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Pennystocking Part Duex

PennyStocking Part Deux

Tim Raw

Tim Raw


Tim Fundamentals

Tim Fundamentals

Tim Fundamentals Part Duex

Tim Tactics

Read SEC Filings

Read SEC Filings


New Rules of Pennystocking

New Rules

Learn Level II

Learn Level II

Best of LiveStock

Best of Livestock



Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Carl Ouellette

    I have read pennystocking 101 abd have been following you on twitter, I have StocksToTrade which is totally awesome. I have been paper trading and winning mostly. I cant afford, I really dont have the money for the challenge, I am disabled and cannot work, I want to learn as much as I can, so I need to know what would help the most. What do I read or buy to make my trading a reality. I work hard at this because i have no other option. Please Help

  2. Rebekah

    I’m an Aries like you! I have many ideas of making money but thave been shot down everytime.
    I’ve always wanted to work from home, it’s my dream and be able to eventually have the money to take care of my mom and sisters as well as the freedom to start doing more volunteer work, which I love!
    What is the minimum amount of money I can start off with? I don’t make much. I make 55k/yr.
    Is there a direct contact info for you once I order the proper video for me and get started and have questions.
    I’m sure I will need you to hold my hand.
    If I can make some real money, I maybe able to finish my 2 inventions.

  3. jeshayle singh

    Hi Tim I live in Sydney, Australia and probably cannot day trade the whole day because I have a full time job and because of the time difference. During Australian summer (October till March) I can day trade the last 2 hours of the U.S. afternoon session (6:00 – 8:00 am Sydney time) and during Australian winter from (March till October) I can day trade the first 2 hours of the U.S. open (11:30pm – 1:30am Sydney time).
    Would trading your techniques still work trading these hours or if I just traded end of day?

  4. patrik

    I’m an Italian guy, unfortunately I do not understand English, how can I do ??? In Italian language there is nothing ??? Thank you

  5. Deauntre Murphy

    I am new to trading, and I would like to know which DVD’s do you suggest that I buy first??? Help!!!

  6. James Coffin

    Hey Tim,

    Your story is very inspiring; I can’t wait to get started. I’ve also learned a lot from penny stocking 101 and others. My question is, does PennyStocking Silver have the same information on it, that you would find in your DVDs? Or would it be better to just buy your DVDs?

  7. Jonah

    I would love to become one of your students and become a millionaire at 20 because I just entered my teens. Also I would love to be able to own my dream car a Ferrari 488 spider.

  8. Yorlady Parra

    Ok, I just sent you a question about which one should we buy first. Hint, please inform this somewhere in your blogs, since you have a variaty of DVD’s. There are too many little things to do, and also you have the Free Penny Stock Guide which is super good, it is the basics, but need to let us know what is the first step after those.
    I love you men! You are awesome. Thanks for existing…

  9. Frank Lu

    Hi Tim, One thing worried me a lot which is does your DVD apply to Australian Stock Market because I am a Australian trader.

  10. Loretta Williams

    Hello Mr.Sykes, I am Loretta Williams from Wichita Kansas, I saw you on Steve Harvey, I want to learn to trade so I can help my husband provide for our 3 sons who are in college. I am willing to learn and work hard to provide financial freedom for my family and the students in my class. I know I will be able to help so many people. We do not want a hand out,but a hand up. Thank you, for the penny stock guide, have a great day. If I cannot work with you, where and how can I learn and get started.

  11. Nick S.

    Bought the How to Make Millions DVD and there is a TON of information in it. Learning a lot and I graduated with a bachelors degree in Finance. Just goes to show you that this is not specifically meant for a single type of person. I have pages of notes and can’t wait to take the next step. Looking for a faster, more reliable internet provider to keep up with software requirements. Hard to find out in the middle of no where in Ohio. Looking forward to taking my profits soon!

  12. Mark

    I would like to get started right away , and have some cash to start. What would you suggest as my first step?

  13. Max Latour

    Tim, I don’t reckon its possible to trade Penny Stocks from Australia. When the market opens in your country, that’s when we go to sleep here and I need to be able to watch the trades intra-day…and don’t like holding overnight positions. What do you think ?…

  14. Max Latour

    Tim, you said you have many successful Australian Students. Can you name one of those student who’s on that I can get in contact with to find out how they apply you’re strategy from Australia. Thanks Max.

  15. Addi Bagchi

    Hey Tim i am a university student from Calgary. I am planning on trying your challenge out. Any way someone can get back to me via email or phone on how to get started?

  16. Kevin DeLaune

    Hi Tim,

    Ok, I’m going to by your “How to make millions” DVD, and suggest it to others, however, before I do – is this DVD for complete newbies to trading stocks? I mean complete newbs. Do you go over the applications (iPhone and Desktop) and broker that you still use today? If so, I’m’ sure a lot more sales will come your way for that DVD. Thank you…


  17. Taphrosa

    Thank you Tim for being such a wonderful person,giving to us such substantial educational material, I have been studying and just signed in, have yet to open a trading account, I feel a sense of success being here to work with you. I just turned 55 and am investing $1000, I want to grow this to 25k to open the real account, I need more personal help to get this goal very soon, do you suggest or have anybody within Mansfield or Arlington Texas I can work with for one on one mentorship, for a beginning Tim? please answer,

  18. James Rivera

    Good day Tim. I recently applied to become one of your millionaire students and have already completed the homework assignments (couldn’t wait on the emails lol). Do you recommend starting with the “how to make millions” dvd before signing up for pennystocking silver?


    James Rivera

  19. Antonio

    Tim I really want to get into penny stocks but I don’t no much about the market and what I need to do to get started what DVD should I buy to get me started in penny stocks?

  20. Chase

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a big believer in all that you do. There seems to be so much material/DVDs/webinars all over the place, how do I know where to start? What products should I buy (and how do I know that I’ve bought all the stuff I can?). I have the time to get through everything, I just need a gameplan to get going!

    Thank you,

  21. Joe Hall

    I’ve completed the 7 lessons after applying for the Millionaire Challenge. I completed ALL of the 13 videos in How To Make Millions which I purchased a couple of weeks ago. What’s next?

  22. Mark Lester Baliber

    Hi Idol Tim Sykes, I’m from Philippines, theres any chance that i can use your strategies here on our stock market? or just in the U.S.?? or can I possibly trade on U.S. Stock while I’m here in the Philippines?

    Help me, this is the only opportunity that i see to cover up inflation especially here in my country
    thanks a lot Tim

  23. Mickey borthwick

    I am new to this and have penny stocks part deux will this tell me everything I need to know ?

  24. Adam J. Daniels

    Just finished your HTMM DVDS!
    Loved it, your a fun teacher to learn from!
    I’m now going thru all the emails from profitly and challenge student emails to study up on now!

  25. Peyton

    Hello Mr. Tim my names Peyton and I’ve been watching all your videos on youtube and you have fueled a passion that i now wanna start getting into!! 1st thing I’m doing tomorrow after school is applying for multiple jobs. trying to get a goal of 10k before i make it big!! thank you and if the future I’m going to be your best student. JUST WATCH!!!!

  26. JackBillion

    Ok so I finished studying your how to make millions DVD it was great
    Which DVDs should I buy next can you post a list so that I can I buy them at once!

  27. Joy

    Hi Tim, I am trying to purchase several of your DVD’s and I inquired about them. I got an initial email asking me to reply if I was still interested. After replying, I never heard back. Where / how can I purchase your DVD’s?

  28. will

    I want this! But I think I will just start with the Silver Plan instead of start with one DVD, HTMM, and get going now! Is the HTMM included in the Silver Plan?

  29. vysakh

    Tim ,, I am from India is it possible to open an account with etrade or interactive brokers to be able trade in the us stocks ?

  30. Luke

    Putting together a learning path would be very helpful. People need to know where to start and once they have started then what next. Your videos need to be more organized.

  31. Alex

    I agree, a well-defined learning path would be VERY helpful indeed; that’s what has kept me wondering what the first step is. After getting and learning the HTTM DVD, where does one go from there as far as other DVDs to get? I’m READY.

  32. Fabbio Canto

    Hi, Tim!

    I’m from Brazil and I found your history very inspirational. Is it possible to trade US penny stocks being here? Or should I only operate on local stock market?

    Thanks! I’m gonna buy the DVD so I can dedicate my time on studying it.

    Best wishes and keep inspiring us!

  33. Richard Lowardi

    TIM after i learn all of the things you give in HTMM guide, can i immediately have consistent profit in penny stocks trading ?

  34. Timothy Sykes Post author

    LOL no, theres no easy way to be consistent right away, HTMM is a good start, but you must study harder and change your flawed mindset

  35. Richard Lowardi

    hahaha okay, what can i expect if i thoroughly and meticulously study your HTMM dvd till i understand it as a whole ?

    and what to do next?

    btw, thanks Tim for your immediate answer

  36. Serge

    Looks like the author wants his potential customers stay confused about the whole picture? After multiple questions what’s the learning path he still doesn’t give a comprehensive answer. The only direct answer from him so far was “start with HTMM” and “HTMM is not enough to be consistent winner”.

  37. Timothy Sykes Post author

    Nope, both those comments are RIGHT, HTMM is a great starting point, but no, studying that alone will not make you consistent…you don’t seem to have the right attitude to be my next millionaire students, the beauty of my being real is I on’t have the time or patience to deal with shitty students, see ya 🙂

  38. samuel

    Hi Tim,

    I have a question unrelated to these products, but still within the products that you offer. My question is: what is the difference between your software Stock to Trade and pennystock Silver program? I like that in Stock to Trade I get the option of paper trade and in your pennystock silver program, I get the videos and a more detail information which helps since I’m new to all of this. If you can help me decide, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.


  39. samuel

    Hi Tim,

    I have a question unrelated to these products, but still within the products that you offer. My question is: what is the difference between your software Stock to Trade and pennystock Silver program? I like that in Stock to Trade I get the option of paper trade and in your pennystock silver program, I get the videos and a more detail information which helps since I’m new to all of this. If you can help me decide, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.


  40. Merlin

    After watching HTMM video, what is the next step, like 1, 2, 3, or a, b, c?
    Sorry I’m very new to this, I need guidance and I understand I will pay for it. I am ready, willing and with the right attitude. But I need a clear path to follow, thank you.

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