Why You Need To Listen To The Steady Trade Podcast

By Updated on January 13, 2023

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Why You Need to Listen to the Steady Trade Podcast

The Steady Trade podcast is a new tool to add to your arsenal. You need to listen to the Steady Trade Podcast! This new podcast is unlike any other resource about day trading. The podcast just wrapped up its first season and already boasts hundreds of rave reviews from its fast-growing audience and, more importantly, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES SEASON TWO TOMORROW so get ready!

If you read this blog often, you know that I’m constantly urging students of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge team to expand their horizons by learning all they can about trading and the world, and from a variety of sources. The Steady Trade Podcast is the most exciting new educational trading resource in quite some time. Here are some of the reasons why you need to listen to it:

1. It’s a little different. There are plenty of trading podcasts out there. Particularly as a new trader, though, it’s hard to find podcasts that are appropriate for you. Many podcasts either focus on trading details that you don’t yet understand or focus on the basics in an overly factual way.

The Steady Trade Podcast is a little different. It truly is designed to enable and empower the brand new day trader without overloading you with unnecessary information.

2. Differing points of view: Unlike other podcasts, Steady Trade offers a broad series of points of view. The hosts of the podcast are Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson. Tim Bohen may be (and should be) a familiar name to you: he’s the day trader who is also responsible for founding Stocks to Trade and its Pro division. With years of trading under his belt, he’s identified as the “salty veteran trader” in the podcast.

Stephen Johnson, on the other hand, is a new trader, with only about a year of trading experience. While he’s a smart guy, he is relatively green as a trader. He’s been documenting his experience on YouTube, and is learning as he goes. While he definitely doesn’t have the same experience as Tim Bohen, he brings a fresh perspective to things. He also comes from a point of view that is thoroughly relatable to new traders and asks the questions that have probably been burning in the forefront of your mind! Perhaps most importantly, Stephen has FINALLY just become a profitable trader after roughly a year of losses, so his turning the corner has been huge for him and listeners alike!

3. Amusing banter: Did the above description kind of paint Tim and Stephen as The Odd Couple? Actually, that’s not too far off. The different points of their careers, different ages, and different cultures of the hosts clash at times, but always in an amiable and amusing way. Put together, Tim and Stephen are funny and engaging. This provides a great juxtaposition to the incredible information that they offer in the podcast–who says an education always has to be so stone cold serious?

4. A basic yet thorough education. The Steady Trade Podcast really starts from ground zero and builds up. Literally, in the first episode they address a topic that most wouldn’t but actually few understand: what is day trading? They take the time to thoroughly explain the basics and build upon them so that by the end of each episode, you really feel as if you’ve learned a lesson that you can grasp.

5. A variety of sources: In the Steady Trade Podcast, Tim and Stephen offer plenty of anecdotal information and stories about their own experiences. However, they don’t merely share their own experiences. They draw from a number of different sources to present well-rounded lessons about trading. In one of the episodes, they incorporate an interview of mine, with Larry King, from a few years ago. Even though I was literally there for the interview, the way that it is presented in the episode makes it new even for me. Looking at information from different angles and from a number of different sources is important to becoming a good trader, and the podcast does a great job of presenting it.

6. Progressive learning. As the season progresses, each episode builds on the last. So, by the time you reach the later episodes of the season, there are actually some pretty advanced trading techniques which are taught. However, since the progression is so gradual, the lessons remain easy to understand and grasp, even to the trading newbie. This is super important, because trading can be extremely intimidating when you face all of the things you need to consider and do on a daily basis.

The Steady Trade Podcast does a great job of breaking down an incredible amount of information into easy to digest episodes.

7. It’s empowering. One of the best things about the Steady Trade Podcast is that it’s empowering. If you’re considering whether or not to become a trader, this podcast will likely help you make that decision.

Once again, this is largely due to the different points of view. On the one side, you have Tim coming from a place of experience and telling you “yes, you can do this”. And on the other side of the coin, you see the younger trader Stephen learning things, sometimes the hard way. It helps listeners feel like yes, they can do it too.

8. Actionable steps. Not only is the Steady Trade Podcast easy to understand and inspiring, but it also helps inspire you to take action. In the episodes, Tim and Stephen reveal specific things you should be doing to get started as a trader. They also offer tips for refining your trading techniques. Each episode closes with specific actionable steps you can take to improve your trading and further your career…the kind of information that has REALLY helped my trading challenge students over the years!

9. Great giveaway. The Steady Trade Podcast offered an incredible giveaway during the first season, including (among other things) a laptop, Bose headphones, and (yes) an incredibly large box of Tic-Tacs. Out of more than 3,000 entries, 11 winners were chosen. The season one giveaway has come to a close, but the second season is coming TOMORROW, on November 6th and there will be an all new giveaway!

Hopefully you’re sold on the Steady Trade Podcast after reading this. I truly believe that this is a great podcast that will help advance your career in trading. Take the time to listen to the first season now, and get ready for the second season, coming November 6th!

Have you listened to the Steady Trade Podcast? Leave a comment with your feedback, I’d love to know what you think! 


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