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Vertro Inc (VTRO) held near its recent highs above key technical support of 5…earnings after the market close today, c’mon big winner (it’s a crapshoot right now), no opinion either way, I’ll let the reaction to earnings be my guide.

TOR Minerals Int’l, Inc. (TORM) and RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT) are both basing near their highs and my guess is Superman or people like Lionmaster are prepping for some lightning intraday alerts to squeeze shorts and claim its based on fundamentals…to both I ask you post your trades on https://profit.ly for until you do, I won’t believe a word you say…not that I ever really did…although I do think Superman’s track record is better than Lionmaster.

New Energy Technologies, Inc. (NENE) is more boring than a TheStreet.com employee lying to themselves and rationalizing that working in a cubicle with hundreds of other useless content monkeys is “the future of financial media” when in reality it’s the past…no play here now.

Zagg Inc (ZAGG) and Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) are more boring than a CNBC commentator spending hours each day getting taught by their acting coach on how to pretend to understand the stock market…no play until we get a press release form either of them.

Torvec, Inc. (TOVC) was choppy in the high 2s and the only reason why I’d potentially short it is because volume dried up…that said, it’s illiquid and the company has proven it can release hyped up news so short squeezes are possible…not an ideal short right now by any means, probly no play for me here.

Titan Medical Inc (TMD) and (TITXF) is actually holding near its highs just under 2 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more press releases hyping the “revolutionary technology” even if their product is years away from being anything useful…hype is a powerful thing, potential buy on any breakout/substantial buying volume.

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