7 Resources To Study During This Long Holiday Weekend

resources to study

Resources To Study

This coming Monday the US stock market is closed in honor of Memorial Day and that means we have our annual Memorial Day blowout sale here, but also, more importantly, this time off from trading gives you more time to focus on resources to study and get prepared for when the next great penny stock play comes around as preparation is the key to ALL of my millionaire trading challenge students’ success…especially on weekends when most people are lazy and don’t want to put in any time to work.

So, I’ve put together a list of 7 great resources to study over the next few days and if you TRULY want to become my next millionaire trading challenge student I suggest you do them, no excuses whatsoever…and leave a comment under this blog post if you promise to do so as I will hold you to that promise!

(To those who say I’m too pushy, you’re damn right I am! 90%+ of traders lose money so you must do EVERYTHING you can to avoid being just another statistic…I will push hard work and education on you every single chance I get!)

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1. Watch this new interview I did with my top trading challenge student Tim G. who just passed $6 million in profits after starting with just $1,500 roughly 7 years ago (also watch past interviews with him HERE and HERE as they are ALL gold and you can see how he’s adapted over time)

2. Read this new book called “The Complete Penny Stock Course” cover to cover (or on IBooks HERE if you prefer digital, Kindle coming soon) as the author is my student Jamil who has taken ALL of my lessons and rules and put it in this one MUST READ book. Check out some fo the reviews and see why it’s quickly become the #1 ranked book on stocks on all of Amazon and my #1 educational tool for beginners:

5.0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece!

This book will turn out to be one of those masterpieces that you simply will refuse to sell/take off your at-reach bookshelf. I have got 30 years of trading, and read hundreds of trading books under my belt, and this one will be a keeper. Remember Van Tharp’s masterpiece Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom? How about Insider Buy Superstocks? Jamil – Thank you for slowing it way down and explaining how to trade Penny Stocks. Your concepts will help me with those types of trades, day trading other stocks and swing trading. You slowed it down enough, and, I can tell, you put your whole mind, heart and soul into this work…it really shows! The tiny section on pyramiding (scaling in) was worth the price of admission. Finally, a clear, simple mathematical system to add to a position.

5.0 out of 5 stars In depth principles and content.
Top class book for anyone wanting to start learn and further your career in the penny stock market. Highly recommend book.

5.0 out of 5 star seasy to understand overarching book

Well written, easy to understand overarching book. This is a foundation book. Start here, then expand your knowledge with experience. The foreword is key to this whole book. Keep him in mind as your journey to financial freedom begins.

3. Watch this FREE stock trading guide on how to find and rank the best stocks to trade using multiple indicators. I made this guide 100% free so you have NO excuse whatsoever not to learn from it, we even have a cool free tool HERE you can use when deciding whether or not to trade a stock!

4. Watch this new guide that is my newest and most useful guide in today’s market…use this Memorial Day sale and save 50% off too…but right now the #5 pattern is on fire and the #6 pattern is working well for short sellers too as evidenced by this blog post “URGENT: The Best Stock To Watch Tomorrow” in which one of my new top trading challenge students made $15,000+ yesterday alone!

5. Watch interviews and webinars with SO many of my top, most dedicated students HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE too! I hope after watching these you’ll better understand what it actually takes to become a millionaire and/or to make six-figures too…it takes a LOT of studying and prepwork, and remember, unlike the many fakes in my industry who just show some screenshots and claim to be rich, we actually show EVERY single trade publicly, so you can see the EXACT process and how we’re not betting huge amount of $ like some wannabes do, taking ridiculous risks just to show a small profit or just getting lucky on one big options trade every now and then…IT’S GOOD TO BE REAL IN AN INDUSTRY FULL OF SCAMS!

6. Dig through this free penny stock guide that took my team and I several months to put together, but I’m VERY proud of the finished product as it’s SO good and useful and comprehensive too!

7. I’m saving the best for last as this 30-hour guide is a MUST WATCH as it’s the single most comprehensive guide ever created for stock traders and penny stocks, not to mention it being 70% off HERE, it being my best reviewed guide of all my guides and perhaps most importantly, especially for my haters who don’t want to pay me for education, no matter how valuable it might be, all the $ I get from this guide goes to charity and this one guide has now raised over $3 million that we’ve put into The Timothy Sykes Foundation that has now built 40 schools, 12 libraries, 10 playgrounds, 4 medical centers, even a soccer stadium in Cambodia too, check out this new video I just posted finally as I’ve had a lot on my plate lately!


I’m sorry to be so pushy with education/studying, but THAT is the key for you to become my next millionaire trading challenge student and the process of becoming a millionaire is NOT fun…the real fun is to be had once you have the $ and the freedom and then you can do whatever you want whenever you want, wherever you want too…so study up and leave a comment below if you promise to be a dedicated student, especially on long holiday weekends like the one coming up!

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  1. Frank J Mogavero, Jr

    Have completed your list already but I’m at it again because there is so damn much to learn and this stuff is assume! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. Jo Fortin

    I’ll be one of your successful student one day I promise. I will study this weekend for sure, taking advance on other traders. Thank you Tim and have a great weekend!


    I have already completed almost everything on your list once. Will have to do it again!

  4. Denis De Oliveira

    Yes I am planning to read this book over this weekend. I am in Canada, and Monday won’t be holiday for me. I will try my best to get at least 1/2 of the book this weekend.

    Thank you for all your inputs….

    Denis De O

  5. Marilou Coloma

    Thanks Tim. So so motivated . I got all resources I need for now trying to get familiar with
    the Mc Book I bought lately but the screen is only 15 inches wide. Trying out the STT n I have Jamil’s book
    already showing it to some colleagues👍. A great book. Done reading half.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  6. Steve Mathis

    Happy Memorial Day! I still would like a Timothy Sykes bobblehead to set on my desk to remind me to study, haha! Can you make that happen, Guru?

  7. Ricardo

    Hola Timothy
    Quisiera aprender lo que enseñas y solo tengo una pregunta,
    también tienes clases en español

  8. nestor borges

    hey tim every video i see grittany he is dressed like trash like a BUM, always a wornout t-shirt, baggy shorts style from 15 years ago,he even make speeches at penny convention wearing fuck…… sandals how discusting is that? this idiot needs to learn to dreess for the ocasion,he looks like nothing like nobody

  9. Richard Hartman

    Tim have a great Memorial Day weekend. I will be studying for sure. Just starting to get my feet wet in the stock market.

  10. Jamel T Betterton

    I’m done with a couple of things on the list! My goal is to complete reading this book , Which I find to be so informative and helpful. Wishing I had it sooner. I wouldn’t be playing catch up on my profit chart. I’m still learning and a work in progress! I’m super excited everyday! Thanks for your encouragement everyday!

  11. Andrew

    You’re not being pushy at all. Once someone starts studying, they will realize why you’re like this. All the answers people keep asking you are all covered in the video lessons and all the materials you keep directing us too. All the answers are there if one stops being lazy. I just picked up Jamils book, and I am currently reading it now. I have gone through all the other material several times over, and happily will go over them again, as each time I watch the videos I am absorbing new info that I missed the previous time watching. Thanks again.

  12. Edward Burriesci

    Tim I want to thank you for your straight talk and no bullshit I will be studying

  13. Mari Rubens

    Hi Tim,
    Hope you are having an awesome holiday weekend! As a nurse, I don’t exactly have the long weekend off… but I’m studying any way and everywhere that I can! I’m continuing to read Jamils book…I LOVE…and watching a vast assortment of webinars and checklist videos! Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of materials you have created… but I’d rather be overwhelmed than underwhelmed! And either way, I’m so grateful for all you are trying to share with us!

  14. AnneMarita

    This Grittani interview is really great with many good tips. Out of ALL of your charity videos, the soccer stadium opening video is my favorite. EVERYONE looks so happy!

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