5 Key Lessons From My Student’s $288K Trading Day {VIDEO}

I just finished a zoom meeting with my millionaire student Mark Croock to talk about his insane weekend gains — watch it here.

Now, I have five top lessons I think every trader can learn from Mark’s trade. And it’s not just about gains … It’s about mentality, losses, and more! Tune in to the video below to learn…

  • What Mark’s average profit per trade is —  when you know, you’ll truly appreciate how incredible his trade is.
  • The signs I look for when trading a breakout…
  • How I take advantage of a similar market inefficiency as Mark did with my Weekend Trader strategy.
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Watch the video below now for lessons from Mark’s big trade!

Mark is just one of my 20+ millionaire students for the Trading Challenge. Students get access to all my top trading educational resources — video lessons, DVDs, webinars, and my chat room. If you’re ready to learn the same process and patterns — apply to join today!

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