It’s Important To Know Which Stocks Are True Pump & Dumps

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 26, 2023

I get soooooooo many emails asking about different penny stocks, as many people believe they’re qualified to find diamonds in the rough…

Newsflash: YOU AREN’T

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the many millions of naive people who actually believe a penny stocks’ business actually matters. You actually consider buying stocks that get emails about because you believe the sales copy/propaganda.

Now, no matter how naive you are, you know I have a trading strategy that aims to short sell into the most hyped up/manipulated penny stocks in the world & obviously I’ve done pretty well over the past any time frame you look at, making me the top ranked trader out of 25,000+ on Covestor for the past 18 months, because short selling pump & dumps is just too logical a strategy to ever really do poorly, no matter how undisciplined or busy I have been in the past.

So what is a pump & dump–it’s when someone or some “firm” gets paid to send out emails, write “research reports” or talk about some piece of crap penny stock:

1.) They’re getting paid so you can’t trust a word they say

2.) The company or shareholder that pay for the pumping aren’t excited about the company or the company’s alleged breakthrough products (they ALWAYS have something breakthrough–a new gold mine, oil well, revolutionary drug, service, technology process, blah blah blah, no matter how great the sales copy makes a company look, the real business is else they’d put the $ directly into the company or buy more shares, instead they’re paying an outsider to get the stock noticed/ get the stock price higher in order to sell their shares at inflated prices!

3.) 99% of these pump & dumps are absolutely worthless, they are simply investment vehicles which stock promoters, pumpers and manipulators of all sorts look to pump using sales copy to lure in suckers

Look, don’t be ashamed to fall for such tactics, depending on the skill of the stock promoter, you will fall for their sales push and these stock actually do go higher for a reason (while getting pumped, before the dump, some people are obviously buying (in fact my PennyStocking instructional DVD teaches people to buy pumps too because if you get in at the very beginning of a stock being promoted by the best, it’s actually easier to profit from the long side than trying to find shares to short.

So here’s a list of all the known pump and dumps, feel free to add any more in the comments section and please do more work than me by also posting what the compensation was for the pumping ( in the disclaimer of every pump, to satisfy the SEC, the pumpers must disclaim how much $ or shares they’ve been compensated to be so soulless, learn more HERE)

Understand that none of these things are up enough for me to want to short them, they’re just decent to good pump & dumps, not great ones like UOMO)

I won’t even mention the company name because they’re irrelevant, the company/product doesn’t matter, I could create TIM Corp, symbol SHIT, pay somebody $50,000 or 500,000 shares and get my stock up from 5 cents to $1/share in a few days…too bad that ain’t my business and my business of teaching people to profit from the hype and corruption is actually a real business that makes more than any of these pump ever will.

SPNG (I get more emails about this pump than any other, they’re not undervalued, they’re numbers are BS, they’ve hired the best stock promoters around!)


…there’s too many to name, it’s pump season.

Learn the game and profit, otherwise, I don’t wanna see your tears–there’s no crying in PennyStocking!


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