4 Lessons From The Conor McGregor Assault /Upcoming Downfall

conor mcgregor assault

Conor McGregor Assault

I’ve followed Conor McGregor’s career pretty closely over the years as I’ve been VERY inspired by his work ethic and rise to stardom, even having ringside seats at UFC 194 when he needed just 13 seconds to knock out then champion Jose Aldo who got defeated for the first time in 10 years.

I’ve laughed at the countless McGregor memes and always click play on videos that have shown him trash talking just about everyone, and even tuned in when he tried boxing Floyd Mayweather a little while back.

But last night after he turned himself into police for assaulting a bus in which he injured several other fighters, see video of the incident here:

…all I could think about how tragic a fall from fame and fortune he’s likely about to have.

After all, he’s made A LOT of money over the years and every single person aboard that bus not to mention the UFC, Showtime and countless other companies that are negatively impacted by his actions will be coming after him for damages galore.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if he goes bankrupt in the next few months or years and it’s just a sad turn of events all around. Time Magazine has a solid article here that reminded us he was on top of the world just 18 months ago, his rise was quick, but so too is his likely downfall.

So, what are the lessons we can take away from his rise and probable upcoming downfall?

1. Superstar Athletes and celebrities are just dumb — they don’t research the past and see case after case after case after case where a superstar’s ego gets out of control and gets them in trouble by making them think they’re above the law and above everyone else. It’s that incredible confident that helps them achieve so much success, but it also causes their downfall every time.

So, no matter what you do in life or how much success you have, don’t get that cocky and forget your roots and and more importantly, never think that fame and fortune are everlasting…they can both disappear VERY quickly if you’re not VERY careful.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to have friends and family help me deal with my sudden success as while I’m nowhere on the level of any great superstar, I’ve had my share of publicity and wealth and let me tell you it can screw with your thinking and perspective in a BIG way…I’m very thankful for so many great people in my life, and even though I never had a stock market teacher/mentor, my goal for my trading challenge students is to be the mentor that I never had so I can help guide my students to success and prevent boneheaded mistakes along the way.

2. Control your emotions — Conor lashed out first here on social media, then in the real world and causing physical harm to several innocent people all because someone in his crew got into a skirmish with another fights and/or he couldn’t deal with the loss of his title…a title he hasn’t defended for various reasons and excuses for nearly 2 years now.

Now I’ve been known to lose my temper over the years — one of my main shortcomings as a trader and teacher, but when you have so much to lose like Conor does, you HAVE to do a better job at controlling yourself…especially when it’s his own damn fault for not fighting and defending his title sooner!

3. Boxing/MMA is in a sad state when many people think this is all a publicity stunt — because Conor was apparently trying to go after his rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, and now after this highly reported and eerily well filmed incident, there will be more demand for such a fight to take place in the octagon. The UFC and everyone involved are already saying no, no, no, this is just Conor being crazy, but if he does eventually sort out all the legal issues that will stem from this incident and fight Khabib in the octagon, the payout and pay-per-view ratings of such a fight will be the biggest in UFC history.

It reminds me of a lot of these penny stocks that are clearly manipulated and pumped higher and higher by seemingly invisible forces and then the companies come out with totally laughable denials about their stock being pumped…basically saying “we have no idea why our stock keeps rising every day, we’re just focused on running our business” when in fact they’re pumping out hyped up press release after press release.

If you held a gun to so many penny stock companies management teams and to the UFC management and demanded the absolute truth, we would probably hear quite different stories from what they tell the press and what they put in press releases — not that I’m condoning violence in ANY way, it’s just sad to think about what liars there are in these sketchy businesses.

Who knows if this Conor incident is staged or not, the lesson here is don’t let your business get to a point where there’s so little trust that whatever information you put out as management is automatically doubted given your past behavior…and this is the reason why so many penny stock promoters have gone out of business, they burned too many people over the years…and this is the same reason why my education business is exploding, I’m not the best trader in the world, but I have made millions and I expose my weaknesses/failures openly so being honest in an industry full of scams is a good opportunity!

4. When you’re a role model, think about how your actions affect others — Conor claims again and again he doesn’t care what others think about him and yet its his large fanbase that have made him rich and famous. More importantly, I know a lot of youths who look up to him, especially in Ireland, and no matter how this situation now plays out, many of those youths will be disappointed in their hero, little different from Tiger Woods’ or Mike Tyson’s similar fall from grace…it really pisses me off because as a teacher, I know how important inspiration is to helping push others forward to be the best they can be.

And as someone who receives literally thousands of delay messages, I take my role as an influence on others very seriously. I wish that everyone did, but then again, some people who aren’t mentally prepared for the responsibilities of leadership are bound to rise and fall — similar to a lot of Bitcoin gurus and investors who are now down nearly 75% from their highs, no different from gold investors and gurus a few years ago.

Conor now is just a sad case study in wasted opportunity and I feel bad for what’s likely to come next in his story, but he did it to himself and now must face the consequences.

Leave a comment below if you understand my points and can learn from Conor’s mistakes.

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  1. Tom

    Connor is a classless dirtbag who shouldn’t be anyone’s role model, so don’t compare yourself to him, Tim. His recent actions further show the world who he really is, and now he will have to make amends and face the consequences. Hopefully, for his kid’s sake, he learns something. Last thing this world needs is another loudmouth embarrassment to humanity…

  2. Rafael

    You’re a good man, Timmy, who shows no favoritism to nobody… Celebrity, rich, famous, broke and alone, you don’t pick favorites. Love you, amigo… Keep it real homie… 😉

  3. Mark

    Hi Tim,

    Regardless of your promotion on your blog, I always like to read it. I love the fact that you give 100% real talk.

    Thanks for everything that you do!

  4. juan beltran

    Him just want atention, because avoiding to fight. But is really sad and bad influence especially for the kids! nice article!

  5. olive

    Do you ever call someone? Iwould rather a phone call from you so I can speak with you one and one if you don’t mind

  6. Shaun Keen

    If I were intelligent enough to learn from reading rather than face to face and physical, I would definitely sign up for you to be my mentor. I would be the first and only one from our poor to level upbringing family to actually be able to have a goal to aim for and to make a success for myself, family and friends. I think your an amazing guy and without doubt a genuine 100% guys guy. Good luck in your mentoring and I hope it brings you the joy you deserve.
    Respect man

  7. Lofloat JAM

    Attitude is everything!!! No matter where you go, or what you do. He is going to learn about HUMBLE pie…

  8. Lofloat JAM

    As you know youngster ATTITUDE is everything. No matter who you are, where you go, or what you do in life. He is in for a little lesson about HUMBLE pie. They are going to hit him big time where it hurts the most $$$$$$$.

  9. Reginald Warnock

    Hey Tim ,very interesting video i’m really interested to see what good ole Dayna White does about his lash out thank you so much for that little tid bit can’t wait to watch the fight network see whats up and thank you for this adventure, your book is a very good read i’m starting chapter 14 shortly, very impressive how you became who you are today . I’m excited every morning to read your book and will continue til finished I’ll probably read it twice just because i want it all to sink in a lot of info in that there book of yours I also have wrote out all the definitions for the stock exchange lingo that you sent me thanks for that makes your book easier to understand appreciate all that you do very cool . I hope to learn more
    Reginald Warnock

  10. Ohvie

    As an MMA amateur and fan myself, I couldn’t agree more with your view over this incident and the lessons to learn from it. Such a pity for a great sport to be handled so poorly.

    On the other hand, I salute your restless nature, for writing about it at 8 AM (when I barely learned about it in the news). ;))

  11. Lofloat JAM

    As you know youngster ATTITUDE is everything. No matter who you are, where you go, or what you do in life. He is in for a lesson on HUMBLE pie! They are going to hit him where it hurts the most $$$$$$$.

  12. Achilles Alexiou


    I am a Messenger of The King of Kings . I have a message for you .

    JOHN 3:3

    3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    You must be Born Again Tim . Remember this message . This is the most important message of your life .

    Strength and Honor
    Achilles Alexiou

  13. nestor borges

    a lot of people know this but more than 70% of professional athletes go bankrupt a few years after they retire,all baseball,basketball,football etc, the question why? simply because non of this people are meant to be millionaires this athletes dont have a brain ,outside the sport they do they can never make it not to mention this people should never get pay millions just to play a sport a salary of maximun 200k year for all sport is more than enough for this clowns

  14. DNN

    Surely Conor McGregor is about to be the laughing stock of the internet and boxing industry and even laughed about in U.S. politics after they find out he allegedly goes BROKE for doing that.

  15. frank

    You are the real superstar, by sharing you knowledge, helping people in need. even if you do not want been a model to many other people, also giving some of your hard made money to people in need, not just wasting most of your fortune in drugs and other stuped things like most of these superstars athletes and celebrities do. I do not even know you but you are my hero, you really inspired me.

  16. Dummy

    Several injured? What were they doing? Laying on top of each other in front of the window? I’ve been hit by flying safety glass and the most it can do is cause tiny cuts that itch for a couple of days unless it gets in your eyes. Calling that an injury is just plain wimpy.

  17. DNN

    I just saw some kind of internet news where Dana White of UFC thinks and says that Conor McGregor is surely to go to jail for what Conor did. In my personal opinion, McGregor will have to pay court costs, extra fines, restitution, and have a no contact order slapped on him. I also feel he’ll most likely NOT go to jail, but NOT fight in UFC for a very long time. And lastly, his finances and sponsorships will surely take a deep plunge.

  18. Alexis

    You are so right..we have to think before we react..but like you said when people get money they forget where they came from..you have to remind yourself as fast as you got it, god can take it..#stayhumble..money change people dont let the money change you..you use your money to change the world..at least try to help…help invest in after school programs for kids…help with homes for homeless people..help with education…I totally agree with you Tim..

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