16 Penny Stock Traders Worth Following On Twitter

By Updated on January 19, 2023

UPDATE: Not sure how I forgot about big money-maker SG and Kunal, my bad guys, you definitely deserve to be on this list! Make it 18 penny stock traders worth following!

I know, I know, penny stock traders are degenerates…but compared to the dumb trading masses, of whom 90% lose but only about 2% admit losing, we’re friggin saints….after all, as my track record, TIMalert subscriber testimonials and 2 years of preaching proves, penny stocks are simply more predictable (since the big $ isn’t possible, the competition has the IQ of Forrest Gump…who’d you rather compete against, Soros or Gump?)

Twitter is so addictive that even I can’t help but tweet some of my trades…so please do follow me…but I’m not the only game in town anymore…far from it.

You can follow updates from stock promoters in one swoop by following my “soulless stock promoters” list and laugh as they all try to hype up the same garbage stocks simultaneously.

You can also follow these 28 traders on Twitter, not all penny stock traders, of follow these 30 people who trade, invest & comment on penny stocks, that I like.

But here are 20 penny stock traders I’ve hand selected:

1. Reapertrades –one of my top students, up $122,000+ now using the strategy outlined in my instructional DVD packages

2. InvestorsLive –great long-biased penny stock trader..follow him and tell him to signup to Covestor already!

3. FousStockPicks–I don’t need to brag about him at all, he’ll do plenty of that when you follow him

4. CodyTrades–good trader with a bit of an attitude problem

5. JohnWelshPhD–solid trader, very into teaching others and helping old women carry their groceries, because he really is that nice

6. Geckler–good trader who wrote this bad ass research report

7. WSMCO–great picks on VVUS & GGWPQ, see article on his 200
%+ outperformance

8. AlphaTrends–oh yes, he’s a penny trader

9. Deleted this guy because his tweets were useless…idiot didn’t know what to do with all the free prom.otion I gave him

10. DocKing–put together huuuge research reports busting CLRH’s connection with honey-baked hams

11. Super-Trades–has called some massssive winners in the past, PDO he probly has tattooed on his ass

12. Adam Feuerstein–not a trader but loves busting biotech penny stock scams like CTIC, HEB

13. Jay Z–makes so much he probly bought that Lambo in his picture

14. CoolCatReport–has been killing it for years, popular newsletter

15. Todd Sullivan–the only value guy I respect, has had some huuuuge calls and doesn’t wear old man diapers like the false prophet of value investing.

16. AGORACOM–penny stock IR firm, tries to be real, but on penny stocks, there’s not much to work with! Commend him for at least trying to be honest, soooo much easier in this niche not to be


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