Today’s Trades, Thoughts and More Press

TIM $14,078 (up $105 on the day, up $1,663 or 13.40% in 8 days)

I awoke to see futures higher and all the high fliers that had gotten crushed yesterday up nicely in pre-market action. I immediately sold my 100 shares of JRJC at $26.10 for a lucky $60 profit (after commissions). As usual, I was too early in my exit as the stock surged another 70 cents within a few

minutes; no matter, I was very fortunate to get this bounce as it was stupid of me to enter into this one in the first place. Sure, the stock might continue bouncing, but the overall chart is broken so it’s very dangerous to be long here.

I’m not taking any more positions today and am 100% in cash as I’ll be traveling all day. Yes, it’s okay to take a day off, besides showing how much work it is to turn thousands into millions, I’m gonna show you that you don’t have to trade every single day. And to answer a ton of emails I’ve gotten in the past day–avoid ETFC!! It’s a complete guessing game.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten more than a few emails telling me I need to structure my blog posts a certain way to conform to accepted industry standards–that way other financial websites will be more likely to feature them. I appreciate the advice, but to them I say screw you! Who cares what the rest of the finance world thinks–I think the system is incredibly messed up so why would I want to conform to it? Helllllo, I named my publishing company BullShip Press to cut through all the BS, not to add to it! I’m not always gonna go into long winded fundamental analysis because I don’t think that crap matters with some of the stocks I play. And, no links to inappropriate content –WTF?!?! To the vast majority of people out there, finance is boring–I’m gonna show them how fun it can be!

Guys, let me make one thing very clear here–for better or worse, I’ve always done things my way–I ain’t gonna change for nobody. This is my website and I’ll put whatever I feel like it on here.

Alright, I’m calm now, check out my latest feature:


Wunderkind is back

November 12, 2007