Lessons From My $5,823 Week: Small Gains Add Up! {VIDEO}

By Updated on February 16, 2022

Lessons From My $5,823 Week: Small Gains Add Up! {VIDEO} Thumbnail

A slow market isn’t always a bad thing.

For me, it allows me to hyper-focus on only the best trade setups.

And believe it or not, it’s where you learn one of the most valuable lessons: Sitting On Your Hands. 

Last week I made $5,823 taking small gains. Keep that in mind as you watch the video.

In this video recap….

  • Weird but true: How a side-hustle can make you a more disciplined trader.
  • What Tesla’s (TSLA) price action on January 28 can teach you about trading true penny stocks.
  • The ‘Warm Butter’ test you can use to gauge true panic in a market selloff. (And how to apply it to individual stocks.)
  • “Theoretically, it should go much lower.” What to do when the bid steadies itself right below a key technical level.
  • Back to basics: How being late to the open and NOT having a watchlist helped me find my biggest percent win of the week!
  • The Friday Spiker ‘hack’ that helped me make $472 in eight minutes on UCPA. (And the tool EVERY trader — for the love of money! — should use daily.)
  • The two most important trading strategies for you to focus on in the current market.
  • Why you don’t need perfect entries or exits to stack singles. (And how aiming for perfection can hold you back.)
  • The shocking truth that none of the ‘big-time’ traders on Twitter will ever admit.
  • PLUS: The 3-part ‘Bad News Buy Signal’ I used to bank $396 in four minutes on EEENF. See the crazy chart below!
EEENF chart: Feb. 9-10, 2022, 3-part ‘bad news buy signal’ morning panic dip buy (Source: StocksToTrade.com)

Lessons from My $5,823 Week: Video Recap

Get all these lessons and more in the recap video below…

Remember, small gains add up, simple trades are good, and you don’t have to trade every day.

It’s fine to take unexpected trades that pop up on your radar. Just be willing to test with small positions or paper trade.

Even in a slow market, there’s a lot to learn. Every day you can gain a little more knowledge and experience. If you’re truly dedicated, go back and look through my historical trades — especially when the market was hot.

Also look for new opportunities. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…

On Tuesday, February 22, I’m sitting down with the legendary Chuck Hughes. He agreed to reveal his “snowballing” strategy on camera.

Register for free here…

The 7-Day Snowball Trading Summit

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