Learn To Read SEC Filings DVD Reviews & Details, This DVD & ALL Others 50% Off Only For 33 More Hours - Timothy Sykes

Learn To Read SEC Filings DVD Reviews & Details, This DVD & ALL Others 50% Off Only For 33 More Hours

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Now it’s time for me to write about one of my newest DVD: Learn To Read SEC Filings, which basically is 10 hours of what the title says…not just me this time, but also similarly successful Michael Goode’s aka Reaper aka someone up fascinating take on these filings (see his blog post explaining his part of this DVD)…all the basics, how to spot red flags, how to identify frauds and this is coming from somebody who seen pretty much everything in 11+ years of trading (you can see how I eat SEC filings for breakfast in my TIMfundamentals Part Deux DVD in which I expose the skeletons of one such scummy company….and understand this DVD iv available in many different combos with my other new DVDs

Check out what one reviewer on Investimonials had to say about this DVD package (he apparently liked that Michael and I have similar but sometimes verrrry different styles of reading and analyzing SEC filings:

A Fantastic Conflict in Styles

To date this is probably my favorite Tim Sykes DVD. Not because the others aren’t very good on their own, but because this DVD gets into an area that day traders generally don’t talk about. Reading SEC filings was always a mystery to me, and this helped clear a lot of that fog, and allowed me to learn more on my own. Michael Goode’s section is great in it’s own right. He goes through how he reads and SEC filing, and evaluates the company based on it’s fundamentals. Tim’s Section is equally as educational as he does a similar presentation that is different enough from Michael Goode’s section that you get a good feel for how 2 different successful traders can interpret the same type of information slightly differently, yet still be successful.
-MD Wagner

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