My Thoughts and Prayers On the Las Vegas Shooting

I normally focus on the stock market and tips I’ve learned over the years, but every now and then world events, like the Las Vegas shooting,  intervene and I want to share my thoughts and respond to many of your messages too (sorry I can’t respond to everyone individually these days, it’s gotten pretty insane for me lately).

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Previously, I wrote about my take on terrorism in the blog post “Regarding Terrorism, The Stock Market And Life” and on politics and protests in the blog post “My Take On Politics, Power, Protests And Profit Opportunities“, but in response to today’s shooting I don’t have any grand solution to help this tragedy, or for gun control and how to make the world a safer place, all I can tell you is that I’m praying for the victims and their families of this shooting and and I hope that you keep them in your prayers too!

And please keep yourself and your loved ones safe, as best you can…crowded concerts and airports seem to be the highest risk locations and while that sucks, don’t ignore it…as we live in a crazy, crazy world with crazy people and so you must be aware of it and try your best to simply live…and live well for as long as you possibly can.

Of course, there are acts of violence all across the world every day, but this one is different for me as it’s much closer to home and so it affects me and so many people I know and love, too.

First off is the sheer scope of this tragedy — as this massacre now has left nearly 60 people dead with over 500 injured — and its location — my family and I have been there countless times as I used to have my annual conference in Vegas — and the people involved — as I know several people and their family members who were at the concert when the shooting took place, with some being injured and one of my students was even killed while saving his wife (thank you for all the kind words of support when I posted that on my instagram story today, I didn’t know him personally, he just watched a few of my video lessons…but given his actions to save his wife, I’m proud to even recognize his name as he appears to be a true hero).

Anyway, I just wanted to post a message of love and support for everyone affected by this tragedy and know that we’re all thinking about you and over time we’re going to implement changes that will lessen the likelihood of mass senseless acts of violence from happening again.

I wish I could say and post something more constructive right now, but I’m just in a complete state of shock about this whole day and it makes me angry and truly sick to my stomach that someone has taken the lives of so many innocent bystanders and ruined their family members too.

I’m sure we’ll find out much more later on, but I couldn’t help but write about my thoughts right now as it’s good to share your thinking publicly in troubling times like these…nobody is right or wrong in no-win situations like this, but I know that we all need to communicate better to try to avoid violence like this in the future!

To be honest, I can’t even begin to comprehend how this could happen and what it means for us as a society, as a nation and for our future…we all have our own issues, and religious beliefs too, but violence against each other is NEVER okay! It’s really just so sad and frustrating, I feel like screaming…or crying…or both.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my travels, it’s that we’re all much more alike than we realize and we’re also all much more connected, too, so you should never feel completely alone as I know too many of you do as I get too many depressing messages every day.

We need to communicate with each other better and love and support one another more and stop these senseless acts of violence before it’s too late.

My family and I are praying for the victims and the families of the victims of this tragedy and I’d appreciate you guys leaving words of support for my student and the many others who lost their lives. No matter how bad this was, I refuse to allow this event to divide us — instead it should bring us together to figure out ways to help support those who were affected and, more importantly, to help prevent this from ever happening again!

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  1. Scott Tysar

    I live in Australia so I am not as affected by these tragic events but my prayers also go out those too who were affected by it and i cannot express this enough in words. Thank you Tim for writing this blog post as the messages conveyed throughout this blog post really are important for us to learn from. Hopefully we will not have to see such events in the future even though history repeats its self and the US will actually do something about guns. No man should be able to create such distraught and sorrow for people but who knows what may be on the horizon as these families must be reminded that this will pass and they will recover thx.

  2. Ronnie

    My heart breaks for those affected by this tragedy, and I join you Tim and your family and friends in corporate prayer for the healing of our nation…and lovingly lift up those families having to endure the loss of their loved ones in such a senseless act of aggression!

  3. Ian McCaskill

    Hopefully the words found at Psalms 37:10,11,29 bring comfort to all affected. These unfortunate events continue to terrorize society. We look forward to a time when the wicked one will be no more. Many prayers to all those affected.

  4. krs1

    When I woke up this morning and heard the news, my heart sank. I didn’t know Sonny personally…. but I am terribly sorry to hear of his passing. This man is a hero and had his life taken to save his wife’s. Just goes to show you the type of character he had. Thank you for taking the time to write this Tim. These types of events are never easy to understand or deal with. I just pray for Sonny’s wife, all of the victims and the families that now have to deal with the early passing of their loved ones. They can use our full support and prayers. God bless them all!

  5. Ravi Bhojwani

    This is truly shocking and yet in the face of such meaningless things you see the heroic person who saved his wife. The security that could detect 10 guns in one hotel room and the AI installed in New York seems to be needed after the attacks in Manchester where 26 people I believe including children were taken. Let’s hope it’s a long time til the next one. These people are cowards and we have to recognise we can make our environments and communities safe. Prayers and healing.

  6. Melissa17

    Really sad times Tim. All we can do is try to keep our heads up and pray for the lives lost and the people suffering because of one person’s actions. Unfortunately, until we all learn as human beings that the real answer to life is love and kindness, this kind of stuff will go on. Most don’t know life is abundant, it’s what you do with it that counts. Most operate on greed and anger. I hope we will see a change in the future and we can all learn to love one another, as we are all just humans trying to find our way. Prayers for all of the victims right now…not just the Vegas shooting, but all over the world. My love and thoughts are with you.

  7. Sara Bankatronic

    I agree 100%, Tim. Violence, like this against others is a reprehensible evil.
    So shocking the lengths that some ppl will go to. My prayers and most sincere thoughts of sympathy are with the poor souls who had their lives taken from them, for all of the injured, & for the friends & family of these people.

    Hatred of others & killing those who do not believe exactly as us can NEVER bring about the right path & it can NEVER bring about PEACE.

    This is a failed ideology, this ideology of hatred, & it is the height of evil to claim to be the judge jury & executioner because only the Divine Creator can see into the heart soul & mind of a person’s soul NOT CRAZED BLOODTHIRSTY MEN.

    Only the highest order of love & compassion can help this world.

    Special prayers to the trading student who was murdered trying to save his wife :((

  8. s

    Tim this is Shane from KS. You might remember me from the conference in 201, I’m the guy who uses a wheelchair to get around.

    I’m so glad you posted this today. As an investor myself and an American, we won’t let tragedy like this stop the dreams we have as Americans. You’re living proof of hard work and sometimes that hard work can pay off as is your case.

    In many ways you’re a speaker for the millenial generation and being age 30 myself I think its time we have a serious discussion in America about safety and guns. But more importantly, let’s just treat everyone well. Live life, love life. People who hate will never win, they will lose every time.

    Happy New Year Tim, hope to see you down the line.

    -as always much respect-
    friend Shane (TheLemonShark on

  9. Bruno Quintanilla

    Thank you for writing this blog post and expressing yourself in such way. I used to live in Vegas and was notified of this this morning… I called friends that live there and they are all well. I’m also in shock and cannot even imagine how everyone felt during those times and even now as they’re dealing with the aftermath. I hope that they find a reason as to why this man committed such action of pure violence and hatred, and we can learn from it to better protect ourselves and/or stop this from happening in the future.
    My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragic event and for them to have strength in these challenging times

  10. Shane


    You might remember me from the conference in 2015, I was the one who came in a power wheelchair.
    Tim in many ways you’re a true representation of the millenial generation and in my mind you represent the very best parts of our era. Anyone who’s met you knows that, and I’m here to shut down you’re haters once and for all.

    ACTUALLY ‘m posting here today, as today is a national tragedy and I’m glad you posted in the wake of this terrible tragedy. I am simply in shock as is many of my friends and we’re all wondering if we should now finally have a serious discussion about how to deal with this craziness. I won’t get political but Tom Brokaw is also calling for a discussion and maybe its time the nation finally speak.

    A note to all investors, knew traders and fans of Tim: let’s all have each others backs, no colors, no net worth, no hatred

    My name’s Shane
    TheLemonShark on Profitly
    I blog online; come follow me on Tumblr
    Search “Mach 6 Global”

    *and go to Tim’s conference he rules*

  11. Jamous Amjad

    How come this fag is not a terrorist ? If he is american and white and do this is not a terrorist LMAO , who and what defines these guys as being a terrorist or not ? Is there a standard ?

  12. Tul

    These darn acts of horror make me wonder, is it the end of times or bad stuff always existed but in modern day and age we get to hear these bad news very quickly sincere there is İnternet now? The World is turning into a truly scary place.

  13. Barbara Ann Lopez

    This is another sad day in our country that was stolen by a lack of gun control and magazine capacity laws. As of now, I don’t know of anyone who was there. But, when Tim posted this and mentioned Sonny, I had just seen a small posting of Sonny and his wife on ABC. I have been holding back the tears all day. My heart hurts for all those people and their families. Thank you Tim for acknowledging this tragedy and doing your part to make a difference. My prayers are with all the families…

  14. Katherine Crawford

    Thank you Tim, That was a beautiful outpouring of love and caring that came straight from your heart. We live in tumultous times. I’m going to take some quiet time now and send prayers and love. PAX

  15. Jesse Saldana

    It makes me mad and sad to see innocent people die over senseless cowardice acts like these. Someone had to know this idiot was up to something. In a world where you get pegged as being a racist because you see something and say something about it, I would rather be called a racist because I said something to someone that just didn’t look right. We need to lookout for each other and so what if we were wrong at least someone got to check and see if there’s really something going on. My prayers go out to the victims and there families. May the God of peace bring them comfort through this tragic time in their lives. God’s peace be upon them.

    P.S. Keep up the good work Tim.

  16. Colton

    I’m so sorry to here about this. Us as a trading community should raise some money to help her out. Tim why don’t you start a go fund me page for her and everyone can donate to her. Even if he wasn’t really into trading he is a true hero and if he was studying your videos he obviously cares to better his or the people his life! I say our community ( traders help her out cause Sonny is truly a hero!

  17. Joseph Williams

    Very nice post Tim! I too am very sick to my stomach over this tragedy. Hopefully in times like this it will bring everyone closer together to realize we really need a change. It just a shame that something like this happens. Truly horrific, and very sad. My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this horrific incident.

  18. Sunny

    Such a touching post Tim. Universal prayers for his wife, as she will have to endure survivors guilt for some time. As to our community Tim, thank you, not just for trading and teaching, but for actually giving a shit. Thank you for your own words of encouragement. The world needs more of you and more of the like in our profitly community.

  19. Richard Feig

    sometimes there are not enough word, 59 families should not have to be grieving, and many others who are still in the hospital. The world is with them

  20. Asmita

    My prayers for all the souls that are taken by this horrific violence,May their souls rest in peace. our prayers for all those people who lost their loved once. God will grant them strength to pass thru this sad times. Lets pray we shall never see this kind of violence again in our life. God bless everyone.

  21. Martin Flores

    Tim, you are right , we are more alike than different around the world, despite race and religion, the main dividers. Also believe very much in praying but we also have to prevent this from happening and for that we need to act. The action is called gun control.

  22. javier

    it seems like every few months we are having a terrible event like this smh so sad to think there are people who just want cause harm to others.. Hope Love n Prayers to ALL.. We will grow from this n become stronger n united as ONE NATION ONE PLANET

  23. Joe Zinser

    The most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. Maybe someday, the type of evil mindset that caused this tragedy will vanish forever from the earth.

  24. Gerri Harden

    I’m not buying this whole scene at Vegas the rifle shots were fired from over 350 yards away yet you can hear the rifle fire on stage, I smell a rat!

  25. Jesse Lochhead

    We live in a fallen world as reminded again today. I’m praying for the victim’s families in this senseless tragedy.

  26. Sharda Norman

    I’m so sorry to hear what happened, my heart goes out to you all in USA. This is indeed testing times, the Bible says the “The devil is like a roaring lion settling whom he may devour.” And here we can see that.
    As The Book of John 10v10 Jesus said ” the devil comes except tho steal kill and destroy, but (Jesus said)I have come do that you may hedge life and life in abundance.”

    We are in a time when things can happen at anytime, but for me I have Christ in more around me, I’m not afraid. I pray and leave it there.
    Please trust GOD ALMIGHTY in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, by His Spirit to protect you.
    GOD keep you and make His face to shine on you and give you peace at this sad time in the USA.

  27. hutchstock

    As a British veteran I have seen my fair share of tragedy, both at home and around the world. One thing has become clear in that time and it is that the majority of people are peace loving and innocent, but are often caught up in the horrors perpetrated by the minority acting out of greed, corruption and insanity. I feel that if we are to progress as a society then we need to say NO to violence and demand our leaders do the same. I am thankful for the special relationship that Britain shares with America and my thoughts are with you all at this very sad time.

  28. Anonymous

    the equation is simple. the way our soldiers kill their innocents, they in turn send their soldiers to kill our innocents. everyday we drop bombs and drone strikes on them. and to kill just one of the enemies we end up killing dozens of others in civillian casualties. even trump once said to take out their families. if we take out their families dont be surprised when they come at us and take out our families. they are just retaliating like anybody would do if their own family members were attacked. the fault lies with us because we keep electing the same war hungry leaders. we should mind our business and spend our tax dollars on the people instead of wars overseas. the solution is simple. leave them alone and they will leave us alone. you dont hear about them attacking venezuela or cuba because those governments dont intervene in their affairs. the truth hurts but hopefully it will wake you up to the simple solution.

  29. joe somebody

    the equation is simple. the way our soldiers kill their innocents, they in turn send their soldiers to kill our innocents. everyday we drop bombs and drone strikes on them. and to kill just one of the enemies we end up killing dozens of others in civillian casualties. even trump once said to take out their families. if we take out their families dont be surprised when they come at us and take out our families. they are just retaliating like anybody would do if their own family members were attacked. the fault lies with us because we keep electing the same war hungry leaders. we should mind our business and spend our tax dollars on the people instead of wars overseas. the solution is simple. leave them alone and they will leave us alone. you dont hear about them attacking venezuela or cuba because those governments dont intervene in their affairs. the truth hurts but hopefully it will wake you up to the simple solution.

  30. Siza

    Our heartfelt condolences to the people of Vegas , all the way from South Africa . Awesome post, Tim

  31. Israel Maldonado

    Senseless ,Guns don’t kill people ,People kill people, my Prayers to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  32. Melanie

    I am a Las Vegas resident. Thank you for your post and willingness to come to Las Vegas to meet with families to access their needs. Would there be a way that your Las Vegas students could come together and assist in your efforts when you here? Also, we could help in the short and follow up long term since we live here. So many of us here in Las Vegas are ready, willing, and able to help but are at a loss as to what to do.

  33. Todd H

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this heinous act. Mr. Sonny Melton is a true hero and my sincere condolences to his wife Heather Melton.
    If there is something i can do to help prevent future acts such as this then i will embrace it.

  34. Zach lauderman

    My prayers go out to the families affected, Vegas is my birthplace. It sad that it comes down to a crazed physio shooting innocent ppl. I never understand what could possibly drive a man that made to go to th extreme of hurting and killing ppl he don’t even know. I have lots of weapons I’m a avid hunter and shooter . I believe in 2nd ammendment. BUT….. our government needs to weed out these sick lunatics. Look at Florida club… they looked at that guy 2x. And never stopped him WTF. BUT the gun laws prevents someone who had stolen a bike or something minor when they were young and stupid . 50yrs later . It’s a broken system . I feel for them families . I wish our government would catch and torture ppl that do these horrible crimes make them suffer slowly so maybe they’ll think twice. God bless .

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