A Controversial Problem That Too Many Of My Students Have

I recently wrote a blog post entitled “This Is A Big Problem,” in which I talked about how fear holds too many of my students back from achieving their full potential. While education, practice and experience all help solve that problem over time, it does take time and too many people give up along the way.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Today I want to expose another big problem I see — which really reared its ugly head in response to my charity’s latest $25,000 donation:

…while I was trying to support one of my favorite cities, Las Vegas, in response to this tragic event in which several of my students died or were injured, my idea to try to lessen gun violence provoked some real nastiness in the comments from people who are very much pro-guns who were quick to tell me they would unfollow me and report my account too…both of which are a sad commentary on the state of our nation in which someone having a different viewpoint from you automatically offends people, and in some extreme cases, makes the people with two differing views enemies.

Now, I don’t want this blog post to get political (at all), but no matter what you believe, I think we ALL want there to be less violence in the world and while it’s going to be a difficult battle with no clear solution in sight, one thing I know we need is open discussion…hence why I just made this followup video:

…and the reaction to that new video is significantly more positive and constructive mainly because when given the “okay” to debate differing views in a positive and useful manner, my students really get into it with each other and so far there’s been VERY few hateful/negative messages posted which is in sharp contrast to my instagram video posted above.

Now, one reason might be because youtube allows me a longer video time of several minutes as opposed to instagram‘s strict 60-second cutoff time so I could explain my position more thoroughly, or you might conclude that since I have 1+ million followers on instagram vs roughly 200,000 on youtube, there’s bound to be more negativity with the bigger audience, but I like to think of this event as a good example of how to think and behave vs how not to.

I’m curious to hear your own thoughts in the comment section of this blog post too as I welcome ALL feedback, just try to make it constructive and not rude (as tough as it is for some of you with strong opinions on this matter!)

And since I’ve traveled extensively to over 100+ countries the past few years, talking with people of SO many different backgrounds, I can tell you that we’re all a lot more alike with far more similar values than most of us realize and the main problem we have is we don’t communicate openly enough with each other and we let our emotions dictate our responses.

And while this is a political/social debate, how to behave, communicate and think vs how not to also applies to the stock market — I see FAR too many trading challenge students and non-students alike being narrow-minded in their strategie and approaches and they miss out on considering new ways of trading that could help them profit more often.

For example, if you watched this interview with one of my newest six-figure profit trading challenge students:

…you know that Roland’s dad is a value investor, so he was VERY much against his son getting into penny stock trading.

While I don’t know exactly how it played out between the two of them, Roland ended up joining my trading challenge and now he’s turned $4,000 into over $300,000 this year alone (leave a comment below this blog post if you want me to do another interview with Roland since he’s more than doubled his account size since that interview we did just 3 months ago so I’m guessing he has some more lessons to share!).

Now that he’s been so successful and the stage is set for him to become my next Millionaire trading challenge student if he continues working hard and studying a ton, his dad and him joke about their difference in opinion, but I know too many people who listen to their friends and family who base their anti-penny stock feelings on the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street, mistakenly believing all penny stock trading is just about actually believing these piece of crap companies, when in fact nearly all of my top Millionaire trading challenge students and I have made millions betting AGAINST these penny stock pump and dumps…see my favorite anti-penny stock pump and dump pattern HERE.

The problem with penny stocks isn’t the stocks themselves, it’s the misunderstandings and bitterness that penny stock promoters and their lies create — so it’s actually quite controversial for me to be pro-penny stocks when 99.9% of the world absolutely hates them.

The way that I look at it is like, what if I drove my Ferrari 220 mph in a 35 mph zone and crashed and died, is it the Ferrari’s fault or mine? It’s mine because I broke the speed limit…in this case, it’s not the Ferrari’s fault, it’s my fault…so why hate on the Ferrari?

The same holds true for penny stocks, if you learn and play by the proper speed-signage aka the penny stock rules I outline here, you’ll have a very good penny stock experience…and so you just need to learn those rules as they’re good for you!

In my mind, it’s little different with guns, we just need better rules and laws…and while I’m not a politician, I think there’s substantial room for improvement in the gun laws to reduce the violence we see in our nation today.

But, you tell me what you think in the comments below…seriously, communication and sharing each other’s views help cut through the hate and the BS I see everywhere on ANY controversial topic…whether it’s gun violence, penny stocks, or anything where people have very strong opinions.

Having strong opinions on a subject is not a bad thing, but being unwilling to listen to others’ opinions is…so today’s lesson is just to be more open-minded and respect each other more, along with our differences as it’s this liberty, freedom and ability to debate openly WITHOUT VIOLENCE is what makes our country and society so great in the first place!

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  1. Joe Dimmick

    I already commented on youtube about my all or none approach. Being that I’m prior military i believe in a firearms use as a tool and if you own one should know the proper use of it, up to and including self defense. Thete will never be any way to eradicate violence. The best you can do is love everyone equally. Be ositive and if ever the situation arises that you have to protect yourself is be ready. Even in Italy during market mastery I had a petsonal defense weapon on me at all times. And no not a firearm.

    Even though i dont conpletely agree with the charity’s values I completely support your d cision in the wake of this tragedy and thank your generosity and kind hearted donation. Especially being a Vegas native having friends who were hit during attack.

  2. Katherine Crawford

    Personally if an individual/family has a gun for their own protection or hunting. That is their business . When someone buys something like 200 chambers of automatic bullets ( I may not be naming the it correctly), that is a huge red flag that person should be under some kind of surveillance and tracked closely by the authorities.

  3. Sara bankatronic

    Cool post & a much needed one as well.
    Yes, I agree that it is very important to have discussions about controversial topics in a civil manner!
    How else would we challenge our intellect & learn how to have peaceful respectful discourse?
    I see your points on need MORE gun restrictions, Tim, and just do not happen to agree with them.

    The same logic could be argued for more restrictions on eating food that is known to be harmful & kills millions of ppl through bad habits or could be said for restrictions on large vehicles that many bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs have also used to kill large amounts of ppl.

    The reason that I feel ppl feel so strongly about this subject of gun restrictions is that we clearly have elements in our government that favour what seems to be a HUGE power grab that usurps our rights put forth in the Bill of Rights & Constitution.

    So, until we see factions in the government stop trying to geo-engineer the weather, have indefinite detention without a trial via the NDAA, authorize propaganda in the USA media, and on and on the trend is most definitely towards seemingly insatiable power grabs like these, in my opinion.

    When government agencies buy BILLIONS of rounds of hollow point bullets-bullets that do maximum organ damage & those bullets are restricted for its citizens, then this shows an imbalance of power intention.

    Thankfully, we are not forced to all agree with each other yet on EVERYTHING. And comparing notes & brainstorming on information is important. Especially since Obama’s NDAA authorized PROPAGANDA in the USA media since 2012, & plenty of that has been going on for quite some time.

    One thing that I despise is when people decide that they can no longer debate and need to resort to personal put downs & name calling. This sort of behaviour shows the inability to tolerate views other than our own & is the first step in coaxing violence although beit by tongue.

    It was generous of you to to donate to your cause & it is awesome of you because it is the INTENTION that counts.
    If someone goes through life and can only be happy for the ppl that think & act EXACTLY like them what does that say about that person?

    To me it shows lack of Charity of Heart, because the other person might not know as much OR might have more information that I might not have on a certain topic or cause.

    Anyways, I disagree with gun restrictions agreeing with that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, but it is not the 1st of many rights to be slowly over time eroded over time.
    But maybe the guns in the future would use bullets with more depleted uranium or other dangerous things so asking questions is good as well.

    Yes, PLS ask Roland Wolf to do another video interview with you at some time!
    We are so grateful for so many students turned teacher!

    Thank you for writing this blog & may all the ppl who died on that terrible day, REST IN PEACE.

  4. Joe Zinser

    Meh! Gun control doesn’t work. Look at Chicago, or France, or pick another city…… It’s all about hearts and minds. Every time someone is murdered a crime occurred but the perpetrator didn’t care. Figure out how to fix that and you will solve the problem.

  5. Irteza

    Tim its a wonderful talk you gave … You are really good person, who has moved to a new part in his life… I like it, May GOD bless you and your efforts and let the seeds you sow ripe..

    I think, one of thee reason is also the absence of “peace of mind” I am sure every body have seen enough, so what is missing is this tranquility that lies with in us…

    I say, you tell us something about, when you had the peace of mind moment, the first time, I am sure, many will follow your advice including me…

  6. William R Wood

    Giving money to Everytown for Gun Safety is a huge mistake on your part. That organization is a bunch of wild eyed ultra biased gun haters. You have aligned yourself with people most law abiding citizens cannot stomach and I, along with many, will never use your services as a result. Your suggestion that we need more gun laws makes it clear that you have not thought this issue through and that you are biased as well. Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws, therefore, no laws will ever stop violence. Gun laws are trivial offenses compared to murder so how could you possibly think that more restrictive gun laws would stop or deter a criminal or madman who is willing to commit murder? Moreover, to solve any problem we must find and control the root cause. Guns are not the problem, they are merely a tool used by criminals and madmen. The root cause is bad people. By focusing on guns you deflect our country from working on the root cause: identifying bad people and implementing methods of controlling them before they commit murder. All restrictive gun laws do is infringe on the rights of the millions of honest gun owners who never commit crimes since they actually obey laws, even laws they disagree with.

  7. William R Wood

    “LOL I haven’t “aligned myself” with anyone, I donate to HUNDREDS of charities with good causes.”

    Sorry, nobody is going to buy that excuse!

    Everytown for Gun Safety is not a charity, it is a political action committee devoted to gun bans, not a “good cause”. And if you think donating $25k to an organization and having your picture taken with a gigantic check is not aligning yourself with that organization, you are not thinking objectively.

  8. Danny

    Hello Tim, I’m a “ hope to become a student of yours one day soon” and I’m also a US Army Vet. Just like the statement you made about the Farrari, guns are the same way in my mind. It’s not the guns fault that so many innocent people died in Vegas. It’s the piece of crap, hidden psychopath, that used the guns fault. Just like the terrorist who used planes at 9/11. I’m no politician… I’m not sure how more laws or less laws would prevent a person, with no criminal back ground, or red flags that pop up when checks are done from taking those guns and doing harm to innocent people among other crimes. I know criminals, who could never legally get gun , will, and can get guns. So… taking the rights away from law abiding citizens isn’t right move either. I also feel gun control is a little immigration. I think first we should enforce the laws on the books…. and move things accordingly that protects the rights of Americans … and helps prevent senseless tragedies like the one in Vegas. Thank you

  9. Timothy Sykes Post author

    LOL then be bitter and get offended, doesn’t matter to me, I’ll continue donating to worthy causes all over the world, you choose what causes you support and I’ll do the same, RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S OPNIONS

  10. Michael Evans

    I’m pro gun, NRA lifetime member. Tim is right that we need to share our opinions, try to work together to make the world better. We can move mountains if we work together. I personally love guns and hunting but something needs to be done. Can’t hate on Tim for trying to help. Let’s keep an open mind.

  11. Paul

    Indeed we live in a time when “offense” is taken as a call to arms. I have been called a bleeding heart Hillary supporter when I call out a my dislike in something Trump has done. I have been called a right wing Trump supporter when I call out a flaw in Hillary. Neither of which are, or were, true. So many (so so many) people take a criticism of one side as unflinching support for the other side. We all need to slow down and listen to all sides. Through the bright light of openness, I believe the best ideas will prevail.

  12. Eric

    Be responsible and fair to all. .. This is the message you were trying to convey IMO … Restrictions done right can help, but ultimately it is irresponsible people who do not follow rules that cause problems… Restrict people with mental illness and those set on doing harm to others or themselves..

  13. joseph Davino

    Laws dont stop criminals and statistically guns arent even on the top ten list of issues that need to be addressed in this country. I own guns and I am trained to use them being a former paratrooper, so I will continue to defend my rights to own guns and use them to defend myself and my family. However, that being said I am not a millionaire or even financially secure enough at this point to worry about other people and their problems. When I have the ability to help others I will but if I dont help myself first Im just another weight on our society. I respect all opinions and ignore politics. The only way I will get involved is if someone comes to my door and says give me your guns, until then Im going to mind my own business, saty out of our current hysterical political climate and sit on my computer and study the market until I have the means to help others.

  14. nick

    I am very pro-gun but i agree that we need to have a serious talk. I dont think that making guns illegal will change anything because if you want a gun you will get a gun regardless. With that said i do think to buy a gun back round checks are a good thing. I personally dont know what the answer is but I am always open to peoples opinions and i agree very strongly and think its sad that people hate others based on political or personal opinions. (THATS WHAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON WAS THE IDEA THAT IT IS OK TO HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS) lets stop acting like children and talk like adults and stop hating on each other over what makes this country so great…

  15. C. And

    Tim specifically stated the charity he gave to was to promote “senseless” violence. To help stop the senseless violence. Come on people. We are talking here about how to help stop “senseless” violence. This man was out to kill as many people as he could. People who he never met, This was an act of “senseless” violence. Please separate the two and keep an open mind.

  16. Jon Lloyd

    I Think everything you do is great Tim!
    I have grown up most of my life being around firearms and own many myself.
    I do think it is too easy to obtain a firearm, we have to go through a process to get a drivers licence and operate a car so why not apply that to buying a gun?
    I also have a concealed carry permit and was a quite surprised how easy it was to obtain on of those, and most of the people in the class had very little to NO experience with guns.
    I grew up in an area where hunting rifles were in kids vehicles at school and everyone had them in their house, but there was NEVER gun violence.
    Why not spend the energy trying to educate people on them instead of making them into something evil.

  17. Ryan

    First off, I’m not anti-guns nor am I pro-guns. I went to a gun range with a friend one time and it wasn’t for me. Other the other hand, my girlfriend can hit a gum wrapper from 100 yards away. I don’t think that guns themselves are the problem. It’s the people using them. If guns didn’t exist people committing these acts would use something else or find another way to accomplish the same thing. In my opinion we need to look at what is causing people to do these things. Is it our society? Is it the way people are being treated? Is it mental illness? Something else? I don’t know. Stricter gun laws, while they may help or hurt in some ways, would be an interim solution, or a bandaid if you will, to a much bigger issue. It’s an extremely tough problem to solve and I don’t know if there will ever be a correct “answer” but I hope that we can somehow make the world a safer place for everyone.

  18. Tox

    It’s unfortunate how many people have determined their beliefs, be it from religion, family, or media, and are hell bent on keeping them. Laughable, because one in ten million has the slightest idea as to why they are even on this planet. Been silver for a long time Tim, and appreciate the positive actions you always put forth.
    P.S. Please make Chicago mod again…

  19. Ryan

    First of all, yes please, more videos with Roland and Dux for that matter!

    Being from Canada I feel that open carry rights and concealed carry permits are insane! Yes, I personally own a few rifles and a handgun, but in Canada my handgun needs to be locked in a safe, inside it’s own lockbox with a trigger lock on it and I can only transport it between my house and the range and I need a permit and a range membership in order to do even that.

    But, when I was 20, I worked on a sheep farm in the middle of the Australian outback and we had loaded rifles sitting in gun racks in the back of everyone trucks with no trigger locks on them and I found that perfectly normal.

    I think it was normal on the farm because there was only 20 people on the entire 2.5 million acres of property and I knew every one of them and we actually used the rifles on a semi regular basis. In your country you are surrounded by strangers who have hidden handguns on them and that just seems nuts to me!

    Anyways, it’s Friday, the market is closed and I am going to finish my video lesson, pack up my gear and go surfing!


  20. jason

    I think that we all need to try our best to get along and have peace with one another. We have enough negative things going on in this world. The last thing we need is more hate. I think respecting another opinions and respecting one another in general would come so far in the world today. We should be thankful to be living another day. Thank you for all you do.


    Need more rational thought, that and any one commenting without first knowing what they are talking about is even worse. Im sure most everyone on here knows atleast how to use google, but most can’t sort through the crap on there to find the necessary facts to make an informed decision. If you only get your news or info or even statistics, from sites with one political leaning or the other then you only get biased info. Does anyone ever check out the references listed in an article. No i bet not, and ill ignore most any article that doesnt list theyre references, its an easy way to sort facts from opinions. Most facts will lead you to the right opinion if your open minded enough, and trust them.

  22. Ronnie Declerck

    If you want to stop violence you have to STOP THE HATE campaigns of mainstream media PERIOD! There is no other solution…the problem is in the minds of those who perpetrate the HATE. It is not guns…because they have used knives, trucks, cars, bombs, fire, even lowly box-cutters; Are you going to ban those too? More laws and restrictions are useless as we don’t enforce those we already have…I agree with many on here: Joe Zinser re: Chicago has the strongest gun control and consequently, the highest murder rate in the U.S.; Sara Bankatronic re: giving our 2nd Constitutional Amendment full support, and Joe Dimmick re: education on proper use of firearms which the NRA readily supplies. There is plenty of information to educate oneself on this subject and no good excuse not to know the horrendous consequence of an unarmed populace, as the long world history of genocides and dictatorships has repeatedly proven…Las Vegas was a tragedy, to be sure…but then to politicize it immediately and to propagandize gun restrictions, then confiscation, ultimately, is unforgivable. Be careful to examine what you are financially supporting by looking at the big picture and end results. History, as Sykes points out over and over, is our best teacher, and History repeats. Stop the HATE MINDSET to stop its end-result, VIOLENCE.

  23. Rick

    It’s obvious which way this group is leaning but a lot of what’s stated here is erroneous. European countries such as England, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and many more who do not allow any guns accept for hunting, have a death rate of between 1-2 persons per million. Japan is almost 10 times less than European countries. In the US it’s 37 deaths by guns per million! We are off the charts compared to nearly every other country with the exception of a few Central American countries like Mexico where firearms can be gotten as easily as Chicklets. And while I do agree with the sweeping yet simple conclusion that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”…I’d much rather take my chances against an attacker and his baseball bat or steak knife or spoon, than a loaded Uzi. But I know you think I’m being silly and impractical and perhaps the worst of all, idealistic. Thank you Tim for bravely standing up to this ongoing insanity.

  24. Rebecca Dominick

    I am not political really, but I do believe in an individuals right to own a gun. For many different reasons, hunting, protection, etc. I believe we ,as human beings and citizens of this great country, should be able to protect ourselves from threats domestically or governmental. But that is an entire other subject. I also believe very STRONGLY in giving to a charity that one feels deeply about. I have been giving to the same charity for 40 years. I am contributing in some small way that I feel will help benefit humanity. How is someone that sits behind a computer and spews out hateful implications & accusations, helping for the better? I understand that we are all entitled to our opinions and thoughts but I don’t think it is OK to belittle or verbally abuse someones charitable actions!

  25. TandE

    Regarding gun control & other difficult topics:
    I think people should do their DD, and articulate their positions. If they care passionately about it, then put some skin in the game & volunteer with organizations that represent their position. Listening & learning is the stuff that makes life interesting.

    By the way, I’ve had a lot of professors (Cal Berkeley Grad), and you are one of the best teachers I’ve had. I really enjoy learning from you, so ~ thank you.

  26. Kelsey Fitzpatrick

    First of all Tim, I love this. Thank you for opening the door to this conversation in a classy way. It’s one that greatly needs to be encouraged, especially as we live in a supposedly democratic society where these conversations are vital to the survival of the democracy itself. Unfortunately, we get in such a frenzy arguing with one another about issues like this, that as we are arguing, policy makers end up determining these decisions for us, more often in favor of the government and/or the corporations lobbying for their interests. But, if we can come to some conclusions and organize our ideas among the people, then we can logically organize our efforts and petition those ideas to the local/national government. It’s a very important part of the democracy.

    A couple of thoughts on some of your comments:
    In regards to some of the similarities you propose between penny stocks and gun control, I would like to add another. It is interesting to me how, when posed with an idea which conflicts with our general opinions of the world as we have understood it up until this point (such as penny stocks or gun-control/rights), we tend to become very defensive, and aggressively advocate for the idea(s) which have shaped our understanding up until the time we become exposed to this new idea or new way of looking at something. You might find this link interesting: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/believe. I have always found politics fascinating because people often form strong, misguided opinions, although they may be well intentioned without taking the time to really get into the facts.
    I recently started following you as a resource for penny stocks, and as I have informed the loved ones around me of my ambitions, they become increasingly wary of my endeavors because THEY HAVEN’T DONE THE RESEARCH. When we do the research and consider all sides/consequences, etc, we can then have a logical conversation about the issue at hand. As far as penny stocks are concerned, people are still stuck in the mindset that if you are going to “make it”, you have to trade your time for wages for 30-50 years until you retire and then maybe you will enjoy your retirement in luxury. That will not be me.

    In regards to gun control policy itself, this is a tough conversation. I cannot say that eliminating guns is the answer. I really like your Ferrari analogy. It is not the guns themselves which are the issues, it is the people. I think the greatest issue we have in this country, and the issue which I believe is the source of all other issues in America is our education. I am enamored by the efforts you have made with your charity to offer education/schooling for children in other countries. If we can get the education right, (if we can get our minds right), we can make real progress. We are living in an interesting era. People’s rights and worker’s rights are becoming restricted (which is probably why more are flocking to opportunities like penny stocks). The working class is being marginalized and overshadowed by the corporations that are pushing policies through government for their own benefit, much to the chagrin of the working class people. It is important for people to be able to defend themselves in the case of political tyranny. We just don’t know what will happen in this country in the centuries to come. Things may be working now, but what happens if that changes? With all that being said, cases like the late Las Vegas shooting and the Orlando Shooting a couple years back, cannot be the norm. It is just tragic.
    Something has to be done to tighten up the policies. But how do you do that in a situation like Las Vegas, where the shooter, to my knowledge, had no known prior misdemeanors? It’s seriously frustrating to think about.

    Anyway thanks for listening.

  27. Deann

    I have my CHL for here in Texas even tho its now open carry. I just feel the world is too crazy now not to be able to protect yourself no matter where you are. Everyone has their own opinion, but lets not be haters on others, that is what is wrong with the world today. Good for you Tim Sykes for bringing it to people’s attention, and thank you for being the humanitarian that you are. You are a VERY GOOD PERSON. Hopefully we can all be like you….Thanks for all you do….Deann

  28. Keith McClure

    John Lennon said it, make love not War, we are more the same than we are different,do unto others as you would have them do unto you, it not that hard.
    Try it you might like it.

  29. Bridget

    ‘Bad things happen when good men do nothing.’
    Tim, thanks for giving and I am sure you the victims in mind, and you decided to help. Thats the spirit.
    Keep up the good work.

  30. Sylvia

    I would like to comment on posts like: Is not guns…Guns don’t kill, people are the killers…psychopaths….

    I would like to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, CHILDREN. “Today, 19 children will die or receive medical treatment from a gunshot wound in the U.S And tomorrow another, 19 will. And then again another 19 the next day. In fact, 91% of all children that die from firearm across the world in high-income countries come from the United States, and guns are the third leading cause of death for all children, between ages 1 and 17”. Those are the handful of sobering statistics reported in a new study on a gun violence in Pediatrics…….

  31. Sylvia

    When a child 2, 3, 4…. years old unintentionally shots his mom, dad, sibling etc, would you say is not the gun…would you call this child a killer? Children in the United States are far at greater risk of unintentional gun death than children in any other developed countries….

  32. Andrew

    Hey Tim, First off i would just like to say that I am happy and excited to be a trading challenge student. I’ve already gotten through “How to make millions”and “Trading Checklist”. Working on getting through “Trading Tickers” at the moment. Going to be putting in some serious time watching DVD’s and live webinars until i’m comfortable trying myself. Knowledge account first then Monetary account! As far as guns laws i believe it comes down the person and not the gun itself. We need to take a closer look at a person’s mental state and go from there because we have seen both sides of taking guns away and being less restrictive with gun laws and they both seem to not really prevent anything like these shootings we have seen over the years. Don’t let these comments fire you up Tim. Your beliefs on an issue is entirely yours to have.

  33. Dustin

    Thanks for the video Tim! I believe mental health is also a serious issue that also needs to be discussed more often and it isn’t.

  34. Sylvia

    And when a 2, 3, 4 years old child unintentionally shots his dad, mom, sibling etc. Would you say it wasn’t the gun, would you call this child a killer? Children in the United States are at far greater risk of unintentional gun death than children in any other developed countries.

    Keep up good work Tim. Some of the comments are so immature by saying they will not use your services anymore because of that. Are you here to study how to trade stocks or are you here to make friends with the same point of views, like yours?
    And please more videos with Roland and Dux!!

  35. Niels

    For me as an European it is sometimes pretty weird how the Americans think. I have lived 3 years in the USA and I love the USA a lot but I also think there are so many controversial rules. For example you can’t drink before 21years of age / you can’t walk around with a can of beer… but you can if put it in a bag…. on the other hand you can walk around with a gun ?? WTF?
    In Europe we are used to it that nobody can have a gun, and still there are things that happen with illegal guns but much less. So for us European it sounds very very crazy how people can have as many guns as possible without any license or education or something. Any crazy head can just walk into a gun shop and walk out with 10 guns…. In my option it is asking for trouble.

    I am not here to say Europe is much better because it is not, I can tell 100 of things that are much better in the USA.

    About pennystocking. I do agree you don’t have to blame the system. Hate the player don’t hate the game. I am still confused a lot of times even it is getting better and better I still make stupid mistakes and sometimes want to hate on al those pennystocks but it my fault when I am wrong.


    Nothing but love !

  36. nestor borges

    hey tym you are a hoax more than 90% of your students are never profitables,why dont you talk about this on your blog/you only mention gritany,the wolf,duxthe very few profitable, stop your ponzy scheme,you make a living of new subscribers just like maddof

  37. nestor borges

    hey tim most of your subscribers cancel the membership after a couple of months why? because your strategies dont work,stop your scam your fraud your ponzi scheme

  38. Jose

    Current happily married father of four, patriot, former United States Marine, infantry, and a current firefighter paramedic. Thanks for the support Tim S, Tim B and the STT team!!!

  39. Robert Basha

    Tim, Hello
    I must say that I am very concerned with the level of polarization amongst out countries citizens. Often times the extremes of the spectrum can find No way to have an open dialogue. I for one am a firm believer in our 2nd amendment rights because I don’t want to be dependent on the “government” to take care of me or my family in times of dire need. The opposition seems to be focused on the emotional aspects of gun control as opposed to the sheer facts/data of the violence that occurs in our nation. We do not have a gun problem as much as we have a problem with our collective mindset and our extreme desensitization to violence. Look at the movie posters, video games, mainstream news, there are Guns Everywhere and I don’t believe people take their power seriously enough.
    I really think the powers from both sides need to come to the table with an understanding that we need a long term solution. 20, 50, 100 years from now we need to agree that there should be safeguards in place to prevent as much gun violence as possible. I think that a child born today should be required some kind of training/education before they are allowed to own a firearm when they are of age. If we were to take an approach like this I think we could get both sides to agree on a logical outcome that benefits our nation.
    Ultimately the problem lies in the minds of the criminals, and they will not be obeying the law any time soon it seems….

  40. Louis Horvah

    Mr. Nestor Borges, is jealous or fake. In any business only 10% are successful. 90% are lazy and choose the 9 to 5pm party on the weekends and work for 10 percenters. This is a proven fact and been going for thousand of years. Knowing that, I’m a dedicated student and I support Timothy Sykes.

  41. DNN

    If anything, fear should be the driving catalyst towards driving people to start their businesses when things are not right in their lives. If anything, people should fear working for their narcissist employers for 20 to 30 years and retiring on a can of beans.

  42. AliRza

    Stand up for what you believe in Tim. Who cares if you miss out on some cash not teaching gun nut conservatives. They have a hard enough time distinguishing hunting riles from assault rifles in this argument. No civilian needs military style weapons in their homes unless they’re planning on fighting the military. To me that sounds like treason and they should have to go to the black market for that. Hand guns, hunting rifles and shotguns are enough for the public and to protect your family if you feel threatened.

  43. Barbara Ann Lopez

    Tim, I so appreciate your comments. I agree with all you have done to help communities all over the world. Using your God given gifts to make a change for the better. I am so glad to have you and your beliefs as my mentor. You have a heart to want to help people in many nations and many ages. Your donations matter to the people who are victims and victors. I pray that you continue to make a difference and stay strong.

  44. Kaitsu

    Estonia has concealed carry rights. Czech republic has concealed carry rights. You never hear about mass shootings there. Japan has crazy gun restrictions. They also check and follow many things about the muslims there like their bank accounts and many other things to. No mass shootings there either or terror attacks. Both extreme regulation and the right to bear arms seems to work.

  45. Chris Castiglione

    Hi Tim,
    I am a challenge student of yours and I am very pro guns. I have guns for hunting, self-protection, and I collect rare guns. That being said, I believe gun safety and responsibility is huge. Gun owners must be responsible and keep their guns in a safe place. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone post that their guns have been stolen. Most of the time the gun was either not in a safe or it was in their vehicle. If these people were more responsible, there will not be as many guns in criminals hands. I am with on not really knowing a solution.
    Also, I would like to see another Roland Wolf interview.

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