The Buzz On Best Cannabis Penny Stocks [Infographic]

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in DC, Oregon, Alaska, Washington and Colorado, the best cannabis penny stocks, pot stocks and even marijuana penny stocks are on the rise. Cannabis and hemp stocks represent a new market. 2013 saw huge growth and this year is no different. While CNBC and others like Investopedia warn to be aware of scams, there is major opportunity afoot. Many investors have their eyes on these stocks as more of the country is likely to legalize cannabis causing the industry to grow even more massively.

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I created this infographic to summarize what you need to know about the best cannabis penny stocks and why investors have their eye on this blossoming industry.

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The Buzz On Cannabis Stocks


With any emerging industry, it’s important to learn the distinctions that make one company a good buy and some idea of where things are going at a macro level for the market. As always, be wary of scammers and look for outliers with a distinctive product that separates a company from the many others like it.

If you’re going to invest, first you should do everything you can to educate yourself on penny stocks trading and choose the right day trading software. The cannabis industry is on the rise, the only question is what you’re going to do about it.