9 Penny Stocks You Have To Know About, No Really, You’re Gonna Tell All Your Friends

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers in the middle of the night, waking their lazy asses up! Don’t you wanna be that hardworking? Yes you do…I know you do, sleep is for wimps!

If you read my main blog, you know I just announced a brand new 6 hour
instructional trading DVD that teaches my research methods, its called
TIMfundamentls, check it out! Lots of you have asked for it so after much
work and filming, it’ll soon be ready (getting edited right now)….its
basically how I go about my research every day to find stocks in play, what
websites I use, my daily routine, basically TIMalerts deconstructed…let
me know if you have any questions
, but I think you’ll love it!

I’m short 2000 shares each of XTXI and XTEX overnight, already up $400 on
the positions, but holding since as I explained in my TIMalert yesterday, both
have broken through major support after rising exponentially on oil
rebound/January Effect hopes…shorted XTXI previously before it broke
support, was wrong, now we should see the difference of what it means to
short a stock AFTER its broken support.

BONT just keeps going higher, January Effect in action, no reason to short
such a gradual runup…yet

DSTI displayed some nice sideways price action and fade into the market
close yesterday….still green on the day though…today hopefully there’s one
last spike or this thing is really gonna fall apart fast so be ready to

EXAS rejected a buyout, cocky failing carcass of a company, kinda like
YHOO…no play here, there’s gonna be more news that’s unpredictable

XTXI closed perfectly, oil is down again today so far so I want to cover in
the low $4s, ideally on a morning panic

XTEX is basically the same as XTXI just less liquid…sorry for putting XTEC
in my alert email yesterday, I try to get them to you fast so typos will
happen…gotta check the TIMalerts website as I can update that easily.

PALM is another one I shoulda woulda coulda shorted yesterday
afternoon…faded nicely, but still above 2-day support (hence no short by
me…oh yes, little Timmay learning discipline? A little…) Could spike in the
morning or show panic, we’ll see, probly no play by me unless there’s a nice
afternoon fade (all these intraday patterns are detailed in my
PennyStocking Part Deux DVD)

PARD was a great fader yesterday…at least one TIMalert subscriber found
shares and shorted nicely:

PARD 2500 @ 3.69 made 700 off the trade.

It closed right under $3.40 support, should see a morning panic today too, I
couldn’t find shares to short ☹

RAMS had a nice quick drop off the high for 50 cents/share…missed it, next!

STKL is another hot one to keep an eye on, nice spike and fade yesterday,
gotta be quick on it though