Attention SEC: Allezoe Medical Holdings (ALZM) Is A $318 Million Company With Just $1,016 Cash, Up 600% Due To $1.3 Million Promotional Campaign & An Old Ponzi Scheme CEO - Timothy Sykes

Attention SEC: Allezoe Medical Holdings (ALZM) Is A $318 Million Company With Just $1,016 Cash, Up 600% Due To $1.3 Million Promotional Campaign & An Old Ponzi Scheme CEO

UPDATE 3: ALZM has admitted they are under investigation by regulators and that there was a pump scheme attached to this stock although they deny any liability…no different from KYUS, EMGE and MSEH who all said the same thing…before the SEC halted those stocks and they eventually dropped 99%…this will be no different…I’d love to short at $2ish now, but there are no shares to short as I wrote about here.

UPDATE 2: The promoters weren’t as competent as I thought and ALZM just doubled topped perfectly at $2.50…now at $2.20ish and fading quickly, this could begin to get uggggggly…goal is mid to low $1s in April…good pump while it lasted, now it’s a dump as I’m guessing insiders or whoever paid for the $1.3 million pump probly have cashed out.

UPDATE: I covered my short for decent profits, but it looks like more promoters are jumping on board so this is more of a potential buy here at $2.40ish now than short…as a penny stock short seller, you MUST be agile…promoters will always look to screw you, see my trade: $2,740.00 profit in $ALZM Great research, great pattern, fat finger mistake, learn: than a minute ago via

Normally this report would be for Penny Stock Millionaire subscribers or PennyStocking Silver subscribers only, but since I intend on running the SEC’s penny stock division in a few years after making a few million dollars more and teaching thousands of subscribers starts to bore me, consider this report as part of my resume.

For those of you who haven’t subscribed to any of my 4 newsletters, this my gift to you….enjoy the education…you might be surprised at how corrupt and non-transparent the world of penny stocks is.

After all, it’s pathetic that I’m the one who has to do the SEC’s dirty work, but I guess they’re too busy watching videos to care about a company whose registration has been revoked by the SEC just a few weeks ago and whose lead counsel last year was ordered to cease and desist by the SEC for violating anti-fraud provisions.

(all research done using the same techniques and websites I outline in this study guide)

Where to start, I’ll mention I’m short 20,000 shares of ALZM at $2.42ish, but I’d love to short more given the facts below…hmmmmm, should I go straight into the $1.3 million promotional campaign

Promotional Mailer

Promotional Mailer



…that has pumped this stock up 600%+ in less than a month

Allezoe Pump

Allezoe Pump

…just days after the SEC revoked ALZM parent company HOTI’s registration since they “had repeatedly failed to file required annual and quarterly reports with SEC. Thus, the company violated a crucial provision of the federal securities laws that requires public corporations to publicly disclose current, accurate financial information so that investors may make informed decisions. The revocation was ordered in an administrative proceeding before an administrative law judge.”

…or do I bust their phony press releases about the acquisition of this organ donor company happening recently when in fact as per this SEC filing (page 7), they’ve in fact been owned by HOTI for nearly a year, they have $1,016 in cash in the bank and still no revenues with $2+ million in losses the past 3 months and an impressive $25+ million in losses since inception…and even their auditor thinks they’re junk:

The Company is currently a development stage company and has no established source of revenue. These matters raise substantial doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.

Perhaps what matters most is HOTI’s lead counsel Robert Hipple SEC cease and desist order from the SEC in 2010 which you should definitely read which show he did some pretty unethical and illegal stuff:

Robert Hipple, a lawyer and the former CEO and CFO of now-defunct business development company (“BDC”)2 iWorld Projects & Systems, Inc. (“iWorld”), overstated the value of iWorld’s primary asset – its investment in several portfolio companies – in three consecutive quarterly filings in 2005. Hipple, who personally performed iWorld’s accounting and financial reporting functions, also misled iWorld’s auditors into believing that the company had independently evaluated the worth of its portfolio companies. As a result of his conduct, Hipple i) violated the antifraud provisions of the Exchange Act, filed false Sarbanes-Oxley executive certifications, misled iWorld’s auditors, falsified books and records, and knowingly circumvented internal controls; ii) violated Section 57(a)(1) of the Investment Company Act; and iii) aided and abetted and caused iWorld’s violations of the reporting, books and records, and internal controls provisions of the Exchange Act, and iWorld’s violations of the BDC books and records provision of the Investment Company Act.

So he’s got a past, but why is that relevant here with ALZM? Well, ALZM is just a pawn in the HOTI scheme to announce acquisitions and mergers in near insolvent companies, seemingly the same scheme that got Hipple into trouble with the SEC last year.

Compare HOTI to Hipple’s old company iWorld as stated by the SEC:

iWorld Projects and Systems, Inc. (“iWorld”) is a BDC that, during all relevant periods, was incorporated in Nevada and headquartered in Addison, Texas. iWorld has not filed a periodic report with the Commission since it filed its third quarter 2005 Form 10-Q in November 2005. The Nevada Secretary of State revoked iWorld’s corporate charter on January 1, 2006 for failure to pay franchise taxes. iWorld filed for voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May 2008. In March 2009, the bankruptcy court closed the case because iWorld had no assets.

As you’ll read below HOTI’s last SEC filing in 2005 before it too got revoked said they had $26k in losses…is bankruptcy and another SEC case inevitable yet again here too?

HOTI has not one, not two, but three public subsidiaries with hardly any revenues between them, ALZM, AEGY and SKTO (AEGY and SKTO were also paid pumps, but have now collapsed 95%+…ALZM is the last pumping standing…for now), eerily similar to iWorld and Hipple’s SEC- busted iWorld acquisitions which also had multiple “investments” neither of which had much revenues either:

Hipple Postures iWorld Florida for Acquisition by iWorld as BDC
a. Shortly after forming iWorld Florida in May 2004, Hipple and others caused it to acquire two small private companies in the project management services industry: Applied Management Concepts, Inc. (“AMC”) and Process Integrity, Inc. (“PII”) (together, “the subsidiaries”). iWorld Florida acquired the subsidiaries for a total of $285,000 in working capital payments, $200,000 in assumed liabilities, and 1.1 million shares of iWorld Florida common stock. This stock was not publicly traded and had no readily ascertainable market value.
b. When iWorld Florida acquired the subsidiaries, AMC had no operations, while PII had only limited revenues from sales of its only product, a piece of project management software. Specifically, during the six months before the acquisition, PII had total revenues of $89,000 and was not profitable. Hipple knew these facts at the time.

…and back with iWorld Hipple also did some pretty confusing merging with companies EXACTLY like he’s doing with HOTI with ALZM, AEGY and SKTO:

d. In December 2004, Hipple initiated and directed a series of transactions to form iWorld. He first obtained two public, blank-check shell companies, Silesia Enterprises, Inc. (“Silesia”) and Organic Solutions, Inc. (“Organic”). He then caused Silesia to file a Form N-54 election to become a BDC.
e. Hipple then directed and caused Silesia’s merger into Organic. Among other things, Hipple caused Organic to issue convertible preferred shares to four of his designees, including his wife and a college-aged employee of one of his business partners. Hipple oversaw the conversion of the designee’s preferred shares into common shares – which gave them control over Organic – and the voting of those shares to approve actions related to merging Organic with Silesia, with Organic as the surviving corporation. At the conclusion of these transactions, Hipple effectively controlled the post-merger company (a BDC), which, as part of the merger, changed its name to iWorld. Hipple thereafter obtained a new CUSIP number and trading symbol for iWorld’s common shares so they could be publicly traded.

Hipple also filed false quarterly statements with iWorld — yes, he’s really one of the most evil people I’ve ever researched — but what interests me more is this:

b. The purported $10 million valuation was materially false and misleading. Among other things, the Form 8-K failed to disclose that Hipple controlled both iWorld and iWorld Florida at the time of their merger. Consequently, and contrary to the Form 8-K’s description of the transaction, the merger did not involve arms-length negotiation and was in fact a related-party transaction. Furthermore, the Form 8-K failed to disclose that, because Hipple controlled both sides of the transaction, he was able to reverse-engineer the number of shares exchanged between iWorld and iWorld Florida to lend legitimacy to the $10 million figure. In addition, there was no disclosure that iWorld Florida’s sole asset – its investments in the subsidiaries – had been acquired during the summer of 2004 for only $285,000 cash, $200,000 in assumed liabilities, and 1.1 million shares of iWorld Florida’s non-public stock – consideration that was worth, at best, only a fraction of $10 million.

Because when HOTI acquired ALZM, the valuation was listed as a ridiculous $70 million for a company as you’ll read below that is for all intensive purposes totally worthless:

Prior to the entry into the Acquisition Agreement on January 24, 2011, there was no relationship between Registrant or any of its affiliates and Healthcare of Today, Inc. or Organ Transport, Inc. or any of the officers, directors or affiliates of either of them. Since there is no significant trading activity in the common shares of Registrant, and both Healthcare of Today and Organ Transport are private companies whose shares do not trade on any public markets, no specific valuation was assigned to the transaction by the parties; however, Healthcare of Today previously acquired all of the issued and outstanding stock of OTS from its former owners in June 2010 for consideration agreed to as shares of common stock of Healthcare of Today valued at $70,000,000 and interest bearing promissory notes with a face value of $30,000,000, which, if applied to the 78,255,000 common shares of Registrant issued in the acquisition, would indicate a pro forma acquisition value of $1.28 per share for the Registrant’s shares.

And as you’ll also read below, there WAS a relationship between Organ Transport’s CEO Michael Holder and the entire HOTI board since they were all on the board of a failed biotech Regenetech…not sure if that’s applicable to this SEC filing, but given Hipple’s past, I wouldn’t put anything past him.

It’s also very interesting that ALZM announced the whole Organ acquisition on March 9th, 2011, the very day emails from the $1.3 million email promotion started going out when in fact the acquisition was not near at all, gotta love the date on the SEC filing that cuts through the press release BS:

As of June 24, 2010, the Company was owned 100% by Healthcare of Today, Inc. (“HOTI”), a California corporation, and therefore is consolidated within the financial statements of HOTI; however, the financial statements presented herein are the Company’s on a stand-alone basis.

Notice how the press release from the HOTI site I linked above differs from the official press release on Yahoo Finance:

BURBANK, CA – March 9, 2011 – Healthcare of Today, Inc. announces that it has obtained a controlling interest in Allezoe Medical Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: ALZM) (Allezoe). Also as a result of this all-stock transaction, Allezoe acquired Organ Transport Systems, Inc. (OTS) from Healthcare of Today.

FRISCO, TEXAS–(Marketwire – 03/11/11) – Allezoe Medical Holdings, Inc. (OTC.BB:ALZM – News) announces that it has acquired Organ Transport Systems, Inc. (OTS) from Healthcare of Today, Inc. in an all stock transaction. The acquisition of OTS is the first of several planned acquisitions by Allezoe Medical Holdings (“Allezoe”) in the medical device development, manufacturing and related services market.

There is no new acquisition here folks, it’s all just moving around shell companies, which is EXACTLY what Hipple & friends have always done…the acquisition press release was simply to hype up the promotion emails making people think something new and exciting is happening when in fact, this is just a scheme that the SEC should look into.

And contrary to what Google & Yahoo Finance claim as a $127 million market valuation for ALZM, as of February 28, 2011 thanks to a sneaky unregistered sale of equity securities (page 2 of this filing), there are 130+ million shares outstanding which gives ALZM a marketcap of $318 million at its current price of $2.44:

As a result of the acquisition transaction, Registrant has issued 78,255,000 common shares in a private transaction to Healthcare of Today, Inc. and was offered only to Healthcare of Today, Inc., a California corporation, in a single transaction in California. The shares were issued in reliance on Sections 3a(11) and 4(2) of the Securities Act of 1933. As a result of the issue, there are now 130,425,000 common shares of Registrant issued and outstanding. The planned acquisition of the shares and the change of control of Registrant were reported on a Form 14F-1 Report filed on January 25, 2011.

Sounds like a decent valuation for a company with $1,016 of cash in the bank, right?

As at November 30, 2010, the Company had $1,016 in cash and liabilities of $162,740. The liabilities of $75,059 owed to general creditors are as follows: former directors and officers – $74,914 and office – $145. The amount owed to related parties of $87,681 is non-interest bearing and has no fixed terms of repayment.

…and as they admit, that roughly $1,000 isn’t enough to keep them in business much longer:

The amount required to cover total operating costs for the next twelve months and to settle all the outstanding amounts owed to third party creditors would be $75,059 less the amount in the bank account being $1,016. At present, Stanford does not have these funds to pay for future expenses and eliminate accounts payable and therefore would be required to either sell shares in its capital stock or obtain further advances from its director. Stanford’s future operations and growth is dependent on its ability to raise capital for expansion and to seek revenue sources.

With just $1,016 to spend, these clinical trials they announced not coincidentally during their email promotion should be pretty interesting LOL (clinical trials cost millions of dollars, not $1,016)

Interestingly, HOTI’s lead counsel Mr. Robert Hipple is no stranger to schemes and companies on the bring of insolvency, HOTI used to be called Eneftech (they changed their named to avoid the stench of the past) and before their registration got revoked by the SEC for not filing since 2005, they had a whopping $26k in losses over the years:

Eneftech Corp. (CIK No. 1138654) is an inactive Texas corporation located in Burbank,
California, with a class of securities registered with the Commission pursuant to Exchange Act
Section 12(g). The company is delinquent in its periodic filings with the Commission, having
not filed any periodic reports since it filed a Form 10-Q for the period ended September 30,
2005, which reported a net loss of $26,073 since the company’s April 2, 2001, inception. ”

Jul 21, 2010 14:52 ET
Eneftech Corporation Changes Name to Healthcare of Today Services and Prepares for Merger With SK3 Group, Inc.
HOUSTON, TEXAS–(Marketwire – July 21, 2010) – Eneftech Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, today announces that it has changed its name to Healthcare of Today Services, Inc.
The corporate name change is the first step in the planned under which the new Healthcare of Today Services will merge with SK3 Group Inc. (PINK SHEETS:SKTO).

And remember, that SEC cease & desist order wasn’t his first run in with the law, he was once CEO of “an elaborate ponzi scheme” as described not by me but by the court…definitely check out the court case, it’s more entertaining than Charlie Sheen:

“From August 15, 2001, to October 15, 2001, Mr. Hipple served on Merrill Scott’s board of directors and as its President and Chief Executive Officer. At the time, Merrill Scott was on the brink of insolvency. Although it marketed itself as a global financial services provider for wealthy individuals, the Securities and Exchange Commission later charged that Merrill Scott was actually part of an elaborate ponzi scheme”

And do note how “Mr. Hipple breached [his] fiduciary duties to Merrill Scott by executing a fraudulent transfer of substantially all of Merrill Scott’s assets to IPA for less than reasonably equivalent value.”

…and “In a subsequent order, dated June 2, 2005, the court determined that Mr. Hipple was personally liable to Merrill Scott for damages in the amount of $3,502,337.”

…perhaps what’s funniest is that HOTI’s Lead Counsel the highly unethical and questionable Mr. Hipple does not even appear to be a competent lawyer…look what happened when he tried to appeal his own case:

“Finally, Mr. Hipple claims that the district court abused its discretion in striking his motion for summary judgment as untimely. We reject his challenge because the motion was clearly late. On December 17, 2003, the district court entered an order setting December 22 as the dispositive motion cut-off date. The parties later consented to extending the deadline by an additional thirty days, to January 22, 2004, and the Receiver filed his motion for summary judgment on that date.4 On January 20, Mr. Hipple filed another motion, over the Receiver’s objection, requesting a further extension to February 16. He did not file his motion for summary judgment, however, until May 27, a full three months past the last extension that he requested.”

Not to mention this isn’t Hipple’s first attempt at creating a medical company either, he had Therabiogen which specialized in homeopathic pharmaceuticals and Hipple and revenue and cashless ORgan company CEO Michael Holder were on the board of Regenetech, a stem cell company which also apparently attempted to do a merger with HOTI (hmmmm, HOTI’s board was the same as Regenetech’s, Hipple, why do you have to be so blatant with your shell game?)

And this is VERY important because Regenetech which ALZM CEO Michael Holder and SEC-checkered-past Hipple were on the board together was actually a HOTI subsidiary as announced nicely on this Facebook page.…hmmmm, no affiliate past, eh, Hipple? BS

Forget that I exposed how HOTI acquired the Organ company in the summer of 2010, not in January or March of 2011 as these email promotional press releases would have you believe; ALZM CEO Michael Holder was already a part of the HOTI family waaaaaaay long ago…again, just another shuffling of shell companies in an attempt to hype them up and take advantage of people who don’t want to stay up all night like I’m doing to connect the various dots.

So why go to all this trouble of pumping up ALZM?

So insiders can dump obviously! Duh #insiderswinning

Just like CLRH dropping from $1.75 to 25 cents/share in 4 days after insiders dumped their shares directly smack into the buying created by the unethical Courtney Smith roughly $500,000 propaganda mailings, insiders on ALZM have 8 million shares which I’m guessing will soon be able to be sold (page 17):

The number of shares subject to Rule 144 is 8,000,000

Remember the case of Mesa Energy Holdings Inc. (MSEH) and how insiders cashed out 6 million shares into a paid pump, this ALZM paid pump is little different and it will end badly for longs which is why I’m short.

On ALZM, the same promoter was paid to pump up Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc. (HHWW) and Kunekt Corporation (KNKT) and we all banked shorting those paid pumps…$74,000+ on HHWW and $96,000+ on KNKT….whether I write this expose or find more shares to short or if any of my subscribers of my 4 newsletters find shares to short, ALZM will crash 50%+ within a day or two, remember this pattern?

Look at how HHWW and KNKT have fared since their pumps turned into dumps, and KNKT even put out a press release denying knowledge of the paid pump despite the fact that their entire website and press releases were designed around the paid pump….LOL…when ALZM crashes, get ready to take the stand and play dumb Hipple, you should be used to it by now, right?

Paid Pump

Paid Pump

Another Paid Pump

Another Paid Pump

Add ALZM to the list of 77 paid pumps in this video, it’s always the same:

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  1. Blue

    Tim did you happen to find HOTI’s IPO info from 2009 (I think)? They tried to do an IPO but the numbers were awful. They were running out of a PO BOX in Burbank I believe.

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  3. PrivatePhilco

    LOL Just received a promotion from Awesome Penny Stocks in the mail. Looks like they are also starting to promote ALZM. Maybe they will help bring it back up for another round? I should have bought some at the bottom, ride it for a bit, but this stock scares me long but it seems to be the only way that i can play it.

  4. Bwilks

    While you spend all this time digging and trying to find areas to short, Im playing the pump that you COULD HAVE called at 1.05 (where I got in) and am up over 100% on my investment. I dont care if these guys are running this business in their garage as long as I am making money from it.

    If you really wanted to make your followers money, you would have told them about this pump from the start because I know you knew about it. Investors Live sure did.

    Instead, since it doesn’t fit the mold of your crappy “Learn to short but not with the same advantages in it as me” service you’re trying to hawk on people through spam emails and the penny stock newsletters you despise like Beacon and Stockpreacher, you decided not to. Why? because it doesnt build the case that shorting will make you more money and that your product is worth anything.

    The measly $2740 you made shorting ALZM is pennies to what I and a few others I know like IL made going long on pumps like this.

    You’re just so transparent its sad. And from what I hear – from a source I wont name, most of your followers don’t make any money. cough BST cough. Just ask reaper….

  5. Anonymous

    thanks for your ignorance, i love that u think i should change my strategy when i’ve made millions and my best students have made hundreds of thousands of dollars…so far IL has made more than me on ALZM, but the pump aint over so dont be so sure my profits wont top his…i agree its easier to buy on the way up which is why i also teach that method but am not great at it so u asking me to focus on something i’m not great at is like asking for grilled chicken at a hardcore sushi place or for all traders to be profitable and transparent…these things will never happen, so accept what people are good at and say thank you for my hard work, honesty and willingness to teach openly as i’m not a scummy promoter like those profiled up above…my stuff is too valuable for me to tolerate ingrates like u, good day!

  6. Anonymous

    great i’m talking to a dumb child…why do children waste my time? i dont buy the stocks because i’m not great at it nor do i think its good risk/reward-wise…how exactly do my people “lose everything” when my #1 rule is to cut losses quickly which i demonstrate on just about every trade, go buzz off. instead of wasting my time with your ignorance, u should be thanking me fo the fact that i educate OPENLY…people like u dont deserve it, probly a promoter piece of shit anyway

    PS yes there is more $ to be made on the long side, watch any of my dvds, remember i made $1 million buying them too, and no when i short its not a reverse pump because a.) i’m not getting compensated by trading against my subscribers like promoters do, i dont lie like promoters do and there arent enough shares to short to influence the price like promoters do ya dumb shit

  7. Johngotti

    Contradiction #1: You say you’re not great at buying stocks. ONE PARAGRAPH LATER: “I made $1 million buying them too”. God, you’re too funny.

    Contradiction #2: Alot of promoters tell people to cut losses too. I guess that puts them in the clear. Cutting losses is not a new rule that you created just so you know and an excellent cop out for bad stock picking lol.

    Contradiction #3: If educating OPENLY means paying for your crappy overpriced products – damn, I need to start educating openly too because theres this new BMW i kind of want…

    Contradiction #4: Since when does a PUMP have to be something that promoters are compensated for? Is a pump not also when someone buys something, pumps it up (or down in your case), and profits off of it?

    And yes, maybe there are not enough shares to borrow sometimes. But you can best be sure that Timmy will find them with his secret broker that none of his followers are privy to and brag about how good his system is when no one else can even do what he does.

    Tim, Ill do you a favor because I feel bad, Ill dig your own grave for you as long as you step in asap….

  8. Anonymous

    there’s no contradictions you’re just not smart enough nor have u studied enough to realize it.

    #1 correct i’m not great at buying stocks, i made $1 million buying pumps, nearly $2 million shorting aka i am better at shorting not to mention my big $ days buying was during a bubble…do i need to sell this out for u, apparently, next

    #2 i dont just tell people to cut losses quickly, my daily trading exemplifies it…show me some promoters ACTUAL trades…oh wait they dont show their trades because they trade against their subscribers…are u really gonna waste my time with this shit? ypu, looks like it

    #3 overpriced products, hmmmmm, u wanna tell people who have made $50-$500k off my strategy that my $50/month alerts and $400ish DVDs are overpriced? what about the people who lose $10k, or $50 or $100k cuz they dont know what scams are…oh wait u havent seen my 100,000+ emails have u, god i despise stupidity…u dont want to pay for education, fine, enjoy misinformation that promoters give u cuz they get paid by shareholders and companeis whereas i am 100% conflict-free

    #4 a pump isnt always compensated, a paid pump is…i discuss this is timfundamentals part deux and the new rules of pennystocking, but instead of learning from my educational products, u mock them…ignore my teaching and you deserve to stay ignorant

    bring it on bitch, this is why i have thousands of customers, 100% brutal honesty, thanks for the great blog post ya dumb son of a bitch 🙂

  9. Calvin

    Havn’t subscribed to anything from Tim yet, however from ONLY watching his videos and the trades he has posted and trying to learn (as im only 19) I personally have made $200 — okay its wallet change to all of you, but I have started with only 1500 (can’t short yet). I am proud to say that im learning and doing as much as I can to make it up in the playing field.

    I’m glad Tim postes these so people like myself can learn little by little, once I can short stocks I will be subscribing since that is mainly what Tim does.

    If you really think all of his stuff is BS, then Grats!!…. just leave. If people like myself believe he knows what he is doing then allow us to ‘foolishly’ spending OUR money on his ‘overpriced’ products..

  10. John

    You do the same shit like all promoters. what promoters do is called paid dump and what you do is called paid dump. I guess its also front running, you dont have to be a registerd broker, do your damn homework. time for the SEC and FBI to investigate all your action. you sit in the same boat like all the motherfucking penny stock promoter.

  11. Anonymous

    interesting lie, do i take compensation from shareholders or companies? NO. do i lie in my emails and research? NO. do i influence the stock price? NO (not enough shares to short to go around) Do I trade against my subscribers? NO. Do I hie my trades like promoters do? NO, I show them all openly on

    So besides busting the promoters on this, I have now busted your lies too…but then again, you probly are a promoter to make such an argument…u snakes wanna bring me down to your level, sorry i’m a lion, an honest and transparent one at that.

    Tell all your promoter buddies to post their trades openly on until then you can all go straight to hell, which is where you’re headed anyway 🙂

    PS do have anyone investigate me please, I’l come up clean and we’ll get your IP address and bust you and your friends…the cool thing about being 100% honest and transparent is that there’s no situation where you can ever win…you guys are all sleaze and I won the moment I started telling the truth

  12. Paul Revere

    I learned the hard way. I fell for the pump and dump on ALFB, CRWG, HEME, and KORE. There still may be hope for CRWG and KORE though. Anyway, I didn’t plan to have anything more to do with penny stocks but you gave me an idea; everytime I get one of those promotional emails just watch the stock spike, then short it.

  13. Anonymous

    yes exactly! but understand most pumps fail too so only short the best ones, stuff like ALZM…as you can see form some of the comments below, these promoters are bitter cuz they work hard manipulating stocks higher

  14. John

    I am not a penny stock promoter, are you to dumb to understand it? Its not my job to investigate or to decide if its legal or illegal what you are doing. Its the job of the SEC and FBI to investigate your business, they get paid to this all day long, In my opinion you get paid by your subscribers to pump and dump and front run worthless penny stocks. Its in my opinion the same what all penny stock promoters do. I personally dont believe one word of that what you write and talk. I only believe that your business is legal if the SEC and FBI have investigated it and they give green light. I write here my personal opinion, we are in a free country and I write here my opinion if you find it good or not that is irrelevant!!!

  15. Anonymous

    exactly, its not your job, you’re just making dumbass accusations based on your assumptions…tell me, how do i make stocks dump when there are less than 100,000 shares to short at any one time and the promoters control the stock…tell me why these stocks always dump whether or not i find shares to short or whether i write about it? the pump and dump game has been going on long before me and it’ll go on long after me, all i do is educate and teach people how to profit from it legally. if people want me to actually stop trading and go into the pathetic world of hypothetical trading i will, the results will be the exact same because its the same damn patter over and over…i get morons like u all the time, please do tell someone to investigate me so i can clear my name once and for all and make u pay my lawyer fees for your stupidity 🙂

  16. John

    ask your friend or family member lx21 how he made more than $ 100,000 with only one short trade in PRAN.

    I agree, only you and your friend or family member lx21 made money with your short dumps in the past (wloc, knkt, pran and so on), thanks to your profitly transparency.

    I only see it other guys have to investigate it!

  17. Anonymous

    yet another false assumption…lx21 is one of my subscribers, never met him or knew him before i met him at my seminar last year in vegas…he made $11k on PRAN because it was an ideal match to my strategy and the patterns are explained at length in PennyStocking Part Deux…never knew Reaper either before he made $200k on my strategy thanks to my DVDs…you haters are so dumb, you only make me more credible with your dumbass assumptions that only lend me more credibility, thanks for the blog post! ANY one can learn, i throw out all my secrets and tools, too many people are simply like u, just plain stupid 🙂

  18. John

    you are a damn stupid liar, eveybody can see the truth on profitly.

    lx21 made $ 111,342 with PRAN, he shorted 102,759 shares

    I repeat that you lie and thats not the first one.

    one day the SEC and FBI is behind you and then we laugh loud because we hear about the real truth behind your business!!!

  19. Anonymous

    yes “eveybody can see the truth on profitly.” THATS WHY I CREATED IT YOU UNBELIEVABLE MORON.

    u claimed lx21 was my family or friend, i just busted that lie…now u claim his trade is a lie and yet he verified it…dude, stop lying, the stock was EASY to borrow at several brokers, u’re just too naive to know which ones 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    aight buddy its called a typo, far too much going on right now cuz my strategy is proven, i’ve already done several blog posts saying how he made $100k+, now u’re just wastng my time cuz you’re a teenager, see ya

  21. Zachariah

    The SEC is a joke, plain and simple. Wall Street owns the SEC. The perfect analogy is a criminal owning a jail. Even if they catch a few mice every now and again…. they let the elephants run rampant like Madoff (and I don’t believe he pulled off that $65 billion fraud all by himself), and those other wall street-government hybrid types like Hank Paulson…

    Scams, ponzi schemes, pump and dumps, fraud in the financial industry are NOT going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s like a virus that attacks every part of the industry. It’s just not down in the gutter with the penny stocks, it’s also at the very top of the chain and in every market.

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  26. ReyRey

    I bought ALZM at $1.29 in hopes that it would simply double. It did and I got greedy waiting for it to triple. Is there any reason to hold on to it now?

  27. Gary J. Palys

    Calvin, I started with $600 and a couple months later, I added another $10,000

    So far I have built it up to a little better than $22,000 since Oct. 2009

    I would love to be able to trade like Tim, and maybe someday, you and I both will…

    You have a great advantage though, you’re young, where as I didn’t start investing
    until I was 48.

    Wish you luck with your trading future!

  28. Dicksonlou

    Organ Transport Systems got me to invest into their company and now from your article am finding out they are just another Ponzi Scheme.  Please tell me how to recoup my money I invested with them ?  At 65 years of age, a daughter with cancer I’m caring for, an ex-husband in my home on Hospice care…I so need your help. or or 817-268-0712 home phone number   today 10/7/2011 Michael Holder and Hyman White SOLD their Allezoe and HOTI Stock in March 2011 leaving us shareholders BROKE. Please help

  29. Dicksonlou

    ALZM is a Ponzi Scheme. They duped me for over $50K…I PERSONALLY know Michael Holder…he is a THIEF….

  30. Scottlipe

    I bought around $500 worth of ALZM at .045. Was waiting on it to make a run up. What are your thoughts on it doing that in the coming weeks or months? Thanks for the input.

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