, video lessons and mentoring other Trading Challenge students (but I still beg you guys, please go easy on them and let them focus on trading when they need to, as I want them to become millionaires sooner than later!)

More important than just the trading profits of the leaders of this chatroom, unlike other trading chatrooms the discussions in my Trading Challenge chatroom are not limited to solely tickers and alerts only, because the emphasis is to NEVER follow anyone’s trades, but to learn from them and thus increase your education and become self-sufficient.

I know this is not what most traders want, they prefer being fed tickers and ideas and then acting on those ideas because they crave action and to feed their degenerate gambler instincts, which is the main reason I have more Millionaire Students than anyone else, because my team and I turn away degenerate gamblers who only want hot stock picks as they make for lousy students, wasting our time with their flawed mindset, never achieving the proper mentality to actually become successful traders themselves.

That’s why I’m SO proud that my top Trading Challenge students go into detail with the reasoning behind their trades, and potential trades even, explaining when they enter, exit and/or increase or decrease their position sizes and willingly answer questions all day long from other students looking to learn and become self-sufficient too. In short the perfect environment for trading education , NOT HOT PICKS.

Obviously, I contribute my own trading alerts, commentary, guidance and Q&A to the trading challenge chatroom too, but for the past few weeks since I’ve been in Asia opening several of my charity’s schools, I’ve just sat back in awe as the 4 traders mentioned above and even some other top trading Challenge Students like Bob, who I profiled here in the blog post “This Is Working Right Now: 7 Tips To Making $7,000 in a Day“** and Evan who I profiled in this blog post “4 Lessons From My Student Who Made $4,000 In A Week“** provide so much value in the Trading Challenge chatroom and they willingly go back and forth with Trading Challenge students asking soooooo many questions, so much so that it inspired me to write this post because until now I never really understood, appreciated or gave credit to how great a community my Trading Challenge students have built.

I’m a BIG believer in communities helping each other learn as if you remember as I explained in detail in this free book, I never had a mentor and had to learn everything on my own the hard way -over far too many years, making so many bone-headed mistakes and causing unnecessary losses because this technology, transparency and close bond of trustworthy traders didn’t exist 2 decades ago.

So, I am so very proud of all these guys mentioned above, and many more too in the Trading Challenge chatroom who I didn’t list, but I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for helping me teach others as the key to success in this industry is has nothing to do with any trader vs. trader mentality, but traders helping other traders master their own emotions and discipline as the #1 problem most of us have is trying to control our own egos, as I outlined in today’s video lesson here:

#4615-4620: A Great Lesson On Discipline, Ego & Strategy On $ROX $ABWN


Definitely leave a comment below if you’ve been in the Trading Challenge chatroom and agree with my thesis here or if you’re interested in joining my Trading Challenge, as long as you have the right mindset and are NOT looking for “hot picks”/to follow alerts from ANYONE but instead you’re interested in life-changing financial education.

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