The Wolf Of Wall Street’s New Scheme

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First allow me to introduce my newest “Wall Street” movie spoof video featuring my top trading challenge student Tim Grittani:

It’s long overdue we stop celebrating criminals and start celebrating educators and their successful students.

I HIGHLY suggest you take me up on this 50% off sale ENDING TONIGHT as thanks to this CNN feature story about my top trading challenge student turning a few thousand dollars into $1 million in just 3 years and our subsequent appearances HERE on FOX with Neil Cavuto and HERE on FOX & Friends 2 weeks ago, more people want to be my student than ever before and because I want to focus only on DEDICATED students, not the rugrats in it for the wrong reasons, I’ll be raising newsletter prices in a few weeks to weed out those who just want hot stock picks and aren’t willing to put in the time — and investment — to truly learn my strategy and dedicate their life to getting rich and becoming my next millionaire student.

Tim Grittani’s inspirational story and my success as a teacher-who-surprinsgly-is-not-full-BS-like-everyone-else-in-my-industry is traveling far and wide as we’ve also been featured HERE in Croatia and AQUI en Espanol, and Tim G. has even been recognized as a notable alum by his university just 2 years after his graduation!

But understand that he’s not even my first millionaire student — that title goes to THIS man who broke $1 million in profits just a few weeks before Tim Grittani and he helped mentor our trading challenge students every day…and we have dozens of students HERE making steady six figures/year just a few years after they knew NOTHING about trading or the stock market.

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Those who watch my free video lessons series or who comb through my 200+ free videos on my Youtube Channel HERE learn that the patterns which I teach and off which I profit are deceivingly simple yet very effective…and I’m LOVING my business because it’s the best business possible to become an expert at something and then pass those skills down to others.

Some call me over-promotional as you can see in the first few paragraphs of this blog post, but what exactly do I promote?





Financial freedom.

These are truly important things to learn and I can’t be promotional enough to get that through to my students, many of whom are lazy and waste their lives away with too many years spent in college, no-upside 9-5 jobs and TV shows and video games…like most of Americans…(my international students seem to work harder…truth)

When Tim G. made $200,000+ in one day last year as detailed in THIS blog post, I was sound asleep in Japan (due to the time difference) and I couldn’t have been prouder that the patterns off which he profited were detailed in my DVDs and blog posts so that after he learned them, he became FULLY self-sufficient, no more training-wheels-education by me required.

And that’s why I come down so hard on frauds and liars — because I promise great things, but I work my butt off every single day making watchlists, video lessons, trades, blog posts and working on revolutionary websites like Profitly and Investimonials and I deliver on my promises and help my customers succeed — while they make public statements that aren’t truthful an they hurt their customers.

Forbes wrote THIS scathing piece on me last year and they quoted entrepreneur Shradha Agarwal who said “Tim’s marketing is hitting on a nerve – the get rich quick scheme. However, getting rich overnight is a fantasy.”

Shradha didn’t do her research and instead made the assumption that I was like every other get-rich-quick guru out there who didn’t deliver and she was deadwrong…as more and more of my trading challenge students become millionaires from scratch I’ll keep rubbing it in to Shradha and others and one day I’ll accept her apology and everyone else’s too once she/they realize her/their mistake.

And that’s why I must expose “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort’s new scam as once upon a time he deceived a great many people with his get-rich-quick promises and now he’s lying again except it’s on a much grander scale thanks to the success of his biopic “The Wolf Of Wall Street” staring Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio directed by legendary Martin Scorcese which has now raked in nearly $200 million in the box office in just a few weeks.

In fact, both of Tim Grittani and my FOX appearances contrasted our legal earnings of millions of dollars vs. Belfort’s illegal millions in earnings with penny stocks:

You can read my movie review of “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and listen to this radio interview I did on the movie, Jordan Belfort and penny stocks:

But I didn’t go into enough detail of how much a scumbag Jordan Belfort still is — as he inadvertently exposed during his interview with Piers Morgan a few nights ago:

In that video clip notice how he makes a distinction between his “old life” and “new life”…that’s important as you watch this other clip and blog post HERE where Piers rubs it in that he hasn’t met ANY of his victims and hasn’t sought them out:

The CNN blog post says:

Belfort noted that he’s yet to meet any of those that he personally impacted:

“I have not … no one has sought me out,” he said.

Morgan, though, pressed forward, suggesting that such a meeting ought be part of his penance:

“Why haven’t you sought them out,” he asked. “Wouldn’t it be part of your self-redemption, to actually track some of these people down, we know some of their names, know what they’re saying about you, if you actually called them up and just said, ‘I actually would like to talk to you, I would like to apologize to you personally for what happened?'”

Insisting that his “action speaks louder than words,” Belfort maintained that financial retribution is the single most-valuable form of repayment he can offer:

“What I’m doing here, by turning over 100 percent of the profits, is probably the most genuine thing I can do,” he said. “Honestly I feel terrible about what happened. You asked if I had shame: back then, yes. Now, no. I’m not going to live my life in shame. I think that’s a toxic emotion. I live with remorse, and that means I go out and do things actively to make up for the wrongs that I committed in the past.”

Belfort has NEVER met any of his victims, NVER felt the need to meet any of them and won’t live his life in shame (even though he should)…he has to look good in front of the cameras because deep down he’s making likely millions from his “new life” and not giving his “old life” victims any of it.

This is Belfort’s new scam, while he publicly claims he will give his old victims 100% of his book and movie profits, he hasn’t lived up to that and, more importantly, he has NEVER said that he will turn over any of the profits derived from his “new life” DVDs/seminar business…

Despite his claims that he will turn over 100% of the book and movie profits, last year he gave his old victims a paltry $21,000 as you can read HERE.

See what the US government says:

Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for the US Attorney in Brooklyn, released a statement, as reported by the New York Times, saying: “Belfort’s Facebook comments are substantially inaccurate. The government has seen nothing to suggest that even 100 per cent of Belfort’s profits from his book and the movie Wolf of Wall Street would yield, in his words, ‘countless millions’, much less the approximately $100 million that is still owed to the victims.”

The Wall Street Journal went into more details:

Officials at the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn, which handled the case, believe Mr. Belfort has earned more than $1 million in recent years from book sales and movie royalties, according to Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, in Brooklyn, and court documents filed by U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

But victims have seen only a small portion of that money, and then largely thanks to court-imposed restraining notices, the spokesman said. One was slapped on Red Granite Pictures, the film’s production company, which forced it to turn over $125,000 in 2011.

A spokesman for Red Granite declined to comment. A lawyer for Mr. Belfort, Nicholas De Feis, said his client had made every restitution payment required of him and said Mr. Belfort has pledged to turn over 100% of book and movie royalties to victims of his fraud scheme. On Jan. 9, prosecutors said that Mr. Belfort had relocated to Australia, a claim that was immediately denied by his attorney, who said that Mr. Belfort lives in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and had traveled to Australia for work reasons. The U.S. attorney’s office on Jan. 13 corrected itself, saying that Mr. Belfort has lived in the U.S. since his release from prison in 2006.

“He’s made payments as he was required to make payments and as he earned income,” said Mr. De Feis. “He has never run from his obligations.”

Prosecutors went public with their frustrations this week after Mr. Belfort made what they claimed were false statements touting his generosity toward his victims. In a Dec. 29 post on Mr. Belfort’s Facebook page, the convicted fraudster and former head of the Stratton Oakmont brokerage firm said he was going above and beyond the court order to turn over 50% of his gross income and would instead give 100% of his book and movie proceeds to victims.

“For the record: I am not making any royalties off the film or the books, and I am totally content with that,” Mr. Belfort said in that post.

That didn’t sit well back in Brooklyn, where prosecutors had filed a motion placing Mr. Belfort in default two months earlier. “We want to set the record straight,” said Mr. Nardoza. “Belfort’s making these claims, and they’re not factual.”

For example, Mr. Belfort received $940,000 in 2011 selling movie rights to his story, according to court documents, but that year paid just $21,000 in restitution and claimed a $24,000 deduction on his income tax for the payment.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Mr. Belfort in the movie, has drawn attention to Mr. Belfort in several recent interviews in which he appeared to praise him. In one interview that made the rounds on youtube, Mr. DiCaprio described Mr. Belfort as “incredibly unflinching in his honesty.”

A spokesman for Mr. DiCaprio didn’t return calls seeking comment. A spokesman for Paramount Pictures, which released the movie, declined to comment.

Federal prosecutors indicted Mr. Belfort in 1998 for securities fraud and money laundering. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay $110.4 million in restitution to his victims. The court ordered him to pay 50% of gross income to victims until the full amount had been repaid. In exchange for cooperating with investigators, Mr. Belfort received a reduced sentence of three years in prison.

Mr. Belfort has paid $11.6 million in restitution so far, but the vast majority of that came in the form of properties forfeited as part of his plea agreement, according to prosecutors. While serving a three-year period under court supervision after his April 2006 release from prison, Mr. Belfort paid the required 50% of his income, though he made little money in that period, according to prosecutors.

Once that probationary period ended in 2009, however, prosecutors said Mr. Belfort stopped paying the full amount required by the court. Prosecutors believe Mr. Belfort’s income began to grow as his motivational-speaking business took off, royalties from two books picked up, and a lucrative movie deal was signed, according to Mr. Nardoza.

In October 2013, prosecutors filed a motion placing Mr. Belfort in default on his restitution payments, but they subsequently withdrew it to pursue a negotiated settlement. They declined to comment on the progress of those talks, which are continuing. Mr. Belfort’s lawyer also declined to comment on the talks.

The federal government and 42 states have passed so-called Son of Sam laws, which require a criminal to turn over to victims of their crimes any proceeds from selling their stories. The namesake law aimed to stop convicted serial killer David Berkowitz, nicknamed the Son of Sam, from selling the story of his yearlong killing spree, which began in 1976 and left six dead.

But in 1991, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down New York’s Son of Sam law, citing concerns it violated the First Amendment. Several states, including New York, subsequently passed new laws, but those watered down versions have rarely been used by prosecutors.

The prosecutor who took down Belfort denied my request for an interview when I was in NYC filmin at FOX, but told the WSJ:

Some of Mr. Belfort’s victims as well as the then-U.S. prosecutor who brought down Mr. Belfort, Joel M. Cohen, have slammed the film for glorifying a convicted huckster.

Mr. Cohen, who is repeatedly referred to as “the Bastard” in Mr. Belfort’s memoirs, accused the film’s makers of distorting facts to make Mr. Belfort into a more sympathetic protagonist.

“The movie’s producers do not dispassionately lay forth facts for the public,” said Mr. Cohen. “They’re putting their thumbs on the scale on behalf of Belfort.”

So what we have here is Belfort paying little to nothing from the sales of his criminal story, twisting the truth to look good to the public aka new customers, confusing prosecutors with technicalities over where he lives/makes his money in Australia, all the while LOVING the widespread press about his “salesman skills” and banking off his “new life”, most assuredly following legal advice so as to use every trick in the books not to pay back much money to his old victims.

In a Facebook post on his fanpage in late December, Belfort said:

Ahhh, the haters! No one spreads the word for you faster than they do. They’re the best PR in the world. Let them keep shouting my name from the rooftops, so normal, intelligent, open-minded people can look me up for themselves and make their own decision. If they only knew how much they were serving my cause they would quickly shut the fuck up. But, shhh, don’t tell them! Let them hate on …

Now that would be a nice statement from someone in the world doing positive things…like me…but not when it comes from a man whose sole profession has been lying and cheating people out of their hard-earned money, whether or not it was their life-savings, (seriously, now you can see inside the mind of a criminal who takes the time to differentiate between ripping people off for half or all their life savings) and then finding technicalities to avoid paying back everything he owes while putting on a positive public spin so as to inspire new customers for his self-help/salesman training business.

New York Magazine wrote this feature on him showing off his Manhattan Beach, California beachhouse and 2 assistants, living the high-life again somehow and I have to question with what money? He’s supposed to be paying back his old victims…hmmm, is it from the $1+ million in book/movie profits he has yet to them back with or is the money from his “new life”?

Perhaps he’s living off the $1+ million book/movie profits for now, he’ll stall in court as long as possible and then he’ll pay the equivalent back with money from his “new life” aka DVDs/seminars?

But maybe his legal team won’t allow any money from his “new life” to go to his “old life” victims as then that would open the door to all his “new life” money, or maybe 50% of it, to go to his “old life” victims?

It all gets very confusing when dealing with Belfort’s lies and technicalities when the right thing to do would be to live humbly and pay EVERYTHING back, from his “old life” and “new life”.

Make no mistake Jordan Belfort should be teaching, his DVD/seminar on how to be a master lifelong criminal/swindler would be something from which all frauds and thieves could learn, but he should not be allowed to teach normal people for fear of turning them into a monster like him.

He DESERVES deserves MANY more haters and more thorough journalists covering his story and his overseas earnings and, more importantly, he deserves to go to jail for his new fraud hiding millions of dollars from his old victims.

Please do pass this article around as it’s sad that more reporters haven’t latched on to these technicalities and so Jordan Belfort once again is free to go about scamming people and not telling the truth.

Jordan, if this blog post reaches you and you actually want to prove that you’re a changed man, do a seminar in the US, not Australia and turn over the profits from your “new life” aka DVD sales to your old victims…they don’t care if the money comes from your old life or new life, that’s just the BS rationale you’re telling yourself to make it okay not to cough up ALL your money and give it to them…you still owe $90+ million and you and I both know that the movie and book profits will NEVER reach anything more than $10-20 million so your only hope of righting your wrong is to dole out your seminar/DVD profits which given the right press, as you know well, might exceed $100+ million.

Until you do that, I will do what I can to make sure that EVERYONE knows you are the same exact fraud you always have been and you’ll go to bed at night dreaming of being me; while I have no big Hollywood movie made about my life nor have I made as much money as you did, I make my millions legally by helping my customers become educated and rich.

I’m the successful, ethical and legal version of you and you and your lies represent everything bad about penny stocks, the stock market and the teaching profession…that’s why over time I’ll make far more money than you ever, my students will be more successful than any of your customers and you’ll inevitably go back to jail as hopefully some ambitious prosecutor digs up your probable millions in overseas earnings and makes the public so that everyone knows you’re probably still hiding money from your victims while pretending not to.

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  1. easyforhimtosay

    If Jordan got his ass kicked once a day for the rest of his life it wouldn’t make up for all the people he screwed.

    I guess the message here is if you claim you have a new life then the old life doesn’t apply any longer. I have to say I’ve lost a lot of respect for DiCaprio based on what he said in the video.

  2. timothysykes

    ass kicking wont get back people’s $…if he simply turned over his dvd/seminar sales $ that would…lets see if i can make this issue big enough to force him to

  3. Ralph Edmondton

    So, basically, he’s like a bigger version of you? Taking peoples hard earned money with your promises of pipe dreams and financial security? After all, you have “thousands” of students, yet, only 2 actually are so called millionaires. Interesting..

  4. Cayetano flores

    I would say that he should have spent more time in jail rather than just paying money to get his ass out.

  5. Nicholas

    Dude is a scum…its amazing how no one is doing anything to try and expose him. guys will just wait for the hype to end.
    Yo Tim, iv been waiting for an interview call from Robert and your team for a while now.
    Trudie scheduled me for last week but i wasn’t called. could you please throw in a good word for me. im tired of being broke homz..hahaha..
    im ready to be your first Kenyan student to.
    Break barriers with me and show guys what your doing, is changing lives even in third world countries.

  6. timothysykes

    2 millionaire students SO FAR…dozens of students earning six figures/year…give me some time, unlike fake junk like Belfort, I teach something real…it takes time for people to study first then earn, but studying real stuff differentiates me from outright scams of Belfort

  7. Edward Eston

    Quite unrelated but how long does your training take Tim? P.s.: I don’t agree with Mr. Edmontdon here, saying you sell fake dreams. I know you only choose a few students who actually work hard to become self made millionaires.

  8. Joe_G2013

    You should make a movie or a spoof called “The Sheppard of Wall street” with the plot of how you protect the transparency and honesty in making money with the market both long and short. Also how you teach people on a personal basis. I think that spoof would be hilarious!

  9. easyforhimtosay

    Sure he does; he’s a Hollywood employee that lives and dies on a consensus of what people think of him. Get a clue on how things work and stop being a pompous fool.

  10. mgc6288

    Tim, I just started and I’ll be happy to be one of your millionaire students! Don’t let the negativity of others bust a nerve. Learning takes time, patience, and dedication.

  11. sykes is a scam

    Lets be honest. You know most of your students dont watch all your videos. You continue to sell your “knowledge” / patterns to people that you know wont put in the work. If you are trying to help why charge $100s of dollars for people that have no money in the first place? You cant compare yourself to Belfort. You have two students over a million and a dozen that have 6 figures? Ok you always talk about getting 1000s of emails and ovee 2000 students, you are robbing them. People who want to learn your shit can watch all you have to offer, dont charge them giving them the pipeline dream knowing you arent teaching. My god if some random news came out about a stock and someone put $10,000 in they can make 6 figures. Its sickening to see you take people who have no clue about the terms or whats the stock market even means. They just are desperate and need money fast and your scam pops up. Congrats on 2 students out of 2000 whats that percentage???? At least belfort is slowly giving money back, while you brag about your shit worse than him online. Youll be crushed in the future one day.

  12. sykes is a scam

    Release how much you make from taking peoples money. You share profits in stock, share your scams profit.

  13. sykes is a scam

    This guy has no knowledge or anything. All he does is thrive off pumps, hebuys when news comes out or if it spikes and sells fast, same with shorting. Hes been doing it for years everyday every hour, it slowly added up and now he puts $10,000 in to a stock at$2.34 and sells at 2.36. Truly sad.

  14. sykes is a scam

    This guy has no belief or interest in companys. He just wants to takw investors money. He robs businesses and people. Dont BE HIS NEXT SCAM

  15. usman

    i believe you tim and what you are doing is great im going to jump on the same bandwagon as soon i have gathered some money together im hungry for success

  16. Matt

    Well have you met me Tim? I was one of your Trading Challenge students for a year and I know you have no idea who I am. You sold the Challenge as an exclusive club with access to you, for close mentoring to become a successful trader.

    In reality, when I “got the call” saying I had been shortlisted, and asked, “Was I ready to accept the challenge!?” etc I was then pressure sold into parting with $5,000 which had never been mentioned up to that point. When I said I needed time to think about it, I was told, “No, you decide now, commit now or you will never get another chance” – that was 50% of my trading account at the time. I had no idea it would cost this much but I didn’t want to miss the chance to be accepted into the program so I agreed to the sales tactic.

    I was the sent a box with all your old DVDs and photocopied manuals (estimated value, about $5,000 funnily enough)

    At first I was enthusiastic but when I saw months on that you were basically letting anyone in who had the cash and now selling a new product, the “Inner Circle” I felt deflated and cheated. I’d been following you for years, always a fan. The “Inner Circle”, now THAT was where you had to pay to be if you wanted to ACTUALLY get close to the master! I realized I had been somewhat duped and that this was some kind of Scientology-esque level system that never ended as long as the money kept flowing in.

    Well, I didn’t make a single trade in that year and not a single dollar, all I did was throw away $5,000. OK, you have Tim Grittani, 1 student and a few others who have made some cash, good for them and their hard work.

    But I was sold an untruth, it wasn’t what was advertized. I think you are unwittingly becoming more like the wall street sharks you’ve always proselytized against.

    I don’t think you are doing it intentionally but maybe some of your clever marketing is a little on the edge shall we say. As Jordan Belfort explains, change happens incrementally, one step closer towards the line until one day you find yourself on the other side of it.

  17. Tim

    Uhm that’s what he’s doing… Do you really believe someone currently super famous, even a guy like Jordan would be stupid enough to not pay back what he owes the government and his victims. He never took anyones life savings, he was only greedy enough to feed off of other rich people’s greed.

  18. timothysykes

    he didnt just target rich people and yes if he was a changed man he should pay back his victims IN FULL…he has the $, now its just a question of him turning it over

  19. Mark M.

    I watched one of the seminars Belfort did on Youtube. I thought he was a great speaker and had some great ideas.

    But the interesting thing about the seminars is 85% of the stuff Belfort does is lifted from Tony Robbins. I haven’t seen anyone mention it and couldn’t find anything about it on a Google search. His stuff isn’t just kind of similar. It is plagiarized. Maybe he worked something out with Tony Robbins, but most of the ideas he presents are EXACTLY the same as Tony Robbins uses in his book Awaken the Giant Within as well as bits from Tony Robbins’ seminars.

  20. Fat Bee Trader

    yep your spot on mark that is exactly what he is doing, i watched an interview and i thought wtf? this guy is just spouting tony Rs teachings like they were his own.

  21. Fred


    If you go to youtube and fill the link above you’ll see him mentioning Tony Robbins philosophies a lot but during the seminar he does admit he is a tony robbins follower.
    He gave a great seminar and you can def tell he knew how to sell. MUST WATCH. you can learn a lot. BTW..with Tony Robbins philosophies, you can apply that to almost anything because his philosophies are pretty much generalized

  22. salem j.

    I just watched this last night.
    Scorsese clearly believes the guy is still a scumbag.. Why else would he end the movie on the “sell me this pen” scene? Belfort to this day continues to sell people “pens”

    By the way — GREAT movie.

  23. Pakoa

    By the way Tim S, i need to going through interview with Rob, please tell him to interview asap, so I can start trade penny stock with your new software.

  24. Sam1209

    Same here usmus. My buddy just started trading and has made some good gains. Looking forward to proceed as well lol.

  25. JJ

    It’s all about the perception of value and buyer beware. If we constantly blame the criminals but not the victims, the victims will never learn anything, and will always be taken advantage of. Example would be: If you buy a house you can’t afford because the salesperson was a wolf, then maybe you should look in the mirror to see some teeth of your own. When you punish the criminal and not the victim, the victim is still ready for another criminal to pounce. Do I mean charge the victim? No. But make sure that victim takes the time to learn about scams and fraud by court order.That would be fair. Right now our legal system lets the wolves roam in every shape and form. And the victims are still sheep with no shield. Tim could have been a victim, but he got educated and turned the tables on the wolves. Perfect example of what I am talking about.

  26. Bon Bon

    I love this post. As I learn, I’m amazed how naive people are and how so many clearly cannot see the truth or would think you’re anything like him. – bonnie

  27. 70sChild

    wouldn’t that be 2 more than you have produced?
    You can teach people what you do but they are still responsible for their own results.

  28. 70sChild

    Jordens just greedy scum through and through and I’d never pay to watch such a lame movie unless the money was going to his victims. Leonardo just lowered himself by taking on this movie in my eyes.

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