What Are The Best Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Stocks?

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What Are The Best Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Stocks?

The US stock market has been INSANE the past few weeks and months as cryptocurrency and Bitcoin fever is at all-time highs…and now everyone is always asking my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students and I what are the hottest stocks in these sectors right now so I made this video lesson, and even transcribed it below for my valued deaf Trading Challenge students, as you have to learn to trade whatever is hot, just don’t fall in love with any one sector as I hopefully made the point in THIS MUST READ ARTICLE from a little while back. Here’s the video reviewing the best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin stocks the specific stocks change from one day to the next, but the overall theme and trend stays the same:

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All right, Tim Sykes here. Sorry for not doing a video the past day or day and a half. Kind of had a crazy schedule. I’ll tell you about it when I’m older. But lots of trades, the market is absolutely insane right now. I made a few thousand dollars the past few days. Some good trades, had to cut some losses, was basically wrong on NXTD there, was right on NXTD this time. CANN, I really underestimated, and now this thing is up, what, three dollars a share since I bought it. CNBX, decent little trade, had to cut losses here. WKHS, kind of was wrong about that, but still got out decently. NXTD was decent about that, and QIWI, I underestimated. So I’ll go over those in a second, but first, I just wanna share with you my thoughts.

This is what I think and a lot of people took this as like me hating on crypto. I said, “I’m about to go to the bathroom and I might set up a payment system so that people can get paid via cryptocurrency when they have to go to the bathroom, too. I’m gonna call it Crazy Shit, ticker $SHIT and I’ll ICO it for $2 billion next month,” and then I tagged some of these ridiculous stocks that are, you know, running based on their cryptocurrency and blockchain and Bitcoin relationships. I have nothing against bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I’m thrilled that this is the latest hot sector. I just don’t think that it’s gonna revolutionize the world like everyone thinks.

If you are a student of history, you will see this kind of chart pattern again and again and again. We saw police equipment stocks, we saw the shipping sector, we saw low float stocks, we saw Ebola stocks, we saw medical marijuana stocks. These kinds of sectors heat up for a few weeks or even a few months and then they fail miserably, and then they try to reheat up again. Just be warned. You know, I posted this tweet because I’m mocking how much people believe this time is different, and everyone always thinks this time is different and rarely ever is it. So, I hope these stocks keep spiking as much as they want. It gives so much opportunity, it’s insane. But at the same time, just keep one eye open, you know. Just don’t ever get too confident that Bitcoin is gonna go to a billion or that all these little companies are going to really do well.

This really reminds me back of ’98, ’99, 2000, when I made my first million, nearly 20 years ago, when I would just buy companies that added dot-com to their name. I remember sportsmansguide.com or Sportsman’s Guide, Inc., and the stock tripled or quadrupled within a week when they added dot-com and they were gonna change the world by selling camping gear online. You know, they still sell camping gear online, they didn’t really change the world, and the stock crashed. So just beware, just because a company is getting into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency does not mean that it’s going to succeed, and even if they do succeed, way too many people have way too many expectations right now.

So for me, I will play the price action, I will play the momentum. I’m not shorting this stuff, it’s scary to short, but at the same time, I also know that this is shit. That’s the kind of cynical way I like to approach stuff. And to all you idealistic people out there, God bless your little hearts. I’ll be there to collect your broken hearts when the time is right in a few weeks or a few months. Don’t forget who warned you, okay?

Also, I wanna thank Pencils of Promise. They made me this really nice video. My least popular video of the past few months because it’s for charity, but pretty cool even though people are stupid and evil. I’m very proud of donating a million dollars to Pencils of Promise. It’s my favorite charity. I’m actually up to like $1.6 million. I’ve gotta share with you some of my recent donations to them. But even with the million dollars, 22 schools so far have been built, 33,911 students are going to school because of my donations and I’m really proud of that. So I can be cynical, I can make fun of this ridiculousness, but at the same time, the money that I’m making from the markets and from teaching, I’m very proud to give back to the less fortunate. And, you know, I knew that I was impacting like thousands of kids, I didn’t know that the number was 34,000 or near 34,000. And that’s just Pencils of Promise.

I’ve also donated over a million dollars to other charities now too, so the number is closer to 50,000. And I actually wrote a blog post on timothysykes.com, if you look, called My New Challenge. And my new challenge to myself is to have a million kids in school every day, and I think that’s a good goal considering I’m like, 3%, 4%, or maybe 5% of the way there. So I want you to have big goals and I want you to use opportunities to get to your goals, to achieve them. You know, no different than I love the fact that most people hate penny stocks. I love the fact that there’s widespread misinformation out there because it allows me to frankly have a pretty easy job, just tell you the truth.

I love all of the crooks and the frauds and the scumbags, and, you know, binary, and forex, and Bitcoin who make you think that this stuff is, like, the easiest stuff ever when in fact it’s not. Ninety percent of traders across all various industries in trading lose money. So this is not easy and you can either learn from me or you can learn the hard way on your own, but you will learn one way or another that, you know, this is not as easy as you think, and it’s gonna take studying and it’s gonna need to…you’re gonna need to adapt and you’re gonna need to kind of look at the market and say, “Wait a minute. Let me try different strategies, let me try different patterns,” and not just believe that bitcoin or cryptocurrency is the future, and not just believe in any one company because any one trade can make you poor if you go all in, if you use leverage, if you get too cocky. And I need to teach you to trade this kind of volatile stuff, but also trade it in a safe way.

So, with that in mind let me get to some stocks in play. KODK is the latest supernova, Kodak. Eastman Kodak is back in play after hundreds of years of being in business and, you know, years of just incompetence. I think the company even went bankrupt. They emerged out of bankruptcy and, you know, their stock has done nothing but go straight down. And now all of a sudden, blockchain is gonna save Kodak. Hallelujah, hallelujah. It’s just ridiculous. But the volume is there and the price action is there, so I wouldn’t short it. That said, you know, it’s a pretty sweet run up, and I kind of screwed up today. I watched it, I had it in my trigger, in my hair. I said this on my roughly $3,000 profit on COGT.

This was midday and I said, “I’m taking gains as my chatroom discovered it’s a paid pump.” Thank you to whoever brought this up in the chatroom that COGT was a paid pump. This thing really would’ve run. You know, this was touted as the new Bitcoin cryptocurrency play by the NIA, which has a massive, massive list where they just send it out to everybody, and the stock can really run for several days like QIWI, that was their last pick that I underestimated. This one, they kind of sold out, though, and they got paid I think $70,000 to pump it. So I had to get out once I realized that it was a paid pump. Still made a few grand, thank you to Benzinga Pro for being roughly 10 minutes late, and that little 10 minutes late on your alert, you know, was a nice spike to sell into.

There’s all these different newsletters and different alerts and they’re usually pretty delayed. It’s kind of laughable. I think this was Benzinga Pro that was 10 minutes late on this one and I sold into all the Benzinga Pro people buying. So thank you Benzinga Pro for your laziness. QIWI, though, I underestimated, so NIA, you know, you had one really good one on QIWI, then you kind of sold out for this play. I get it, you gotta pay your bills, you know. You make one good pick and then you sell out for the next. I’m not blaming you, I’m just gonna teach everybody what you guys do. And then midday, I said this, I was like, “No thanks to buying paid pumps even if it’s blockchain, onto the next, now KODK.”

And then I had something come up. Unfortunately, you know, I’m running quite a few businesses and I trade when I can. Midday, I’m not really gonna trade that much. So it was unfortunate that I was watching KODK, but I did not take advantage of it. I’m glad, though, that I put it in my alert. Like, even sometimes when I’m selling one stock and I’m watching another, you know, for me no one trade matters. It’s all about teaching you the process. So a lot of people made a lot of money when I specifically didn’t buy KODK, but I brought it up midday, and this was around 12:03 p.m. midday. It was right around here, you know. KODK had just spiked from the threes to the fives, and I was watching it on the dip here in the fours and it really wasn’t doing anything and I had to leave pretty much right around here, so I missed this. This was a really nice breakout here above 5.50, all the way up to 6.50. And then if you missed that, you had a second chance.

So you either buy the first breakout or you buy the dip when it holds that key breakout level, you know, up to the sevens. There’s no way it would’ve held after hours to the 9S here or, you know, maybe by the time I post this video, it’ll be in the 10s, 12s, 15s, who knows? For me, this is the kind of pattern that I look for, this breakout and then this successful hold of the breakout. So, at most, even if I had been there midday, which again, most middays I take off, so it’s very rare for a stock to move like this midday, but this is where I would’ve, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve bought, in the 5.50s, and I most definitely would’ve been out, you know, for probably 50 or 75 cents a share. Or if I had bought the dip here at, like, 5.75, you know, I would’ve been out here, by 6.60, and made the same 50, 75 cents a share. This is my area of expertise, and as you can see here, I mean, even into the close, it didn’t do much. This is just after hours, very illiquid price action.

Kodak has traded 70 million shares, though, in total since they announced their whole little cryptocurrency blockchain for photographers bullshit. I think it’s laughable. We saw this just the other day on CNET, right here, when it went from the 1s to the 11s. You know, it tried to come back here. A few different chatrooms tried to buy it all together and it can’t. You know, once it goes up that much, it’s just tough. LFIN was the original or one of the original big blockchain movers a few days ago when it went from 5 to 140. So even though I’m saying this is bullshit and I really can’t help laughing at some of these press releases. Like history is repeating itself. I still don’t wanna step in front of a freight train. I don’t want to just short this right away. I know many shorts are licking their chops. Be careful guys. You know, I know a lot of shorts who have been sent to the hospital and to the poor house the past few weeks and months. You know, they have been way too aggressive the past, you know, every hot sector, and now they’re getting their asses handed to them.

So I know that I’m known as mostly a short seller, but, you know, recently, the past few years, I’ve been mostly long. I actually ran into a guy here, he works at the hotel that I’m staying at, pretty cool, you know, and he looked at me and he’s like, “Tim?” And I was like, “Yeah?” I just thought that he, you know, recognized me from… You know, I signed in my name at the hotel that I’m staying at. But then he took me outside and he was like, “Tim, I was one of your students.” And I was like, “Oh, cool, how do you do?” And, you know, when someone says, “I was one of your students,” you don’t think, like, oh, they’re gonna tell you something positive. But he was like, “Listen, Tim, you know, I started off as your student, I love learning, but I really am not good at short selling and I feel bad saying this, but in the past year, I made $50,000 going long.” And I was like, “Dude, I’ve switched to going long.”

He didn’t even realize it because he was my student, you know, years ago when I was all short selling. It’s good to adapt and also, never feel bad if you make money in a different way. You know, I know some short sellers who are making money. You know, my top student, Tim Grittani, made over $2 million last year and he’s primarily short bias. So not all short sellers are losing. But if you can make money in any way, that’s fantastic. If you do make money in these cryptocurrencies, fantastic. If you make money in binary and forex, fantastic. I just try to teach you the odds, and I try to warn you about the bad elements in these speculative sectors. So if you are making a lot of money, do me a favor, lock in a quarter of your profits right now or, you know, even half of your profits just to play it safe. I know that, you know, you wanna be a gunslinger, and guess what? I sell way too soon usually.

COGT, I timed pretty well. This was… You know, it spiked all the way up to the 6s the other day and then today, it got up to the 5.60s and then bounced to the 5.40s, but it’s tough. It’s tough when you find out that it’s a paid pump, you know. COGT and KODK were the two midday runners. KODK is not a paid pump, you know. They just issued a press release saying they’re getting into blockchain. So that turned out to be a better one. Now, HMNY is spiking after hours on news that they might do an ICO and, you know, this is a company…they’re merging with moviepass.com, where you can basically go to the movie theater all you want for like 10 bucks a month. You know, it sounds like a cool business. I mean, they just passed one and a half million subscribers. It was pretty crazy. This was the spike on news of the subscribers, which is actually, you know, very fundamentally good, and it was kind of funny and a sign of the times that the stock was only up like, 5 or 10 cents a share on the day when they announced solid subscriber numbers. And then it spikes big after hours on an interview that the CEO did talking about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

That is a sign of the times, like earnings winners, good actual businesses. You know, the stock might go up a little bit, but whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You’re getting into blockchain and cryptocurrency? Well, wait a minute, you don’t even have an actual business? Oh, this is big news. Whoa, you just said the magic words. That’s the kind of environment that we’re in, and it would be wrong of me not to mock it. You know, again, God bless all you people doing ICOs. God bless you guys making 10,000%, 20,000%, 30,000% on these bullshit little ALT exchanges. Enjoy the party while it lasts. Just remember, the party never does last as long as you think it does. So I’d rather you guys take safe profits. If you are up 10,000%, 20,000%, 30,000%, just remember to take some off the table because too many people go down with the ship and then they regret it, and, you know, no one in the past has really warned them.

You know, I tried warning people during the last medical marijuana craze in 2014, and people were like, made money and then it was down 20%, down 50%, and they’re like, “Well, we’re down 50%, we might as well just hold and ride the wave.” And part of the reason why I’m so crude with my analogies about taking a shit is because all shit goes down the toilet. All of this stuff will go down the toilet. There’s no riding waves down the toilet. It just goes straight down eventually. Now, when that will happen is anyone’s guess. I hope this stuff goes on for another year, another two years, another three years. Let the circus act continue as long as possible. There are so many plays, there’s so much volatility, you have to ride it as long as you can, and as long as the situations present themselves.

You know, I made roughly a quarter of a million dollars trading in 2017. Guess what? I would say probably 70%, 80% of it was on shit, you know, speculative, blockchain cryptocurrency, marijuana, shipping, low float, whatever hot sector was in play. That is the vast majority of my trading profits every year. So, when some of you guys, like, get offended when I start ripping on blockchain, I’m not against it, I’m for it. At the same time, I’m also not going to just drink this, you know, ridiculousness that infects too many people where they think that the whole world is gonna change and all these stocks and all these cryptocurrencies are gonna go to a million. The day of reckoning will be there. I don’t know if it’s tomorrow or in a week or in a month or in a year, and I’m not hoping for it. I just know that it will be there, because I am a student of history and this is what history teaches me. I hope that this goes on as long as possible.

Enjoy the delirium, enjoy the party. Maybe it’ll be like Space in Miami, and it’ll just keep going, or 11 in Miami, these 24-hour clubs. Let the party continue. Yeah, enjoy it. I’m not the bad guy here. I’m not calling the cops to end the party. I just want you to be aware of the ridiculousness. In fact, leave a comment underneath this video saying, “I love this crazy market,” because you should and you should appreciate it and you respect it, and even if you’re missing it. You know, I saw some people, some of my students buying KODK and they’re buying it in the low fours on the dip here and they’re selling it in the high fours and they’re like, “I totally missed.” And meanwhile, they’re making 10%, 15%, 20% on their money. If you made 10%, 15%, 20% on your money in a day, or in an hour, you didn’t miss, you dumb fucks, okay? You just aren’t maximizing everything, and that’s fine. It takes time. All the time, I make 10%, 15%, 20%. I make singles.

So perhaps my overly cynical, overly safe approach is the wrong approach for this market, but I don’t know to teach non-safe strategies. I don’t know how to say, “Hey, Kodak is the future. This thing is gonna double in a day.” I don’t know how to do that. I know how to recognize this as a blockchain play. I know how to recognize this as a big percent gainer. All you have to do is search stocks to trade, big percent gainers. I know how to recognize this as a breakout and then a confirmed breakout when it holds it. After that, this is all euphoria and I don’t know how to predict or trade or react to euphoria. So I have a very specific set of skills, like Liam Neeson in “Taken,” and that is learning how to take singles. And guess what? The singles add up to millions of dollars over the years. That is my whole thesis, that is my life, that is my teaching style.

Enjoy the euphoria, ride it as best you can. I love taking small gains because it adds up. Anyways, that’s today’s lesson. I gotta get going. Again, leave a comment underneath this video if you understand a little bit of how crazy this market is, and say, “I love this crazy market,” if you love it as much as I do. Cheers.