3 Key Books You Should Read ASAP

By Updated on October 5, 2021

As you might know, I’m a BIG believer in the thinking that studying pays off in the long run…that’s why I chose the image of my best-selling book, An American Hedge Fund (which you can download HERE for FREE), surrounded by money for this post.

I LOVE reading and studying excessively, as you can improve your future by studying the past and present and being better prepared than your competition, since reading and studying is so time consuming and very few people do enough of it.

It’s crazy that my newest 11-hour Trader Checklist guide is 100% free, but, because it’s 11 hours long, only a few hundred people have actually bothered watching it all, despite the great reviews from people who have seen it.

So, don’t be lazy if you want success!

As I outlined in today’s video lesson:

…it’s not enough to simply study a lot, as you can spend your whole life studying everything and not really zeroing in on the stuff that actually matters and can change your life, i.e. studying the entire industry of finance, instead of just the best stock market patterns and rules to help you become my next millionaire trading challenge student.

Your mindset and perspective are HUGELY important.  And, to help you get on the right track, here are 3 little-known books that I think you need to read ASAP.

NONE of them deal with the stock market, specifically, but they all help you better understand the world in which we live and, more importantly, they each help you think outside the box, to get you understanding what’s really working now in this VERY-fast changing world to which far too many people fail to adapt.

Below, I share 3 specific books and links to their Kindle editions, as you really should go all digital by now.  Paper books are nice, but inefficient.  It’s time to adapt to the new world/digital revolution:

Crucial Book #1: Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World Kindle Edition

3 Key Books You Should Read ASAP

This is a fascinating look at some of the most successful and surprising companies that are taking advantage of this new digital world/technology revolution.  When I read it, I cannot tell you how many “aha” moments I had.  It was seriously that eye-opening.

It’s still surprising when I talk to people, especially older people, who just can’t come to grips with the new digital economy and what’s possible.  This book will help you adjust and get you thinking differently than past generations who are stuck in their old-world thinking that not-so-surprisingly isn’t having much success these days.

Crucial Book #2: Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum

3 Key Books You Should Read ASAP

This book just came out and it’s all about how to think differently than the crowd to get ahead faster than everyone else. I can really relate to it, since I chose to major in Philosophy in college, despite my interests and friends who were all focused on business and finance.  I really rounded my personality and strengths out, by focusing on subject matter that I wasn’t comfortable with.

“Hustle” is an often used term about working hard and going the extra mile to achieve your goals.  But, this book will help teach you how to do that in a more efficient, less time-consuming way.  Your goals can be reached faster and in surprising ways, if you take the time to think about them differently.

I’ve heard too many stories of people who think they “hustle,” since they work 2 or even 3 dead-end jobs while they congratulate themselves on their work ethic, I shake my head and tell them about my disapproval, because working hard for someone else, or on projects and jobs that aren’t scalable or even enjoyable, is a waste of your precious life.

That’s easy for me to say, since I’m a multi-millionaire.  But, like the stories told in this book, I wasn’t always rich and successful.  I got here by thinking differently and acting VERY outside-the-box, when I saw opportunities that most people also saw, but ignored.

Crucial Book #3: The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

3 Key Books You Should Read ASAP

This book offers a fascinating look into the history of many industries that we take for granted these days, like computers, radio, Hollywood and the internet.

It’s CRAZY how history repeats itself, time and again and every new generation has people and companies that are obsessed with either power, money, control.  Yet, others are focused on freedom, innovation and a utopian society.

Guess which one wins, more times than not?

It’s sad, but that’s our reality and it’s VERY important that you recognize this trend, so you don’t choose the wrong side, even if you want to make the world a better place, too…as I think most of us do.

Studying the past REALLY helps you to understand the world and its limitations and possibilities, better so, even though this book is by far the longest read of these 3, I breezed through it.  I was determined to learn about the origins of so many business empires and industries and how they have or have not changed over the past few decades.


How much has this post helped you?

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