New Month, New Glory?

By Updated on August 1, 2023

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There’s an old expression on Wall Street that goes sell in May and go away…

Well, if you followed that advice, you would have missed out on some of the best trading opportunities of this year.

July was my best month in a while…

And there’s nothing that says we will slow down in August.

Why not make this your best month?

The way I see it, there’s two ways to make that happen.


#1 Focus On Gains

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Now, you might be reading that headline and think Tim’s gone mad. Doesn’t he always stress risk management and trading like a coward?

I do..

And that headline has nothing to do with making profits.

It’s all about gaining momentum.

If you’re a newbie trader I’m not expecting you to make profit gains.


I am expecting you to work hard daily and gain knowledge.

There’s no reason why you can’t learn something new or improve your trading each day.

Stacking knowledge gains will eventually translate into something good.

In fact, it’s what helped Jack Kellogg on his rise to becoming an 8-figure trader.

Jack wasn’t making money early in his journey.

But he didn’t let that discourage him.


Because he saw other Challenge Students around him make money.

Now, you might be thinking how that can be motivating…well, for Jack, he just wanted to see the strategies working. He knew that if he could button up his mistakes then he would have a shot at making it.

And boy was that ever true.

The cool thing about Jack is he’s helping other Challenge Students by offering a weekly webinar and watchlist.

I love it when my students can pay it forward.

There’s tons of great zero-cost content you can find on my blog and YouTube Channel. 

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Source: Business Insider

So happy to hear that Jack Kellogg will be teaching fellow Challenge Students and sharing his watchlist.

But he’s not my only millionaire student teaching.

It’s not uncommon for Challenge Students  to hop on a training class and learn from Matt Monaco, Mark Croock, Bryce Tuohey, and Tim Lento.

And let’s not forget, the countless archived videos of Tim Grittani students have access to.


#2 Identify What’s Working Now

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The trend is your friend…and it will always be that way.

And right now we’re seeing A TON of short squeezes.

In my opinion, these are happening because short sellers are getting over aggressive.

Take for example the ticker symbol TUP…which has gone from $1.17 to $5.91 in the last five trading days.

If you have a small trading account or are inexperienced (been trading for less than 10 years) and are considering short selling…I recommend you don’t.

It’s just too dangerous and risky.

Instead, look for multi-day runners…stocks with strong uptrending charts.

These have been working a lot better than my favorite strategy, the morning dip buy panic, which haven’t been yielding like they were a few months ago.

That’s probably because stocks as a whole are overextended.

Nonetheless, it pays to identify what’s working in the market.

Even if you don’t trade the symbol you should be taking notes and trying to figure out what’s causing these moves.


Because it’s highly likely that the patterns will repeat again in the future.

Last Word

I’m here to guide you along your trading journey. And to help you, I have two immediate ways to get you going.

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