My Reaction To My ‘Below Deck’ Episode & Answering Some Questions

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My episode of Below Deck aired last night and predictably, they edited it in a way to make me look pretty terrible…no different than the producers on my ‘Miss Advised’ and ‘Wall Street Warriors’ reality show appearances — I KNEW they would going in.

See the trailer here and watch it repeat over and over and over this week on Bravo TV all this week.

Tim Sykes on Below Deck.

The reaction on social media has been swift and harsh with common phrases used such as “douchebag” “arrogant” “egotistical” “asshole” yada yada yada mainly in reaction to my focus on money, my younger girlfriend who doesn’t like gourmet food, my confidence which EVERY viewer can see, even blind TV viewers, the fact that I trade penny stocks with “crappy technology”, my teaching others my strategy (given the vast majority of this industry is gurus promising riches but not delivering), my lack of big tip for the crew and the callous way I decided to take back $5,000 from the original $22,000 tip.

I knew this would all be televised and edited in the worst possible way, heck remember where I called my mom a bitch in Wall Street Warriors (which you can watch HERE on Hulu and pretty much all over youtube if you’re not in the US (I said it 100% sarcastically, we joke around every day, but 8 years later I still hear how I should treat her better!)

So why oh why would I open myself and my girlfriend and my trading challenge students to such criticism?


NONE of my antics or this show’s editing or my previous shows’ editing or videos like this of my Lamborghini and Miami mansion matter in the long run:

What matters in the long run is articles like this on CNN featuring my top student “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in 3 years” (he’s now over $2 million even after some recent losses this week shorting Ebola stocks a bit too aggressively…learn from his mistakes HERE) (oh yes we teach about our losses too…see my biggest loss HERE)

And videos like these:

Because there is SO much misinformation about stock trading and penny stocks and that’s why 90-95% of traders lose money…not because this game is so difficult but because good information is so rare.

That’s why I promote my 7 free video lessons and these 200+ free videos on Youtube and my trading challenge with all my DVDs and weekly webinars not just from me but also several of my millionaire students.

The reason why I have the biggest newsletter in the stock world outside of Jim Cramer is because I will do EVERYTHING I can to inspire people, and piss people off and get them talking about me and my story because I started with just a few thousand bucks and as anyone knows me can attest I ain’t that smart so if I can become a multi-millionaire, ANYONE can!

And that’s why I’m so proud of students like this guy who was my first millionaire student and this international student who will be a millionaire soon and he just happened to name his son after me as a thanks for all my lessons.

Which I summed up nicely in my recent speech at Harvard University

My critics will say out of thousands of students I only have a few millionaires, but even if you bought ALL my educational products from these study guides to StocksToTrade to joining my trading challenge, it all costs just a few thousand bucks and ALL of it can change your life as it has done not just for my millionaire students, but all of these subscribers too who have made back their investment in their education in 1-2-3 trades and the education I provide lasts a lifetime so I think it’s the single best investment anyone could ever make.

Remember this blog post when I tried warning the #wolfofweedstreet people about their flawed marijuana penny stock thesis — they thought they’d go up forever — most didn’t listen and have lost everything…some did listen though and as my conference attendees have heard my warnings saved them $30,000, $50,000 even $100,000.

I GLADLY took on the whole bunch of marijuana penny stock traders because I knew they were wrong, just as I know how many other traders are wrong every day and I’m here to help.

So I accept the criticism all for tweets like this:

Because as I also tweeted last night when I first began receiving criticism:

I treated EACH of those trading challenge students to the 100% free trip for them aboard the $12 million yacht and it was a fantastic few days of hanging out with them, trading with them and talking about the stock market, life and of course reality TV.

I wish the show had shown more of that, but I understand I opened the door to position me in a very specific way and never dare show my full character.

I left the crew a $17,000 tip, which is nearly 25%…and because the chef didn’t listen to my VERY specific instructions regarding the food — not to mention pretty much every group meal was delayed far too long (which they didn’t show) — and the internet didn’t work (I specifically requested they bump it up ahead of time with extra routers, devices etc. which they assured me would make it very fast) and some of the staff was less than cordial, they didn’t deserve a full tip from me and I made sure to let them know that.

Hey critics did ya happen to catch this tweet?

Yup, on the stock trade done on crappy wifi the ‘Below Deck’ episode didn’t show I made $70,000 a friggin homerun for ALL my students and me and a GREAt lesson to show that you can trade stocks and bank from ANYWHERE in the world no matter the conditions. Remember I am 100% self-made and DAMN proud of it:


Because of that my top trading challenge students are BANKING

Sometimes $200,000 in profits in just one day as I outlined here:

And lately this guy has been making $100,000 in a day a few times (big props to this chatroom and this DVD for extra education that has taken Eric’s game a WHOLE new level)


elkwood 103k copy

Long story short I understand what grabs people’s attention and gets them WANTING to study hard in order to get rich.

Money is not the end all at all, but its acquisition is what I teach and I took a few thousand and turned it into a few million bucks, see EVERY trade HERE and now more and more of my top trading challenge students are doing it too.

Bring on the haters, as I create more millionaires the hate will get even worse until at some point there’ll be a tipping point once everyone realizes what I teach is real and useful and it works…and my drill sergeant-like teaching style isn’t always pleasant, but it works.

If you think I only care about making $ off trading and teaching you’re wrong, money is just a byproduct of my hard work and I talk about it and show it off since it’s what a batting average is to a baseball player…I truly don’t understand the traders and investors who dedicate their lives to building their portfolios/accounts and then keep the #s secret and worse their strategies secret too so the dark ages in financial education has continued unabated…until me.

In the next few weeks I’ll be launching my own non-profit foundation which I expect to raise over $2 million in 2015 (that’s the goal anyway) and once I tell you all the details, you’ll understand my priorities MUCH better.

Until then, feel free to hate on me, I can take it…leave my girlfriend alone though, she’s incredible and doesn’t deserve any of this, she’s unlucky enough to have fallen in love with me and didn’t realize how committed I am to teaching and creating millionaires and changing this whole screwed up industry. I love her to death and you guys owe her since she keeps me sane enough so that I might just be able to pull this whole thing off.

Captain, #belowdeck crew, I’ll see you again, hopefully for season 3 and I’ll bring even more trading challenge students and we’ll see if you perform better to earn a bigger tip 🙂

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  1. Majestic12

    When your haters stop hating you Tim, then it’s time to be really worried. Nothing worse than indifference. 🙂 Off course you were to be marketed as the “douchebag” in this series. Too easy for them… you have done some great things for many people. Keep up the good work! M.

  2. John Wayne

    Most people don’t rise above the sheep because when you do you get hit with tomatoes.
    So instead they live quiet lives of desperation.
    The definition of hell is meeting the person you could have been.
    Keep doing what you do Tim. I quiver with anticipation on seeing the next video lesson and continue to hang out in trade chat and watch the action and study the charts.
    Who wants to keep working a job the rest of your life? Seriously you have an opportunity to give yourself a raise and keep doing it once you master your emotions and fears.
    You do that by doing, not by studying books. You need the foundation.
    Nobody on their death bed ever said “I wish I spent more time at the office”.

  3. Mike Robins

    your GF is cute but a brain dead ditz with no real world experiences. Try to find someone with substance who isnt just after your cash. Your grandma would be happy

  4. Kilian

    I really thought you were a cool guy but this completely changed my perception of you. There’s absolutely no reason to call human beings “slaves”. Also, I thought Bianca was much older than 19. I would expect someone with as much money as you to be able to do better than that.

  5. alex

    I was iffy because even though the show called you a “douchebag” I noticed in every scene talking to the chef you said, “would you mind doing that? okay, cool, thanks so much” etc. and you seemed pretty polite, like you treated them politely. I mean, most of the guests they have on board have ragers and trash the yacht and are outrageous so at least your group was productive. I’m assuming now that the crew are “bravolebrities” they are making bank on the show… the blunt new yorker thing, I get, but telling people to their face that you’re better than them because you make more money… was hard to stomach. A chef is an artist and has an amazing skill. Some people believe making money is an “art” maybe so… so while imho you crossed a line calling them slaves and making them feel less than based upon the size of their pocketbook, overall your demeanor and general requests seemed entirely reasonable, imho. Ben seems to have a real talent, Amy is cheerful and a good person, I think, the rest? Meh or train wrecks. I also think, I’m just guessing, that there are a lot more actual crew members than the ones they show. Looking into your lessons, intrigued.

  6. susan

    wow – I don’t care how much money you have – there is more to life than how much money you have – didn’t anyone ever teach you that??
    you know your girlfriend, and probably your friends are only there for your monetary worth. How shallow. How sad you are.

  7. GerryVeguilla

    Great stuff Tim. I started looking you up right after watch the show with my wife. You’re right that these shows love to make people look bad, because they wouldn’t be popular if there wasn’t any drama. You keep rock’n…

  8. oopsyIdroppedtheball

    I think it’s safe to say, if even a tiny fraction of the ignorance and bad behavior displayed by the staff was real, they didn’t deserve any tip. Pay your employees decently and let tips be tips. I hate it when obnoxious people provide a bad service and then act as if they should be rewarded for being obnoxious, lazy twits with bad attitudes.

  9. oopsyIdroppedtheball

    How would you know that. Quite frankly, the nineteen year old girlfriend showed more maturity and manners than the staff did.

  10. JamieNH

    Beware all service employees no matter how well you perform your job – this guy will find some fault to deny you a tip except perhaps give you a DVD of his “learn to trade stocks”.

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