The Press I Got In June/July: WSJ, Gawker, SmartMoney, HuffPo, Portfolio, MSN Money & More - Timothy Sykes

The Press I Got In June/July: WSJ, Gawker, SmartMoney, HuffPo, Portfolio, MSN Money & More

Every now and then the press comes to me to ask for some quotes and despite my devoting my life…literally…to subscribers of my 4 newsletters, I comply because it’s important to get the good word out in an industry full of scum.

In mid-May I posted some of my recent press and I’ve done a few since then…the most important being with SmartMoney on being careful who you trust on the internet when it comes to financial commentary as websites galore will make you think these people are respectable and trustworthy when the liars/cowards are too scared/incompetent to post their ACTUAL performance on sites like Profitly and Covestor (yup, I’m still #1 out of 60,000+ traders over the past 4 years as my Thinkorswim acocunt has increased from $12,415 in Nov. 2007 to $201,000 now, a gain of roughly 1,500%.

Here’s my quote:

Some more unscrupulous or even mainstream sites may use sensational headlines to attract readers and — as a result — lead to unwise investment decisions by smaller, less-savvy investors, says Andy Nyquist, an active investor based in Minneapolis, Minn. On top of that, the sites typically summarize or use portions of the reports, and those snapshots may not always be wholly accurate, says Timothy Sykes, a short-seller and blogger whose site,, reviews financial websites, bloggers and newsletters. The sites are primarily out for the traffic, says Sykes. “Everyone wants the most twitter followers and biggest RSS feed users.”

Another danger, says Sykes, is that it’s hard to know what qualifies many of the writers and bloggers who report or republish such research. “You don’t know whether a writer or blogger is a multi-million dollar hedge fund manager or some guy living in his mom’s basement,” he says.

Here’s the rest of the articles:

July 18, 2011: Huffington Post: Justin Bieber Fights Texting While Driving

July 12, 2011: Gawker: The Shady Company Behind Justin Bieber’s Anti-Texting Crusade

June 24, 2011: 5 Sites for Hot Stock Tips

June 24, 2011: Under30CEO: How to Successfully Manage a Team Remotely

June 23, 2011: Social Studies: Millennials Hit the Networks

June 22, 2011: Living Life On The Move

June 14, 2011: American Express OPEN Forum: How To Compete With The Big Boys

June 9, 2011: Huffington Post: Entrepreneurial Burnout? 17 Tricks To Get Over The Hump

May 24, 2011: Frontpage MSN Money “Justin Bieber’s Penny Stock Trouble”

May 24, 2011: Business Insider Justin Bieber Endorses A Broke Money-Losing App Company Owned By A Convicted Felon

May 24, 2011: New Times Justin Bieber Endorsed Troubled Local Phone App Created by Convicted Felon

May 23, 2011: The Wall Street Journal 8 Must Reads For Monday

May 19, 2011: The Wall Street Journal The 8 Most Important Must-Reads for Thursday

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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Tim and TROOPS,

    I am a stroke survivor, 49 yr old single mother of two teenage girls.  I have been slithering into day trading, ….my first trade being the infamous penny stock OPGM which I bought at .04 and sold at .0803……giving me $1588.00  profit. I only sold half my stock and am keeping the rest of the shares for the release date of the Apple Iphone.  That was my very first trade.  Since then, thru confusion with timing and hitting the wrong keys in a panic to do the trading, I have made some costly mistakes.  My brother who has been doing this for years now has loads of advice but want to learn from someone who I can to trust.  I have never heard of you and just watched your video   (#2).  I NEED an HONEST PERSON or nothing at all.  I used to sit and do nothing all day as I don’t work anymore and penny stocks are interesting and exciting to me.  I want to become a GOOD yet WISE investor. 
    Well, that’s my story.  I may hear back from you….I may not.  I am hoping I will.  I need a mentor and am eager to learn and be the best I can be for my family.  As I am now, I feel like my life is wasting away and I have so much more to give.

    Thanks for reading and have a peaceful night.


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