My Thoughts and Prayers On the Las Vegas Shooting

I normally focus on the stock market and tips I’ve learned over the years, but every now and then world events, like the Las Vegas shooting,  intervene and I want to share my thoughts and respond to many of your messages too (sorry I can’t respond to everyone individually these days, it’s gotten pretty insane for me lately).

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Previously, I wrote about my take on terrorism in the blog post “Regarding Terrorism, The Stock Market And Life” and on politics and protests in the blog post “My Take On Politics, Power, Protests And Profit Opportunities“, but in response to today’s shooting I don’t have any grand solution to help this tragedy, or for gun control and how to make the world a safer place, all I can tell you is that I’m praying for the victims and their families of this shooting and I hope that you keep them in your prayers too!

And please keep yourself and your loved ones safe, as best you can…crowded concerts and airports seem to be the highest risk locations and while that sucks, don’t ignore it…as we live in a crazy, crazy world with crazy people and so you must be aware of it and try your best to simply live…and live well for as long as you possibly can.

Of course, there are acts of violence all across the world every day, but this one is different for me as it’s much closer to home and so it affects me and so many people I know and love, too.

First off is the sheer scope of this tragedy — as this massacre now has left nearly 60 people dead with over 500 injured — and its location — my family and I have been there countless times as I used to have my annual conference in Vegas — and the people involved — as I know several people and their family members who were at the concert when the shooting took place, with some being injured and one of my students was even killed while saving his wife (thank you for all the kind words of support when I posted that on my instagram story today, I didn’t know him personally, he just watched a few of my video lessons…but given his actions to save his wife, I’m proud to even recognize his name as he appears to be a true hero).

Anyway, I just wanted to post a message of love and support for everyone affected by this tragedy and know that we’re all thinking about you and over time we’re going to implement changes that will lessen the likelihood of mass senseless acts of violence from happening again.

I wish I could say and post something more constructive right now, but I’m just in a complete state of shock about this whole day and it makes me angry and truly sick to my stomach that someone has taken the lives of so many innocent bystanders and ruined their family members too.

I’m sure we’ll find out much later on, but I couldn’t help but write about my thoughts right now as it’s good to share your thinking publicly in troubling times like these…nobody is right or wrong in no-win situations like this, but I know that we all need to communicate better to try to avoid violence like this in the future!

To be honest, I can’t even begin to comprehend how this could happen and what it means for us as a society, as a nation, and for our future…we all have our own issues, and religious beliefs too, but violence against each other is NEVER okay! It’s really just so sad and frustrating, I feel like screaming…or crying…or both.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my travels, it’s that we’re all much more alike than we realize and we’re also all much more connected, too, so you should never feel completely alone as I know too many of you do as I get too many depressing messages every day.

We need to communicate with each other better and love and support one another more and stop these senseless acts of violence before it’s too late.

My family and I are praying for the victims and the families of the victims of this tragedy and I’d appreciate you guys leaving words of support for my student and the many others who lost their lives. No matter how bad this was, I refuse to allow this event to divide us — instead, it should bring us together to figure out ways to help support those who were affected and, more importantly, to help prevent this from ever happening again!