An Apology To The Wolfpack & Marijuana Penny Stock Longs - Timothy Sykes

An Apology To The Wolfpack & Marijuana Penny Stock Longs

A few days ago I came down hard on the #wolfpack in this blog post and after talking with the #wolfpack leader last night for nearly 30 minutes on the phone I sincerely apologize for my aggressive tone.

Give the Wolf’s comments “u have no idea what we’re doing for support behind the scenes”, “we all work together” & a quick tweet he deleted showing he’s still holding (if still holding why delete the photo?), I figured he must be a penny stock promoter and he had convinced his ignorant minions to help promote his junk companies when in reality it appears he’s just a newbie trader who nailed the amazing runup in the marijuana penny stock sector, turned a few grand into $500,000 in just a few months in 2014, blew up bigtime on twitter due to his accurate calls and then naively didn’t realize he was investing in a typical boom/bust pattern just like the patterns I detail in my DVD study guides HERE and the same patterns my top trading challenge students and I short sell rather consistently for big profits like:

Now he and his #wolfpack followers are down big, praying for a miracle comeback…sorry to burst your bubble, but if the patterns follow the 7 steps I outlined in this DVD study guide, as that they have to a T so far, you might get some bounces, but the highs have been made for a while…if not forever…especially with the SEC halting one of the more “respectable” weed stocks like PHOT.

See this video I made too:

Don’t get all grumpy and stop reading — what I have to teach you is VERY important and will save you a lot of heartache and confusion since I have been trading these exact patterns for over 15 years…unlike many who claim to be expert penny stock traders I show ALL my trades HERE of how I’ve turned $12,415 into nearly $4 million and you should value the advice of a multi-millionaire who’s been around — and lost big too as detailed in my book which you can get HERE for FREE — compared to these people who have only been trading a short time and made the kind of $ that Starbucks employees make.

Unlike penny stock promoters who will say these companies are quality, this is just the beginning and all sorts of variations of those lies, I’ll be straight up with you — you’re trading CLASSIC PUMP & DUMPS, accept it and profit from it, stop drinking the Kool Aid like so many penny stock suckers before you and wake up!

No I didn’t short sell SPLI, MINE, ERBB, VKML, FRTD or PHOT this drop around, they never rose enough to really interest me — although my top students and I BANKED big time shorting the highfliers like GRNH, PHOT and MDBX the first big spike around– my tweets from 2 weeks ago warning of the impending crash:

…were simply because I knew these pumps would crash eventually, just not exactly when…like the Wolf catching the upside with some luck, I caught the downside with that same luck.

Contrary to lies spread about me, I didn’t pay for any fake negative news report (never have never will…my trading relies on the strength of the time-tested patterns, nothing more) and I didn’t even expose them — this article on SPLI should’ve scared away any rational longs 2 weeks before it dropped 75%, but the hype is strong with this sector so longs refused to listen to reason and got clobbered.

I don’t enjoy seeing ANYONE lose money, but worse than losses is ignorance which I aim to cure:

Yes, I promote my educational products hard BECAUSE THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU LIKE KALE.

And that’s why I push so hard on twitter — to get you wolfpackers to study these patterns so you can see this group of weed stocks is not special…this time is not different…it’s the same penny stock pump & dump pattern every few weeks and months and the first few months of 2014 have been the busiest in over a decade.

As I’ve posted this student of mine is up nearly $3 million in 2014 already, this student has has now turned $1,500 into $1.7 million in 3 years since studying my patterns and my first millionaire student HERE and I are all up a few hundred thousand dollars in the first 3 months of 2014 too.

It does me no good to make a trade and not alert/teach subscribers as remember I make most of my $ from teaching (even though I’m already up $500,000ish in 2014 in trading)…ah yes I’m not embarrassed about making more from teaching, I bring it up to hep you understand I’m not gonna screw my subscribers/students and I’m not gonna make trades for trading-sake since my priority in life is creating a 3rd trading challenge student millionaire right now.

So wolfpackers if you hate me or don’t believe me, that’s fine, my 1st millionaire student wrote a post once upon a time called Tim Sykes is Full Of BS, then we debated, he decided to try out my DVDs and now my patterns are responsible for a large part of his $1.3 million in trading profits the past few years.

I know, I know many of you have made big money very quickly buying marijuana penny stocks and I’m not saying they’re never going to come back — what I am saying is that if you want to make CONSISTENT six and seven figures instead of lucky or easy win easy lose-type money, then you’re gonna have to study and learn how penny stocks, no matter hwat industry, get pumped up and then crash time and time again.

It’s your call, I can’t force you to study, it just saddens me when I see tweets like this:

…thinking that a pump like SPLI is gonna be saved by posting financials and then that person is embarrassed / confused / bitter / angry / poorer when the stock drops 50%+ the next few days.

It’s not random.

It’s not short sellers.

It’s not manipulation.

It’s the classic penny stock pattern and even if you learn how to short sell them, you gotta realize there aren’t always borrows to find shares to short which is why I make music videos like this:

Then again I did lock in $70,000ish in profits shortin g the blatant pump CNTO before it got halted by the SEC and dropped bigtime just as some penny stock promoters were saying to buy it even on the very day it was halted:

But even if you sometimes can’t profits off the shorts, it’s ALWAYS good to learn how the penny stock pump market actually works so you can learn to time your sells better as after all, I don’t just short sell, I’m up nearly 100% on my trading account in 3 months in 2014 much in part due to my buys…here’s a free guide on how to buy the BEST penny stocks:

Anyway, I am sorry I offended a lot of you with my passion to teach these patterns, but it’s far better to be offended than lose tons of $…I got this sad message from a #wolfpack member:

To prove a point to wolf and everyone else – why don’t you make me your prodigy. I’ll fly out to you and you can teach me the shit you know. We can use my stats under wolf vs yours. It’ll be a great way to market yourself with me as your guinea pig. As of now, I’m down ~$70k under Wolfs methodology, equating to ~50% of my portfolio.

My answer is YES! I’ll teach ANYONE who has a passion to learn, just apply HERE

If you’re not ready for my dedication, start watching these free video lessons

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  1. Guest

    Sorry to bust your bubble teenager. You ain’t “God” and even God can’t predic(k)t the stockmarkets, you dumb piece of $hit! Take your sorry life, your second hand lamborgini, your worthless lessons and shove them up, deep up your @$$.

  2. Chris

    I suspect that you’ve suffered some massive trading losses recently, your hostility makes it obvious. Don’t hate on Tim because you’ve been a failure your entire life, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

  3. Kurtis Kooiman

    You’re angry.

    When you are angry, you probably lost your ass.
    When you lose your ass, you blame others.
    When you blame others, you look like an unaccountable putz.
    When you look like an unaccountable putz, you don’t get laid.
    When you don’t get laid, you get angrier.

    Don’t be angry, listen to Tim…

  4. Josh

    As long as you’re not a fucking idiot you can make a killing off the #WolfPack. I used to be interested in your videos, your advice, and what you’ve been able to do trading penny stocks. I’ve been following your site a lot longer than the WP has even existed. The past couple of weeks have really made me disgusted with you and your site. I personally will not give you a penny more of my money. I’ve been able to make a nice 6 figures since March 20th just by watching the WP tweets, but your a complete asshole I would never associate myself with nor would I EVER want to become. Go fuck yourself. Sincerely, an ex customer of your work.

  5. brandon

    Hey Tim, don’t listen to them. If they cant understand that you tell everyone you follow the trends and the patterns than hes stupider than stupid lol. I started messing with stocks a few weeks ago and I’m up but not hundreds of thousands. Than i found out about you and I’ve been watching your videos. Not sure i get it 100% quite yet but all your stuff has a lot of intel on how stocks work and such and its good to know. So thanks for your help

  6. Democracy_Doctor

    Master Tim, the weedpack are promoters, if only small time. His nonsense PR tweets are to manipulate the stocks and get suckers to join him in proping it up artificially when he knows full well that it will crash and burn. I would have much more respect if they would short those garbage stocks.

    Your apology is unnecessary. You were not being harsh as you were just telling the truth. Yeah, I know, today it’s not PC to speak the truth and call BULLSHIT. Now, let’s hear chief Weed grab his balls and apologise to you and all of his sucker followers who lost their asses!

  7. Democracy_Doctor

    Don’t be a fucking asshole, Guest! Sykes never said he can “predict,” shit for brains. If you’re goona disagree with him, at least don’t make shit up!

  8. Where Wolf?

    Great article

    If having a gang of followers tweeting about the same stocks 24/7 isn’t pumping, I don’t know what is. To make it even more obvious they have to hide behind their fake aliases. Tim says who he is, because he knows he’s not scamming people or a pumper.

    Wolfie isn’t very bright. If you’ve listened to his interviews/podcasts he sounds like a stoner who lacks any sort of technical knowledge of the market.. that’s what his henchmen (Monkey, Beamin) are for… to cover up his lack of intelligence, he’s even admitted that. He’s the charismatic yet nameless/faceless leader of the pack.

    Simply put, the Wolfpack is one of the more clever pump scams devised. They claim they are simply there to offer advice and that everyone has to act on their own due diligence. But what they leave out is the fact they tell people to buy their stocks all the time, no matter the price, the charts, the indicators, etc. They say they have done the due diligence, done the Fibs, done the HW to ensure that these picks are the best picks out there, bound to make people money. Why doubt them? They even tell people to “trust them” “no doubt”.

    Wolf just tweeted to someone:

    “I helped u make $145,000 & u say thank u buy being a fucking asshole. Now u have something to retweet “Go fuck yourself.”

    Well Wolf, if you are willing to take credit for people making money, why aren’t you willing to take credit when they lose it as well? That’s what Ken is mad about. Following you blindly when you all but encouraged everyone to do so.

    (I think this same someone is referenced in Tim’s article.)

    Hopefully he and his pack were smart enough to obtain legal council as I
    suspect there will be a class action suit against them in the future
    for their deception, which is why they remain anonymous.. fear of the
    law, and of the countless number of people they have “advised”.

    Finally, yes it was very nice and generous of them to encourage members to pay it forward. But, for those that can’t see what that’s all about, I don’t know what to say. Psycho in his recent interview with Jacobson even said, they were the ones approached about donating to a cause. It wasn’t their idea. But it’s turned into their deflection card that they and their followers when you use to call them out. It’s ok to mislead and rob the masses as long as they give a very tiny percentage of their stolen goods to someone in need.

  9. Guest

    It is quite pathetic that you have to presume and pass a judgement, without even knowing the facts. Neither have I invested in your or whoever is this wolf guys stocks. What I find appalling is the fact is that you pump stocks in the name of promoting. This is just not right, you arrogant, narcissistic fellow.

    You are arrogant and full of yourself. Take all you astrological predic(k)tions and shove them up your @$$e$. And whoever this wolf guy is, you are both the same!

  10. Fu¢k off bit¢h!

    Here is what I “suspect”. I “suspect” that you are a piece of $hit and you li¢k Tim Sykes feces smeared @$$hole dry to earn brownie points from your slave master. You are a worthless loser who believes in astrologers like Sykes.

    You are a piece of $hit loser.

  11. Democracy_Doctor

    You totally ignore what I said and act like a butt-hurt bitch. Since you want to act like a little bitch, let’s hear some of your investing advice.

    If you’re not a Weeder, you wouldn’t be so butt-hurt over it.

  12. fuck off

    You are the butt hurt bitch here, bitch! And do you know why you are butt hurt. Because you are Timothy Sykes’s dick sucker, bitch. Shame on your owrthless life, you motherselling piece of shit. You worthless cocksucking filth. I spit on you bastard!

  13. Democracy_Doctor

    Goes to show you what Butt-Hurt knows. Buying a new car is one of the most foolish things financially that you can do. I’ll let little bitches like him take the depreciation hit while I continue to buy used, but looking and drives new.

  14. fuck u

    fuck the last 18 generations of your worthless family. your father should have used a condom instead of giving birth to a dick sucker like you, bastard!

  15. Where Wolf?

    LOL.. someone lost money following the “pack”
    I don’t follow either Wolf or Tim, but many is this great entertainment.

  16. ed7219

    Upon a loss, someone should step back & relax before they express things that just look worse, or evn more hilarious to someone who’s up & the same too for someone who’s up to not seem like gloating. Most traders I would say are in the 4-5 figure range & unfortunately the ones who blow up & also “pump” are within 2 figures.
    Personally, I don’t see the difference between a person who pumps a stock, then it rallies and then we all know what happens, then the other side is the shorters who bring it down & trigger the “stop=losses” which trigger pannic.
    If you’re “gambling” your “lunch money”, you shouldn’t be doing that, just like at the casino, don’t bring what you can’t lose.
    Personally, Tim has made his money on the stock downside (good for him), it’s sad people bash him because he’s profitable, “but” I do feel the pain of the landslide……that brings me back to your lunch money.
    I’m sure shorts get burnt when they don’t cover & others get burnt on the pump side waiting for that 7th figure which hardly ever comes. There is no crystal ball in this, pick a profit %, get it & run. This is my first post, I do read a lot of the post on I stub (unfortunately), which after time you can see right through it.
    Bottom line, if your stock gets attacked…….wait it out, we all choose them for a reason….hopefully a good purchase with DD.
    I fell into a avalanche last week, it stung, but I saw it coming, sold…..waited for stability, bought back in & up again.
    BTW, I don’t know Tim, I actually sent my first e-mail to him expressing how I don’t see a difference between pumping & shorting, bottom line….it is what it is. Yes, he’s a bit errogant, but I guess nobody is when they win right? Just a silent fist pump & on to the next?
    Sorry for the length, but I feel like this “penny world” has too much BS in it.
    Don’t spend your lunch money guys………..

  17. changing seasons

    What Tim does is take advantage of the inevitable: The falling of the
    “pumped up
    ‘ stock. It happens, even on major stocks. It just happens a lot faster and harder with penny stock pumps. Not his fault nor his deal. He just knows what is going to happen and alerts others to it. If you only knew how many people have lost millions of dollars trading these worthless stocks, you would understand.

  18. Ed

    Unfortunately, I do know 🙂
    I do appreciate you sharing about this topic, the “pennies” are immediate satisfaction or immediate “bash”, my point is I don’t see any different of a “sales stance” of pumpers are taking money from hard working americans when the shorting of a stock is doing the same thing by a group of people…..’manipulation?’
    There are companies with great business plans & exposure that have been hit with panic by the shorts & then the stop-loss kicks in, then panic again…….there’s your ‘short profit upon cover’, now…….at this point, how many hard working americans had their money taken from the short/ stop-loss? BTW, I’m not referring to the 2 digit “investor” who’s posting 10x’s a day on I-scrub. 🙂
    I’m just expressing my opinion, either group is like a shark waiting to attack that first drop of blood when it appears.
    Deep pockets can do it……or a group…… pump or short, just depends on which side of the fence your on.
    Trust me, the pumps are pathetic, but if you notice on the videos……as soon as the short-attack happens, was that the inevitable point in time? When Tim & his group of students decide it’s time?
    I know on major stocks too, I remember back a few years putting 10K in Ford & 10K in Chevy saying “They can’t go nowhere”….whoooops 🙂 But that was the economy then & that’s when I first started stocks, so I did pretty well overall, not a pro by any means, only about 4-5 years in since retiring from the military.
    I don’t think there will ever be an answer to this, it’s just that Tim has capitalized on it & good for him, it’s just scary that him & a group of students can create such panic, that’s all.
    Thanks again for your explanation.

  19. Aaron

    Wow, can you say (or spell) illiterate! This is the wolfpack for you- can’t spell, and every other word is profanity(or a stock pump comment) . That is honestly what everyone of the wolf followers speaks like. Tim you should quit trying to save them, they are pathetic followers if they haven’t listened yet they never will. I hope they like used cars because that’s all they will ever have following a promoter.

  20. James Albro

    You are over 14 right? Doesn’t sound like it…. Still fascinated by typing “swear words” huh? Don’t worry, it will get old when you grow up 🙂

  21. jerry

    Tim he called you out bro. Ed does have a point you are a pumper of shorts, and when that doesn’t work then its short and distort time.

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