16 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch & $6,000 In TIMalert Subscriber Profits From Yesterday–Yes, You Can Short Stocks Under $3

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 12am today so they could be preparado para el dia de mercado:

TIM trading account $49,139 +$1,301 in May, unchanged yesterday, short 3,500 CPSL at $2.76 overnight

Longer Term Account $51,160 +$260 yesterday thanks to shorting 4000 STXX at 97 cents overnight (started with $50,000 on May 1)

I’ll be flying down to NOLA today from 7-10am EST so that sucks, but I’ve placed GTC (good-til-canceled) orders on my 2 overnight positions to get out if the price is right (sorry if they get triggered you won’t get an alert until waaay late)…I hate missing the market open and I don’t encourage anyone to do what I’m doing, which is flying blind…half of me hopes I lose on these two so as to teach you guys to never take a position when you know you won’t be around to exit it!

Video Watchlist link will be in the comments section on this blog post on subscribers-only TIMalerts.com…brand new video website coming next week!

To make easier on your eyes, I’ve grouped all the TIMalert subscriber testimonials above the market commentary, do you like it better this way or do you want to see the testimonials grouped by stocks alongside my commentary, feedback please!

Thanks Tim (and SRT);
Made $1387 on AINV, BEE and SIRI today with a mere $6000 account. Nice.
Easily paid for the 2 DVDs I purchased and a year’s subscription to Timalerts.
Next – study Tim’s DVDs and share my picks with you guys. Thanks again.

Bought AINV at $5.89. Sold this morning at $6.27 for a $275 profit. Thanks again Tim.

i just made $1500 buying and selling vnda in After hours it took me 16 minutes I am so happy I wanted to share

Out BEE for $220 profit , thanks and niiicceeeeeee 🙂

I am out of BEE in @ 1.05 and out at 1.60 gain of $1100 nice one there guys…

Just joined yesterday, bought 1000 BEE @ 1.47 just sold @ 172… thanks SRT for that tip. Tim thanks for motivating me to sell it. Nice $200 profit for day 1.

Made a cool +150 in 3 mins on CTIC

sold PIR +232 ………..thanks SRT

Well i am out SIRI. I have made $541 this week!! Thanks Tim, your site rocks.-Dave

DDRX and CBOU and JVA are the penny stock coffee plays that have all gone vertical…check out their charts, they are the kind you wish you were long during these kinds of runups, congrats to those who have the stomach to hold long and strong, I certainly don’t.

CTIC is a piece of crap stock that’s always been a good short a stock into its spikes…now its up 50 cents to $1.50ish, a good double yesterday alone on volume of 18 million shares traded, reporting earnings this morning means I don’t play it ahead of that news, too unpredictable…let’s see what the chart pattern says, methinks it’ll eventually be a good short

TEN has now tripled from $2 in 7 days, on the backs of solid earnings, just broke through minor resistance in the $5 range, no more resistance anywhere in sight…this will be a great potential short, but for now, let it run wild, the daring might even try to buy into the shorts who are getting squeezed bigtime.

EVSO dropped 20%+ yesterday, fully, fully, fully, fully predictable since it was a stock promotion, but no shares available to short ..next!

WWAG, speaking of stock promotions, this is now 20 cents to 80 cents/share, actually got to $1/share in the morning as it likes to spike right near the market open (when all the boiler room and suckers put in their buy orders)…this will be a great short sooner rather than later, try reserving shares each and every day, a SCLX-like drop is inevitable.

AINV just keeps uptrending, gradually, very gradually though…I sold for a $300 profit and if you read the testimonials above, some TIMalert subscribers made several hundred dollars each…good solid boring breakout buy, who cares what it does next, next!

EBHI is a real company that has now surged from 40 cents to $1/share…faded a bit down to 75 cents/share…potential buy/short, chart pattern will likely play out like PIR, but given the overall market’s rise, I doubt it’ll get as far…just watching it to play it either way.

OCNF was a great reversal play, perfect afternoon short after it took out support at $1.75, dropping to $1.50 by the market close yesterday…still a potential short, but its already 25% off its high so I probly won’t play, too many stocks in play right now, congrats to those who made $ buying or shorting this one.

STXX is the one I’m short overnight at 97 cents/share…it faded perfectly all day to close at 90 cents…this was just a non-traded 45 cents/share stock before some weird manipulative buy, my guess is it keeps fading gradually to the 60-70-80 cent range, I have my order in there somewhere just in case it drops quick while I’m still on the plane. Seriously, don’t trade blind like I’m doing, it’s dangerous!

BEE gapped all the way to $1.78 from when several TIMalert subscribers were buying this thing on the breakout at $1…congrats to those who held on for the ride, see the testimonials above…who cares what this stock does now, it’s not up enough to get me interested in really trying to short this thing.

SIRI jumped 5 cents and some people got very excited…it’s more exciting watching these people get so excited about a secondary bounce-type move on a stock that’s in an uptrend…booo hooo, I aim for greater cents/share gains as I’m not a great timer, I could care less about a no edge play like SIRI, congrats to those who made $ on it though, don’t spend it all in once place.

CPSL took all day to fade, but fade it did (the slowest fades are often the best to short) on its first down day after surging 100%+ in just a few days, blah blah blah, see what my alert said HERE when I shorted 3500 shares late day at $2.76, everything still holds true and it closed nicely right below $2.80 support…c’mon morning panic!

VNDA had positive drug news after the market close yesterday, jumping from $1 to $10 afterhours…apparently some people bought and made $, I’m too scared to play this either way…interesting that a little crappy Pink Sheet penny stock TTNP had a late night PR saying they’re entitled to royalties equaling 10%ish of sales…that 5 cent stock, $3 million marketcap company could be the way to play this, meaning it’s a potential buy, if VNDA keeps surging, which actually seems possible.