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5 Ways To Grow Your Account Exponentially

A question I get asked often is  “how do I grow my account exponentially?” Considering that earning 10-20% per year is considered “great” on Wall Street, when I start talking about 100-200% yearly returns instead, people get VERY interested and EVERYONE I talk to wants to be my next Millionaire trading challenge student…and why wouldn’t they after seeing my top students performance charts like the ones below:

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

I’m SO excited to FINALLY reveal this, whewwwwwww have we got some amazing stuff planned for you at my upcoming conference in just a few months! Go HERE ASAP to get on the earlybird list and save $1,000+ off the regular ticket price.

But because I also have thousands of students, having less than half a dozen truly successful students means it has to be luck, right?

After all, we trade penny stocks and nobody in the history of the world has EVER consistently made money on these junky stocks, and certainly no credible Wall Streeter would ever recommend people trade these kinds of stocks, right?

When I first wrote my best-selling book (which you can get for FREE HERE) several “financial experts” told me straight up that I was crazy if I thought average retail investors and traders would understand my niche strategy that was VERY far from the typical “buy and hold good quality companies and you’ll be rewarded over time” that is the mainstream’s main investment strategy, a strategy that AT BEST earns them 10-20% per year which to me is just shit.

So, it’s ENTIRELY up to you, NOBODY is forcing you AT ALL as the beauty of being real in an industry full of scams is that I don’t need ANY doubters as students (as they, along with lazy students, make for shitty students that waste my time, making me repeat myself and not being willing to put in the thousands of hours required to truly become my next Millionaire student) so feel free to ignore me and key trading rules like these and my weird strategy focused entirely on the highly questionable little niche of penny stocks that 99.99% of the world hates on every single day…but if you want 100-200% returns, which you should, especially since 10-20% per year doesn’t move the needle if you’re like most of my students who have $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 to their name, then keep reading.

Because aside from those truly awesome profit charts from my top trading challenge students, and mind you those guys aren’t just my students anymore, they give other trading challenge students live trading and Q&A webinars and mentor other trading challenge students now too alongside me, we also have several students who haven’t necessarily made $1 million or even $500,000 and not even a “lowly” $250,000…no instead they’re just passing $100,000 in profits now and you can read about them in GREAT posts like “10 Lessons From Another Student Who Just Passed $100,000 In Profits” and in this video too:

And forget about great success, remember the ugly stat that 90%+ of traders LOSE, so any gains whatsoever are a gift and if you can learn any strategy that offers consistent profits, or even somewhat consistent profits, well, then you don’t even need to make six-figures or seven-figures to be considered truly successful in this niche, here’s one of my trading challenge students who trades with a VERY small account and just passed $10,000 in profits

And yes, while I do have thousands of students, a mere 500 or so bother watching ALL my video lessons, DVDs and webinars and out of those who take their education that seriously, it’s actually a surprisingly high number of them who have found success.

This is the beauty of learning to grow an account exponentially, it’s NOT about making millions or tens of millions of dollars in the first year or two, it’s learning and practicing good habits so that you can grow your account exponentially OVER TIME and it takes a ton of time when you first start with just a few thousand dollars and that’s okay if you’re prepared for that from the get go like I would prefer…NEVER forget that my top students have reached seven-figures only after several years and literally THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF HARD WORK AND STUDY.

I keep mentioning THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF HARD WORK AND STUDY because it’s true as there is no exact formula here, it’s just learning rules, patterns and discipline and adapting to whatever opportunities the stock markets brings us each day, each week, each month, and each year and being ready to capitalize on only the best plays, if you’re patient enough.

Enough of all the general stuff, let’s get to the good stuff that actually grows your account exponentially:

1. Here’s a video lesson I made in the middle of the night last night, it makes some good points although you’ll have to excuse me for being a bit tired, I’ve been doing some badass charity work all day lately, then going to work late night (that’s the kind of work ethic you’ll need to be successful in life):

2. Watch this CLASSIC video lesson specifically on how to grow a small account, the strategy IS different from the one you would use if you are trading with a big account (hence why I can do everything I do from a single laptop from ANYWHERE in the world, not multi-screen monitor or big fancy office in NYC required)

3. Understand the account minimums and work/study minimums required to succeed by reading this blog post “What’s The Minimum Needed To Trade Penny Stocks?” and this blog post too “What Is the Pattern Day Trader Rule And Why You Do NOT Need $25,000 To Trade Stocks

4. Stop trying ANY strategy that is mainstream, while also avoiding strategies where you can’t cut losses quickly (options trading), where there’s too much competition from the richest/most powerful people in the world of finance so your odds of success are pathetic (forex), and also avoid outright scams like binary options that is getting shut down in more and more countries, thankfully, but still some desperate people turn to it and that’s just sad.

5. Get the right mindset needed to grow an account exponentially, it doesn’t happen overnight and that’s a good thing because it forces you to study a lot at first to have the best chance at success. If you don’t study or expect success right away, YOU WILL FAIL. The good news is that while it’s tough, it’s not that complicated if you’ve read my free guide like this so no matter how much you study, you will understand EVERYTHING within 1-2 years or 3 years at worst if you’re slow like Forrest Gump. Read this blog post “Are You Studying And Working The Wrong Way?” and this one too “A Key Trait You Need To Become A Millionaire” for some more background info and also watch these 2 video lessons below too:

And before I forget if you find this blog post useful, please leave a comment and tell me EXACTLY what you learned and which, if any, of these bullet points #1-5 resonate with you the most!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Eric

    Having the right mindset is so important even if you experience setbacks, keep on. Learning, adapting, testing, and eventually you will find success .. Not in a week, month, or year sometimes .. Even if ypu get every theory, putting it into practice is not as easy as you think.. This is true in life too as learning any new skill takes time .. If at first you don’t succeed try try again …. Just like the #5 framework pattern, the #5 bullet point should resonate with everyone.. You bounce back from struggles and learn with enough study.

  2. Anonymous

    This was my favorite part, “the truth of the matter is that broke or near-broke people suck to work with, they blame everything on everyone but themselves, and they’re almost all incompetent in one or several ways”

    I know that’s not a lesson but its the truth and it made me lol

    Thanks Tim!

  3. Jason

    #1 learning to grow account exponentially is the lesson I can learn most from. By waiting and learning to be more patient is something I am trying to work on daily. Wait for the best trade set ups like a sniper as you state is a great. Also learning from every single trade because there is no wasted trades. Thank you for the lessons over the weekend. Im going to watch part 3 of trader checklist now.

  4. Dwayne M

    Patience, Education, Have a Plan and Stick to the Plan. These are the lessons that resonate with me. The TriForce Trader video is very inspiring. Patience, Education, Have a Plan, & Discipline [Stick to the Plan]

    Thank you Tim for the constant Posts.

  5. Roman S

    Studying this every day, on top of a 70 hour work week in the car business. I know it will pay off…

    Thank you Tim for being a great teacher and taking your time teaching us!!!!!!

  6. DNN

    Hey Timothy,

    I wonder if you ever dabbled before with affiliate marketing outside of trading stocks and that good stuff. If you did, how did you feel at the time about promoting affiliate programs and how well did it work out for you? Just curious. 🙂

  7. William

    I am on it Tim, already on your early bird list and upgraded to MMP. Thanks Tim and Tim B !!

  8. Elva Salinas

    Good information and great testimonials but my question is for a person like me that I have already an entire year in the challenge study the videos the lessons and I believe all the information in general but at the time of execution could not be or do good Elections the challenge does not follow us obviously the successful people are the ones who attract but I believe that someone like me who we feel we can and maybe we just lack a push or a good idea we would also become as or more successful than those who already They are there because we have the same dedication but in my case I have the desire and dispocicion not to surrender and to become as successful as all can be.

  9. Dameon was iak

    I have went through all the material and have been studying my butt off I have watched all the dvds that came with the challenge student program a few times each already everytime I watch them I learn more and more I know this is something that will work out for me I am a very determined student of yours. I have only been part of the challenge student program for about 3 weeks and already I am up around 2,200$ I have almost doubled my account with the knowledge I have learned from your program so thank you and I look forwards to growing and learning more and more I watch your videos constantly and I am learning so much for the first time ever I really think this can be my new job eventually after many many more months. Thank you and keep
    Outing out video lessons

  10. Cao Thang

    Bullet #1 and #5 resonate with me the most! I wanted to only pick one but I couldn’t because even before I started as a challenge student, I watched the “How to Make Millions” DVD and you emphasize these 2 bullets a lot. Thank you so much for always being transparent and real. I know sometimes you get tired of repeating yourself but it has really helped me to think twice before making a decision that could blow my account. Cheers to financial freedom!

  11. Kevin

    Made my first Trade today. MARA Buy @.49 sold at .52. Sniper Kill. Had fun. Thanks Tim, Greed Kills.

  12. Natalie

    It’s good to read this blog post twice and watch the videos twice. I love the video for #2. Showing how to grow a small account, but be SMART by cutting loses quickly and being patient for gains to make 10-30%.

  13. Rob

    The advantage is knowing the nature of penny stock price moves. Volatility and making profits from that on low priced stock. The low volumes offer opportunities. Wait for them. Patience. That is your skill and that is what you offer to impart to students. But the model I have created beats this hands down and it uses leverage with volatility. It would floor you and advance your learning to another stage if you understood it. That level would send hard working students into yet another level of wealth. We are always learning in this fast moving market. Thanks.

  14. Traci Rosado

    Great info, my friends are so wrong, they only believe in real estate for massive wealth, I know trading I’d much better and I believe safer😁

  15. John

    Another great post. I’m going to work as hard or harder learning this as you work trying to teach all of us.

  16. Matt

    Love the Blog Post! Thank you for sharing and for your time. What resonated with me was bullet point #4 and #5. I have gone away from strategies that work for me to try and catch that “Runner” or “supernova” that everyone else is chasing… It has created inconsistencies in my trading and put a huge strain of my confidence. I also get caught up in #5 and want things to happen fast… thus my #4 mistake. I need to work on patience and my ability to act on the right setups.
    Thank you again Tim!

  17. MMMillions

    This is my second time reading through everything and man am I fired up! I am finally started to feel more comfortable in the market. I have my first green month coming up here at the end of June and I am ready to keep learning and hopefully get better and better! Thank you Tim for the experience and Teaching!!! It makes a difference!!!

  18. Maria

    Thank you for these great videos.
    I’ve learned that a trader should be patient, very diligent, learn to cut losses quickly, listen to Mentor and believe in what he/she is doing.
    Along with the rest of them, points #2 and #4 resonated with me the most. Those are: don’t listen to the mainstream (because it’s not made for general public to make money), and when you said: “You make your 30% and you get out.” Just build your account one trade at a time, safely and consistantly.

    Thank you very much!

  19. AnneMarita

    When building your own business and life for the rest of your life – there is no such thing as taking too many “extra steps”. I cannot tell how it used irritate me when people saw my businesses and my life and called me “lucky”. Then people wanted mentoring, but quit when they learned it takes all their time. Yet they still don’t understand that success if for the people who are willing to do things that most people won’t. The more you work, the “luckier” you get…

  20. Andrew

    congratulating on your endeavours of consistently making profit, but in Indian stock market with Indian penny stock, it’s a different ball game, all together. It would be really helpful, if you could provide your views on it.

  21. Billicare

    I reviewed all available videos and reread all available materials several times.
    I admire your energy and your passion to help us change our lives!

    I signed up for a challenge, I’m ready to work hard, I’m looking forward to the beginning!

    Thanks to Tim for giving us so much!

  22. Edvin

    I like bullet point #5 the best. Persistence is key.
    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

  23. GrihAm3nt4L

    YES!! I’ve read it before, i’ve read it now, i will read it again and again as these articles are the goldmine of penny stock knowledge !!!

  24. Nicolas

    Great post Tim.
    I think the most difficult is waiting for the best opportunity but i’m not very patient and i chase a little too much.
    I have to think differently in order to make better trades.

  25. Jose

    Patience patience patience! The stock market isn’t going anywhere. Take the best trades for you. You don’t have to be in every trade! Thanks Tim

  26. Deborah Kazakoff

    Fine tune your crosshair.
    Then you will hit your target more often than not.
    The lessons are becoming crystal clear such as how to grow a small account exponentially.

  27. Renato Soares Barbosa Filho

    Awesome videos!!! My goal its to be on the same level of the guys above, with discipline to apply all of the rules.

    Thanks Tim for all of the help and dedication on teaching!

  28. Trill1

    I wish I could come but with working two jobs I won’t be able to right now. After I get down to one job, I’ll do my best to get vacation time hopefully next year.

  29. Suzie Shottenkirk

    I will be your millionaire student because this is my dream, my dedication, and mostly because there is no other option. Trading is my deliberating then my pain and gets me up! I will not let my passion go and I will have you a girl millionaire student. Thank you for everything you do and your work is Amazing, a lot by simply Amazing. Have a nice day as I go back to learn.

  30. Steve Partridge

    Study Study Study. Thousands of hours of study before we can hope to truly become a good trader. Thanks for this post.

  31. Hanan Vaytzman

    Hey Tim!

    Just finished reading! already watch all the video above 🙂 great post. I love the part about “having the right mindset” I think that is the first key before starting any commitment and targeting any goal. in order to become a millionare you must own the millionaire mindset, I recommand the book “millionaire mindset” by T Harv Eker. to any body who read this comment 🙂
    second, learned about how eventually it’s all about FOCUS ! know what stock, what pattern and what’s the catalyst and FOCUS all my affort toward it!

  32. Andrea

    thanks for the free guide Tim, these are the perfect basics to start understanding trading thank you again!!

  33. Marla

    Thank you for the wonderful blog post, Tim! What resonated most for me at this time was the fifth point about mindset. One must consider the big picture, exercise patience, and study! In order to successfully implement this strategy, one must be in the right headspace. Just yesterday, my husband commented that if he had come across your website or youtube videos, he would have dismissed your strategy as a scam, because he would not have put the work in to understanding it. But he observed me studying candlestick flashcards on quizlet, as well as your videos, and conceded that what you teach is substantive and valuable. We concluded that in order to appreciate your strategy, one must have a certain disposition and mindset. I am grateful for the fact that when I came across your story, I was inclined to learn more, and of course for the treasure trove of teaching material that you continuously share.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  34. Ronnie Declerck

    Great Lessons…Aim small, Miss small…Keep your losses smaller than your wins…DIP BUY the .05/.10 contract winners, earnings winners, Pump & Dump where U can take sizeable positions (10,000 shares-50,000 shares) take profits when up .03 to .06 (30-40% profit target) will grow small account exponentially…rinse/repeat exact same setup…learn from every trade & use to fine tune your aim with target in the cross hairs…most importantly, play just the best setup/wait for it patiently…when you have a momentum play trade like a sniper taking the meat of the move quickly to safeguard profits…they slip away fast. Now, all this is my takeaway, but I must add, don’t be discouraged by the time this takes to perfect…it’s far easier said then DONE!

  35. Martin

    Tim, you publish and write faster than I can read, watch and comprehend 😉

    This is The American Dream!
    The harder you work the luckier you get.

    Thank you for these motivational wake-up posts!


  36. Rick Cabral

    Anything worth doing, is worth doing right! I continue to learn from the Master every day!

  37. joel

    I love #2 and #5. Grow your small account by studying up and recognizing news or a pattern that has legs, do not hold for an amazing home run, respect your risk and always calculate your risk to reward. Also Having the right mindset, which sometimes takes longer than grasping the strategy, is KEY!!!

  38. Donovan Raven

    I appreciate your dedication to teaching the skills of trading. I am very much looking forward to the conference in Orlando, and hopefully by then I will have made enough profit to join the millionaire challenge.

  39. Sara aka bankatronic

    Thank you for taking the time to put this blog together. I really enjoyed the first 2 videos-cant say which one that I liked the best-they both are so helpful to me with their reminders.

    In the first vid, it really resonated with me that you said that on slower days or times we should be looking to papertrade ideas and test out to see if some of the patterns might be changing up a little bit. That is such a good point becuase I have been testing them with real money, just not going in too big, but I can see how it would be better to test on paper 1st- THEN go in bigger.

    In the 2nd vid, you pointed out how sometimes it is necessary to use half or almost all of a small account and take on a bit more risk when the moment is right-esp using SSS as a guideline. If the move is so quick where there isnt *time* to use the SSS, well, the trade maybe a FOMO or just a weakness in discipline. (You didnt mention SSS in the 2nd one but I am adding what I have learned from your lessons as well.)

    Had to use more than half of my trading account to move 2000 miles to TX, but it is all for the better as NYC after 20 years was not as cool as it used to be & Austin has google fiber & a booming economy, nature, less taxes, is the new silicon valley & MUCH better state rights.

    The vid “How to Trade like a Sniper” is also another really great one on dealing with patience. Looking at this skill and making decisions as if it was a business is a good way for me to view this too instead of just trading 😉

    I am 100% committed to getting bigger & bigger gains esp now as my profit chart is at all time highs & breaking out :)) Time to take things to the next level this Fall!
    Thanks again dedicated Teacher! :)))

  40. robbin

    Grow your account like the millionaire students. Watch videos of the past because history repeats itself. Do not get caught up in the many trading hypes of different kinds of trading. Master your niche and aim like a sniper. Adopt the right mindset because you become what you think about.

  41. Mike

    Definitely helpful! I learned tons from the video lessons. I liked point number 2 and the video lesson that went with it. Great for learning how to build a small account like me.

  42. sue sgaggero

    Fine tune your cross hair then hit your target. lots of study will help you learn the process. Watch for the dip buys or breakouts.

  43. Jeff Buntin

    I like #4. Find your niche. Don’t do what everyone else does, and don’t do something where you’re literally competing against the richest, most powerful people in the world. Penny stocks are where it’s at. That’s where everyday people who are willing to put in the time & effort can make a great living.

    The challenge seems overwhelming at first, but after a couple months (in my case anyway) it starts clicking and becomes really exciting. When doing your nightly scans becomes interesting and “fun”, that’s a good sign that you’re starting to get it.

  44. louis horvath

    #5 is me. Having the right mindset and dead focus 1-2 setup to be consist and profitable. I’ll have to study even harder on my 2nd year. Whatever it takes, even if it takes me another year to become financially, independent trader.

    Thank you, Tim

  45. Anonymous

    Growing my knowledge account with all of your lessons
    Watching this videos again, never hurts instead its better.
    Need to learn more how to dip-buy, working on it
    Thanks Tim

  46. Louis

    I like #2 and #5 In order to become a millionaire you must think like a millionaire and in this case the key to becoming a millionaire is STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! Practice what you learned, find out what works for YOU and take it ONE TRADE AT A TIME. Today is just the beginning of my journey to financial freedom.

  47. Tania

    Great lesson (5 Ways to Grow Your Account Exponentially) and the other lessons as well. I am new to stock trading and focusing on studying.

  48. Juan

    Your last video “How I find & Buy Big Penny Stock Runners” is a golden mine for newbies.
    Thanks Tim.

  49. Mike Traynere

    for get about buy and hold strategy after watching trader checklist and Tim’s Penny Stocking, following the chat room and some of his other videos. My account grew 35% in a few weeks. Thanks Tim for what you do. I look forward to being your next Challenge Student.

  50. Robyn Hamlin

    Learn patterns and then only buy when they are an earnings winner or contract winner and you can get out quickly. Learning from you every day Tim.

  51. Matt Ham

    #4 is the perfect item that has affected me the most. I’ve learned to build out my own strategies and also document everything to find out what is working and what isn’t. This is the best lesson learned.

  52. Robert Quinonez

    Tim I believe I learned from all 5, every single one had a good bullet point. I work from home over looking my towing company which doesn’t take to much of time, so all day I am studying… I go to the gym at 5:00, home by 7:30 and back online reading or watching your videos. I have signed up for September seminar. I am looking forward to learning, being around like minded people and meeting new friends.

  53. Richard

    Tim , your right to tell people not to have anything to do with binary options , they are a dead loss. i also take on board to stop manstream trading as it never makes what you think.

  54. Serdoki

    I read all that writes Тim, thanks to it for work. I do not have such actions at the broker, and to open the account there where is there is no money. And I look at the market of gold. And my English is not so good because there are no practice of dialogue, but I am madly glad that the Internet enables me to read such people as Тim, it is very healthy when you are assured that in the world there are people of your field a berry and that you are not lonely. Thanks you Tim!

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  56. Sandrinel

    I m a challenge student and I just returned after 1 month of vacations, thank you for this post that get me back into the swing, I used to watch the videos posts every day and I watch some videos by categories (dip buy, etc …) then I Make cards that I classify by theme.

  57. Sandrinel

    I am a challenge student and I just returned after 1 month of vacations, thank you for this post that get me back in the swing, I used to watch the videos posts every day and I watch the videos by categories (dip buy, etc …) and I Make cards that I classify by theme.

  58. Fred

    Thank you, Tim, for the continuous training I have been taking since Jan. These 4 training videos were excellent. I have been playing on paper for the last 2 weeks and almost every time picking out winners to play due to your great evaluations table, PREPARE.


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