What Is A Penny Stock Promoter [Infographic]

Penny stock promoters get a bad rap, but do you know why? When it comes to penny stocks, these guys have been involved in a good deal of scandal. Do you know how to pick the good guys from the bad? I created this infographic to give you an inside perspective on what promoters do, how they get paid and how you can use this information to turn risk into opportunity. Click the image below to view.

Stock Promoter_1.0-01


Again, it’s important to remember that there are legitimate promoters of various investment vehicles. The less regulated the markets of these vehicles, the more opportunity for securities fraud arises. The most important thing is to be on your toes and do your homework before entering any investment. From there, learn to recognize scams and bet against them. Book a few of those trades successfully and it just might change your feelings towards promoters.