14 Stocks Which Are Hotter Than Ashton Kutcher To Buy & Short Sell

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Total Account Balance: $746,000ish up 24% in 2011 so far, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $4,000ish profit day for subscribers and I ($2,300ish profit day for me):

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Avatar Ventures Corp. (AVVC), JBI, Inc. (JBII), Uniontown Energy Inc (UTOG), Mariposa Resources Ltd (LEXG), Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN), Allezoe Medical Holdings (ALZM) are all paid pumps and thus potential shorts…as you can see form JAMN’s fast two-day spike from 3ish to 6ish, they can also be potential buys before inevitable shorts…you should be able to both buy and short these stocks, gotta be flexible or else you risk getting crushed or worse, not profiting from these tremendous opportunities…LEXG is all the way down to $1.59, nearly $3/share low from where I covered my 12,500 shares, missed opportunity of $37,000…that’s the kind of opportunity I’m talking about and I need to rub it in every single day…JMN will eventually fall like that too so it’s just a question of finding shares to short which is highly unlikely given everyone in the world wants it.

Genetic Technologies Limited (GENE) finally fell off a cliff at 9, breaking to close red on the day for the first time in several days, potential short, but finding shares to short is difficult here.

Top Image Systems Ltd. (TISA), Zagg Inc (ZAGG) and Procera Networks, Inc. (PKT) were all earnings winners that have tried to breakout…ZAGG failed at 10.50 and is back down to 10ish…PKT succeeded on the breakout at 11 and is now up to 12.20 (missed that perfect buy, glad some of you didn’t) and TISA is choppy in the low 2s, failing to break the previous day high of 2. 40…I only want to buy breakouts, but buying these kinds of stocks can also work if you catch big dips as I did on TISA and made $2k…potential buys on all of them, but if the stock doesn’t start uptrending or breaking out, it may never breakout, understand the risks of buying on the dips.

JAVALUTION COFFEE CO (JCOF), BARISTAS COFFEE CO (BCCI) are two terrible coffee stocks which are getting picked up due to JAMN’s big run in the same exact sense that LTUM ran thanks to LEXG…these secondary plays fall the hardest when the pumps are over as you can see LTUM is down to 30 cents/share from $1.90 high a few days ago…both of these are potential shorts, very tough to short though as everyone in the world can see what carcasses they are.

Astea International Inc. (ATEA) and Vermillion, Inc. (VRML) were two big winneres yesterday, ATEA afterhours on good earnings and VRML on news their cancer test really is the best…both are potential buy, I regret not buying VRML, I hesitated buying at $5 and its already spiked to $6 now, good lesson to be aggressive buying hot stocks with volume and catalysts in this market.