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10 Hot Penny Stock & $20,000 More Added To Our Trading Accounts

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 2AM EST this morning while PennyStocking Silver subscribers got a shorter video watchlist featurng only the truly best stocks to trade:

My free new Q&A site is live at http://answers.timothysykes.com…seriously, I never want to be emailed a question again, see my post about how useful this site is gonna be

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $120,000ish, up $400ish on my overnight IFLG short, this account is up 17% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and up 863% in 27 months

Conservative SogoTrade Account: started on 11/24/09: $144,200ish, profited $3,000 shorting ZANE at 2.75 reshorted 4,000 shares at 2.05, holding them now, account is up 23% since 11/11/09 start

Conservative Interactive Brokers Account: $179,607, no trades/positions, up 20% since 05/01/09 start

Aggressive Interactive Brokers Account: $61,005, no trades/positions, account is up 22% since 11/11/09 start

‘Twas a $21,000ish profit day ($3,400ish profit day for me) for the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

+1680 unrealized shorting ZANE from 2.79. Thanks Tim\Reaper and those in chat for a great trading day. +1000 going long on GLRP from .76 to 1.26…That brings my daily total to +2780
-Scott W.

$500ish gain on ZANE — thanks Tim!!!

Made $670 on ZANE long. Out at $2.50. Thanks Tim and Reaper. Keith

‘Crushed it’ on ZANE for $2,193 —–> Thanks for the alert Tim!!!!

+$1540 on ZANE

+820 on ZANE, out at 2.26. Nice call, Tim!

+$311 on ZANE. thank you tim

+300 on GLRP just riding the hype up.

+1525 ZANE Thx Tim and Reaper

Just pocketed $1039.50 going long on AENY!!
In yesterday 1500 @ $2.41. Just out at 3.10ish

1,000 ZANE at 2.53 and another 1,000 at 2.08 . . . up so far $710 unrealized. Awesome call, Ti

Bought 1500 shares of MCGC mid day on Thursday at $4.87 and sold today at $5.20 for a one day profit of $495.00. L. Wolf

Covered 1000 @2.2 for $550. Thanks Tim.

+400 on first death drop of VHC and another one off the bounce from $6.58 to $6.01 for another $575 profit! Plus, Shorted IFLG from 8.18 to $6.60 for another $1,264. Total profit of $2,239.00! Thanks Tim & Reaper. – x.factor

+$375 unrealized ZANE profit as it cracked intraday support.
+$150 ITMN short at the open. Thanks for the lessons!!

+524 on ZANE. Thanks Teacher Tim!
-kyle h.

Around $350 profit on 2k ZANE long. Got stopped out around 2.47. At some point I was up $1200 🙁

Out of the rest of my VRML for another $100 (200 sh from $32.50, sold @ $32.99)

ZANE -300 yesterday, -550 today. Long, horrible entry and exit points.. Cut losses today minutes before spike.

-300 SCOK should of wait

Vermillion Inc. (VRML) I am now up nearly $2/share on my buy from Thursday…as expected, this stock broke out perfectly on strong volume, everyone is buying in anticipation of their cancer test announcement…is tomorrow the day? No way to tell exactly when, but shorts are rightfully scared. I’ll hold as long as I can, but a $2,000 profit already is very nice reward for such a speculative buy…congrats to all those in this trade with me….would love to sell into a morning super-spike in the next few days….with or without a press release.

Wikiloan Inc. (WKLI) and MedCareers Group, Inc. (MCGI) are the two most blatantly promoted stocks in the entire stock market….both are very difficult if not impossible to find shares to short now and Friday WKLI inevitably blew up, losing 40%…MCGI is sooooo next either tomorrow or the next day, it is my #1 potential short and it’s going to be extremely difficult to find shares…don’t whine and moan when you can’t find any, accept that some of these plays, you will miss…just like many pumps of the past.

Zannett Inc. (ZANE) I absolutely nailed shorting 5000 shares at $2.75 on Friday, PennyStocking Silver subscribers especially liked the video I sent them ahead of time showing why I was waiting to short for a super spike…I covered for profits at 2.15, expecting a bounce into the market close that never came so I reshorted 4000 shares at 2.05 (smaller position, gladly willing to miss out on that 10 cents/share in between to reduce my risk and lock in profits)

SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chem Ind, Inc. (SCOK) has now risen from 4 to 50ish…lots of early shorts have gotten squeezed, serves them right as they are an embarrassment to successful short selling….understand this kind of Supernova could happen to any of these stocks, especially illiquid plays like IFLG/ANE…gotta trade more like a coward, potential short now that so many original shorts have been squeezed (like shorting ZANE AFTER the secondary spike)

InfoLogix, Inc. (IFLG) bounced around, bit it couldn’t hold the key 6.60ish levels…at 6.51, this is a potential short, although the stock is getting awfully illiquid so exact technical analysis might not be relevant…reminds me of the IDN/ICXT breakdowns…when it breaks, it’ll crash below 6, just beware of liquidity-caused spikes…potential short.

Americas Energy Company (AENY) is for guess who, TIMalert subscribers only!

Green Oasis Environmental (GRNO), Cascadia Investments Inc. (CDIV) and Health Enhancement Products, Inc (HEPI) all are for TIMalert subscribers only!

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