5 Powerful Insights from a +$2K Profit Week

By Updated on June 23, 2023

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Do you ever feel like you’re always a step behind the market, or maybe your PnL isn’t reflecting all the work you’re putting in?

I know it can be extremely frustrating…

Just watching the opportunities slip by as your account stagnates or, even worse, dwindles.

Missteps can cost you time, money, and the confidence to stay in the game.

But here’s the thing…

You might be missing just one or two key ingredients in your trading.

Last week, I turned in a solid $2K+ profit. And while that isn’t a lot of money to me, there are several things I’m proud of and can build from.

That’s why I want to share the 5 takeaways from last week’s trading.

It could be what you need to put yourself in the right position to win this week.

Let’s get started with the first takeaway…

#1 Taking Small Profits Is The Name Of The Game

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I truly believe we are in a new bull market.

These things are obvious well after the fact on Wall Street.

But I accurately predicted the last bull and bear markets. And I can tell you, it does feel like this market is setting up to rage over the coming months.

However, we’re still not there yet regarding the trader’s market I like to see.

It’s still choppy waters out there.

And that’s why I’m aiming for quick profits, like this 7% winner in RCAT on Tuesday.

Dip buying has become one of my best patterns to trade in 2023.

#2 Recognize The Market We’re In

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We’re still in a learning market.

What does that mean?

Right now you should be studying daily, looking over your trades, recapping winning trades from other traders, picking up on new patterns, watching my videos, etc.

When things pick up again, which I believe they will, all that study time will being to pay off.

If you’re studying now and not seeing the results, be patient.

When you combine knowledge and the right market conditions…that’s when things can get crazy…and growth will look exponential.

I’ll be ready to earn when market conditions change…

Will you be prepared?


#3 Overaggressive Shorts Are Creating Supernovas

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The typical PR pump goes like this…

A company releases a statement, usually filled with buzz words and hype.

Traders see the buzzwords…get excited, and buy the stock in the pre-market.

More traders look into the PR and start to realize it’s just a fluff piece designed to pump the stock up.

The stock starts ticking down, and all the longs try to bail out simultaneously, causing a massive sell-off.

But you know what?

Instead of the natural process of things unfolding…short sellers are coming in and changing the outcome.

For example, they randomly shorted AHI…leading the stock to shoot up by 1000%

Why would you short a stock that is only a couple bucks?

It’s soo DUMB.

But be grateful to the short sellers for giving us opportunities.

That said, paying attention to the price action is better than trying to analyze the PR.

#4 Don’t Be Scared To Test New Ideas

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You’d think after 20 years of trading and millions in the bank I’d be pretty set on my ways.

But that’s exactly why I’ve been so successful over the years… and why I have so many millionaire students. 

It’s true, there are some strategies like My Weekend Trade, that I haven’t really had to tweak much over the years.

But then other stuff needs constant attention and refinement.

How many day traders do you know from the late 90s and early 2000s?

There are not that many of us left.

You see, you’ve got to put your ego aside and be willing to learn, tweak, and play around with new strategies.

If the market is evolving…shouldn’t your trading also evolve?

So I’m trying new things for me, like this after-hours trade in MGOL:

Source: Profit.ly

#5 Hope For The Best…Prepare For The Worst

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I always say short sellers are among the worst people to be around because they expect and hope the worst to happen.

It’s a terrible way to view life.

I prefer to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stories and get attached to these stocks.

But remember, most of them are trying to generate buzz so they can do a stock offering, which dilutes shareholders, and usually destroys the stock price.

It’s okay to be cynical if that means you are being careful and focused on risk management.

That’s why you should go into each trade with a plan.

And always remember to cut losses quickly if a trade isn’t moving the way you want it to.

Final Note

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It might not look like it now…But we are setting up for a MAJOR bull market.

Those traders prepared will take full advantage of it in my opinion.

There is still time to acquire the proper skills, strategies, and mindset to become a better trader.

If you’d like to discover what my program can do for you:

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