5 Reasons Penny Stock Trading Obliterates Forex Trading

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1. The unlimited profit potential in the hugely liquid and leveraged forex market is pure marketing and deception, designed to lure the most desperate and greediest people into playing a game where the odds of success are very low similar to playing the lottery. If you look at the actual statistics, they point to the vast majority of traders not just blowing up their entire account within a few months, but also owing money due to the easy-to-use leverage. Unless you are illiterate and a complete moron, it is extremely difficult to blow up a penny stock trading account, mainly because the trading rules I teach are very conservative, designed to keep traders learning and earning gradually over time.

2. Because Forex is so liquid and leveraged, those who succeed are the smartest, richest and most well informed people on the planet, aka George Soros and his friends. You simply do not have the intelligence, wealth or access to quality information and analysis that they do so why try to compete against them? As evidenced by the recent fraud case against SpongeTech and PennyStockChaser, those promoters and management have the intelligence level of Forrest Gump. I can make a thousand analogies explaining why it’s SO much easier to trade against these morons, but after you try out my free video lessons and begin to see it all yourself, you won’t need me to teach you anymore, you’ll be self-sufficient which is my entire goal!

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3. Forex prices move very quickly and the reaction to breaking news happens within seconds and minutes. Because penny stock manipulation takes time to plan and enact and the people trading the stocks are practically illiterate, it takes hours and days for price to fulfill their predictable patterns giving you plenty of time to prepare and participate in each trade. The best analogy is penny stocks are like Little League whereas Forex is the Major Leagues. When you’re coming up to bat would you like a 100mph fastball or a floater thrown by a nine-year old?

4. Penny stocks are simpler. While forex prices gyrate wildly due to rumors, news and those anticipating the rumors and news, volatile penny stock chart patterns are truly straight up and then straight down with very little variation. That is the beauty of trading pump and dumps, the chart patterns are like pendulums and you just need to learn how to buy on the way up and short sell on the way down. Or choose one side and specialize in that.

5. Penny stocks have greater odds of success. Sure, sure, it’s far less money and you don’t get the gambling thrill you do with Forex since down here in the gutter it’s more like taking candy from babies (or those who are have the intellgience of babies), but as evidenced by 1,000+ trades reported by PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers, we are winning approximately 75% of the time. See all the trades yourself: HERE and HERE

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  1. Jasonlee512

    Not if you are already trading various index instruments (/ES, SPY, etc) for a long time, and decided to convert to FX or execute correlation FX trades for tax advantage.

  2. spartan

    o really tim??i think you are trading forex, but just bashing on your site,because its not your bread and butter of a niche! lol..or are you losing more n more potential customers to forex? lol

    the SIMPLE reason so many lose money betting on currencies is because they try to day trade the shit of a market!!!…..its not a market where you can place small n tight stops and expect to make money! you may win a few, but lose more! lol…overleverage your trades, and lose all your money in one move

    so what was the point of this article???

  3. traderd

    strange article timmy. forex is just like pennystocking, don’t go in blindly. its all about knowing your markets and risk control. its not a worse market, its just a different market, with its inherent benefits and shortcomings, just like pennystocking.

  4. Tiesto23

    You know the forex brokers have a margin call….so if the trade is going against you and your ignorant to NOT have a stop-loss in place,,,,your trade/trades will automatically get taken out at a certain point…but will not OWE money.

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    Forex trading is great tools for making money. The benefits of it is – 24 hour trading, Superior liquidity, No commissions, Profit potential in falling markets. The Forex analysis is great tool for prediction of the market and looks over the business cycle, inflation, deflation, etc.


  6. Alan Harper

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