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By Updated on August 31, 2023

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Options trading Discord groups are where modern traders get some of their best ideas… Knowing the ones to choose and which to avoid is essential if you want to take advantage of this chat room platform.

The GameStop (NYSE: GME) short squeeze of 2021 opened the world’s eyes to the power of traders talking to one another. Back then, the world saw how 6 million members of the Reddit forum WallStreetBets beat hedge funds at their own game.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Now, WallStreetBets has more than doubled in size — and the movement of traders to organize themselves has become even more widespread.

Today I’ll be sharing my top picks for the options trading groups on Discord that provide the best resources for their users.

First, a word of warning. At their best, chat rooms can be a place for traders of all experience levels to gather. Good options trading Discord groups facilitate a forum to discuss trading plans and strategies. It’s much harder to talk yourself into a bad trade when you’re talking to someone else.

At their worst, chat rooms can be downright harmful. Some options trading Discord groups are used by promoters pushing trade alerts on newbie traders. Chat sheep usually end up losing money because they get into trades too late.

The right chat room can help you improve your options trading. Read on to find the best options trading Discord group chats to check out!

What Are Day Trading Discord Channels?

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Day trading Discord channels are chat rooms where the trading community exchanges information and reviews trading strategies.

An options trading Discord group that consists of day trading channels can be a good place to discuss your trading journey. Some servers also have VIP channels that require monthly membership fees for extra perks. Others — like the options trading Discord group that is moderated by my former student, millionaire options trader Mark Croock and lead trainer for the Evolved Trader options program (different from but associated with my Trading Challenge) — only allow access to members from non-Discord platforms.

Discord was originally built for gamers. In 2020, active traders began to create servers and frequent the platform. Three years later, Discord servers that host trading communities have flooded the app.

A valuable member in these channels is someone who is knowledgeable about options trading, offering insights that can help you navigate the market.

Visiting a trading floor channel is like being in the New York Stock Exchange on a busy trading day. You can hear people yelling about prices, telling each other to buy or sell stock. It’s chaotic.

But it’s also a great place to learn from experienced traders. You just have to separate the good advice from the bad.

Why Discord Channels Are Useful Sources of Knowledge

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Options trading Discord channels are useful because you can talk with stock traders of varying skill levels. It’s a place to discuss the best trading simulators and options trading platforms. You can also share financial market news and talk about price movements.

But you should be careful — not all options trading Discord groups have rules governing the behavior of their members. Some of them can hurt amateur traders who blindly follow the entry/exit alerts and stock picks posted there.

Good stock trading Discord servers should give you a community, which can help improve your trading skills. Bad ones will help you blow up your account.

The real gems in these Discord channels are the traders who have experience in options trading, as they can provide you with actionable advice.

The Evolved Trader Discord group sets the standard for what I like about Discord channels. It’s moderated by an expert analyst. This moderation ensures that the chat room stays on task and promoter free. This options trading Discord group also shares real-time news alerts and discusses trading opportunities.

It’s also an exclusive place to connect with other Evolved Trader students. Connecting with other traders who are just as committed as you is a great way to push yourself to become a better trader. The fact that every Evolved Trader Discord group member is one of Mark Croock’s students is a great way to make sure of that.

Join Evolved Trader to get exclusive access to the Evolved Trader Discord group!

Top 8 Discord Groups to Know About

My top options trading Discord group picks are:

  • Evolved Trader — The Best Overall Options Trading Discord Group
  • Black Box Stocks — The Options Trading Discord Group for Trade Ideas
  • Topstep — The Options Trading Discord Apprenticeship
  • Bear Bull Traders — The Options Trading Discord Group for Strategy
  • Earn2Trade — The Futures Trading Discord Apprenticeship
  • TrendSpider — The Options Trading Discord Group that Supports Trading Alert Bots
  • TradingView — The Options Trading Discord Group for Charting
  • WallStreetBets — The Options Trading Discord Group for Meme Traders

These Discord groups all fit different types of traders. Even if a group isn’t right for you, there’s no downside to knowing more about it (and the traders it serves). Like everything in trading, knowledge is a powerful thing.

If you’re looking to up your game, consider becoming a member of an options trading group where you can learn from others and share your own insights.

My first pick has quite a bit to impart…

1. Evolved Trader — The Best Overall Options Trading Discord Group

My first options trading Discord group pick is Evolved Trader.

I told you why I trust Evolved Trader up above. To me, it’s got the perfect storm for an awesome chat room. It has:

  • Trustworthy moderation
  • News and trading opportunity alerts
  • Skilled traders in its membership
  • Restricted access — which helps weed out the scammers that tend to stalk Discord groups

Being active in an options trading Discord like Evolved Trader allows you to engage with a community that’s laser-focused on trading success.

Access is only granted to Evolved Trader members, which is my former student Mark Croock’s options mentorship service. Mark became my student in 2010 — these days he teaches in my mentorship program, the Trading Challenge.

Mark is a successful trader who’s made $4 million in his career. And yet he’s a regular fixture in the Challenge chat room.

He doesn’t have to put in as much time as he does. He has a family, his teaching schedule, and his own trades to attend to. But he wants to make himself available to traders in a more personal way.

In the end, this is why I vouch for Mark so hard. It isn’t just the fact that he’s a brilliant teacher…

Evolved Trader is my favorite options trading Discord group because its focus is on the students. Instead of offering dozens of different discussion and strategy channels like the other Discords on this list, Evolved Trader sticks to one general chat and one alerts channel. This helps to keep engagement focused and the community strong.

Sign up for Evolved Trader here.

2. Black Box Stocks — The Options Trading Discord Group for Trade Ideas

My second options trading Discord group pick is Black Box Stocks.

Black Box Stocks (BBS) is a powerful stock screener and options scanner platform. A subscription includes access to the BBS Discord server, which has an options trading focus.

Black Box Stocks is a hub for traders who are familiar with options trading strategies, making it a great place to exchange ideas.

Despite being “members only,” it can still get crowded in there. But many long-time members claim that the BBS Discord is the biggest value of their subscription. There are several channels:

  • A day trading, options-focused main room, with trade alerts
  • A smaller, strategy-focused room
  • Moderator channels

Several moderators are usually present, but feedback is mixed as to their responsiveness. Individual attention can be hard when you regularly have 1,000 traders sharing a chat room.

A big knock on the platform is that it regularly gets flooded with off-topic comments. This is not the case with the chat rooms that Mark and I run. Even though our rules are mostly the same as BBS’s, having a relationship and trust in the moderators helps to keep everyone focused.

The Discord channel posts trade alerts from their platform. The platform has a unique options scanner built into it that scans for unusual options flow… This can make for some high-level alerts on institutional investment moves.

All in all, this is a powerful options trading Discord group. If you can keep up and filter out the noise, it might work well for you.

Check out Black Box Stocks here.

3. Topstep — The Options Trading Discord Apprenticeship

My third options trading Discord group pick is Topstep.

Topstep’s Discord is unique because it’s able to provide advice on options trading through its apprenticeship program, setting you on the right path. Its Discord server is the training ground for its aspiring traders.

Topstep’s trading program is similar to one used by real trading firms. It gives aspiring futures traders access to a paper trading account, with limits on losses and goals on profits in place. Once you pass a certain profit threshold, Topstep will give you real money to trade with — and let you keep most of the profits.

Sounds like a great deal, right? Not so fast.

Topstep knows that 90% of traders lose. While they want you to become a big earner — who gives 10% of all your profits to them — chances are you aren’t there yet.

That’s where Topstep’s expansive Discord server comes in. It’s split into over 50 channels covering:

  • Trading rooms
  • Strategy
  • Psychology
  • 7 non-English language global trading rooms
  • Several voice channels
  • Community classes
  • News
  • Topstep instructions

The bad news is that the membership isn’t always concentrated enough to deliver the best chat room experience. With the exception of the trading rooms, Topstep’s channels function more like internet forums, with new posts and conversations occurring daily or less often.

The good news is that it’s free and open to the public, besides for the two main voice channels. So if you’d like to dip in for some strategy discussion, you can.

Access Topstep’s Discord here.

4. Bear Bull Traders — The Options Trading Discord Group for Strategy

My fourth options trading Discord group pick is Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders (BBT) is a community-based education platform for active stock and options trading. They have dedicated stock and options-specific chat rooms with rotating webinars given by BBT’s roster of mentors.

Bear Bull Traders stands out for its ability to provide resources for options trading, including webinars and strategy-focused chat rooms.

They also have a free-to-join Discord. Sounds like a slam dunk, right? Unfortunately, BBT’s main chat assets seem to have been deployed on its own platform, sucking much of the life out of its Discord.

The Discord group does have:

  • Discussion channels covering profit-and-loss sharing, futures, options, swing trading, and more
  • Strategy channels dedicated to reversals, breakouts, and more niche patterns
  • Voice-enabled breakout rooms to discuss strategy with fellow traders

Most of the channels are pretty empty. A few serve as landing pages for BBT YouTube links, with little or no follow-up discussion.

It’s hard to complain as it’s free, but you’ll find better value elsewhere.

Check out Bear Bull Traders’ Discord here.

5. Earn2Trade — The Futures Trading Discord Apprenticeship

My fifth options trading Discord group pick is Earn2Trade.

Earn2Trade is another funded account platform, like Topstep. They will theoretically be making money off your trading skill, so it makes sense that their free Discord group would seek to facilitate your development.

Compared to some of the other Discord groups on this list, Earn2Trade’s channel offerings are slim. However, it covers everything that traders need:

  • A news feed
  • Chart discussion
  • General chat
  • An inspirational quote thread
  • Strategy
  • There’s even a channel dedicated to workstation setup!

Earn2Trade’s focused offerings lead to a bit more activity. While some channels follow the internet forum dynamic, others host live chats updated on a minute-to-minute basis.

Earn2Trade is not just about futures; it’s also able to provide support for options trading through its community classes and strategy channels…

But if you’re looking for an options trading Discord, this may not be exactly what you want. Like Topstep, Earn2Trade is a futures trading platform. While futures and options are both exchange-traded derivative products, the strategies behind them differ in some important ways.

The level of risk is much higher with futures than options. Where options allow traders to decline the exercise of the contract, futures do not. Add that to the fact that you can use 20x or more leverage… You can see why these strategies might have some BIG differences.

I trade like a coward and cut losses quickly — but even the risk of sketchy penny stocks has nothing on futures contracts.

That said, the market takes all types. Learning more about different strategies is always a good thing.

Check out Earn2Trade’s Discord here.

6. TrendSpider — The Options Trading Discord Group that Supports Trading Alert Bots

My sixth options trading Discord group pick is TrendSpider.

TrendSpider is an algorithmic trading platform that gives traders specialized tools for charting, alerts, and backtesting. TrendSpider excels in its ability to provide guidance on options trading, especially when it comes to utilizing trading alert bots.

This is another free Discord with a several-thousand-strong community. It roughly breaks down into 4 sections:

  • Chat
  • TrendSpider alerts and tutorials
  • Strategy
  • Charts

Its options content is fairly sparse — although this may change in the future as its Discord server becomes more established. TrendSpider’s moderators are still driving much of the content throughout the server.

TrendSpider is a unique tool for charting. Unfortunately, its Discord offerings may be a little too unique for most options traders.

Check out TrendSpider’s Discord here.

7. TradingView — The Options Trading Discord Group for Charting

My seventh options trading Discord group pick is TradingView.

TradingView is another charting platform that uses Discord for its webhook alerts. TradingView has been in the Discord space for a while longer than TrendSpider — attested by its 18,000-strong membership.

It still isn’t as active as a typical trading chat room. It specializes in channels focused on:

  • Charts
  • Indicators
  • Automated scripts
  • Widgets and webhooks

TradingView is one of the most popular trading websites in the world, with 30 million users. A big draw of the platform is its public library of user-generated indicators, which are freely shared on the Discord.

However, TradingView has an in-platform social network which is much more useful to TradingView users seeking this type of insight and exchange.

TradingView’s Discord is still worth a poke around. It might not become your default community, but the ability to drop into the world of TradingView users could give you a perspective you didn’t have before.

Join TradingView’s Discord here.

8. WallStreetBets — The Options Trading Discord Group for Meme Traders

My eighth options trading Discord group pick is WallStreetBets.

WallStreetBets’ thriving Reddit community didn’t make the pilgrimage to Discord in its entirety…

But the 500,000-ish who did help make WallStreetBets’ Discord one of the most popular trading Discords around! And, if you haven’t heard, WallStreetBets users love their options…

That said, you won’t learn much in the way of legit options strategy on this server. WallStreetBets’ Discord is all about the culture. Even though its users are supposedly traders, most of the bandwidth here is dedicated to Pepe the Frog memes and aimless trash talking.

The few channels that stay on topic are not the popular ones.

I can’t recommend this server to improve your options knowledge. But if you just want to blow off steam and engage with hardcore meme traders in real-time, WallStreetBets’ Discord might have what you’re looking for.

Access WallStreetsBets’ Discord here.

Final Thoughts

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The right options trading chat room can make a HUGE difference in your trading journey.

Be skeptical and pay attention to experienced traders to make the most out of these chat rooms. Always double-check claims and do your own research before making a trading decision.

You should also watch out for communities and chat rooms created to pump stock prices. They usually lure traders by feeding them “hot stock” alerts, promising big profits.

At the end of the day, the insights on options trading you gain from these Discord groups can be a game-changer, but remember, you’ve got to put in the work to reap the benefits.

You can protect yourself by joining a chat room run by a legit trader, one who shows their trades. Someone like Mark Croock, who is one of the regular moderators in the Evolved Trader Discord group. It only follows that its members are some of the hardest working options traders on the planet!

But it all comes down to you — how hard you study, how safe you trade, and how disciplined you are. A good chat room can help point you in the right direction, but you have to do the work yourself.

What Discord groups do you use? Let me know your favorites in the comments!


Options Trading Discord Groups (Top Picks): FAQs

Read on for some more questions you might be asking...

What is the best option trading Discord?

The best option trading Discord is Evolved Trader's members-only group. It's moderated by expert traders, and its members share trading ideas and results in a constructive way. It's in every way the opposite of the worst Discord groups, which are run by promoters trying to pump stock prices and feed late trade alerts to traders. Visit timothysykes.com

Do traders use Discord?

Yes, lots of traders use Discord. Along with Reddit, it's home to the most popular trading chat rooms on the internet. Visit timothysykes.com

How much do Discord traders make?

Discord traders who brag about their wins without showing losses are at best bad traders to learn from — at worst, they are promoters trying to pump their stocks. A good Discord trading group will be led by a trader who shows ALL of their trades, like Evolved Trader's Mark Croock. The $4 million he's made in his trading career is thoroughly documented on Profit.ly — just click the link! Visit timothysykes.com

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