10 Inspiring Photos And Videos Of My New $235,000 Lamborghini

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UPDATE: 2 years after I bought this brand new Lambo I gotta say this is my best purchase ever…see my thoughts after I just completed a 1,300 mile Lamborghini roadtrip…and the coolest part is this Lambo has inspired SO many of my students to study harder that I actually now have several millionaire trading challenge students, one of whom was featured on CNN HERE

The other day I introduced you to my brand new penny stock trading software in this blog post, now that it’s Chanukah, I’m celebrating my $235,000 present to myself, a brand new 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo.

So far nearly 300 of you clicked like on this Facebook photo of this bad boy and over 30 have liked this new video I just posted so I’m glad you approve, but I want more than just your approval.

Please do click like, leave comments, good and bad (I love feedback from my readers/students), but the most important thing I want you to do is to get inspired by this work of art.

As I say in this video, I’m just a smalltown guy from Orange, CT (no I didn’t pick this color to commemorate my hometown…I wanted black on black, but it took me 2 weeks to get insurance since this is my first car in 7 years (last one was a BMW 745Li back when I lived in Orlando, Justin Timerblake and I were the youngest owners of that car when it first came out) and the black Lambo got sold while I was waiting…and Lambos don’t grow on trees so it was white or orange and when in Miami…) and if I can make millions with my strategy so too can you.

You can see some of my best students testimonials here and all told I have over a dozen trading challenge students who have made over $100,000 with my trading strategy, but I WANT TO CREATE A MILLIONAIRE FROM SCRATCH!

And I will not stop until I do or even when I do…

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