What I’m Proudest Of

I’ve worked my butt off for the past 20 years making millions (see every trade here) while learning from my mistakes, all while traveling to 110+ countries and creating several millionaire trading challenge students now in just a few years of teaching, but it’s my charity foundation that I began just 2.5 years ago that has now built over 3 dozen schools that I’m proudest of…as you can see from this new video made by my favorite charity Pencils of Promise, with whom I have 22 schools built, these schools now teach nearly 34,000 kids EVERY DAY…kids who previously had no chance at education:

My goal is to build 1,000+ schools so this is just the beginning….my millionaire trading challenge is my passion, but now I’m using myself a new challenge…to build enough schools for 1 million kids to attend and learn at every single day!