Humanitarian Crisis: Karmagawa Fundraiser for Afghanistan Refugees

By Updated on August 31, 2021

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Afghanistan Crisis Fundraiser: Key Takeaways

  • The Afghan people are in crisis — here’s what you can do to help…
  • Details about my Karmagawa fundraiser for the people of Afghanistan…
  • Why I’m pledging to match donations dollar for dollar…

The people of Afghanistan are suffering. Let’s do what we can to help. I’ve created a fundraiser for Afghanistan with my charity Karmagawa

Donate here!

Right now, we’re raising funds to help the Afghan people. Our goal is to assist Afghan refugees and those who are trying to escape from the new Taliban rule.

We’ll be helping to fill their basic human needs during this URGENT crisis.

Keep reading to learn more about the fundraiser and what you can do to help…

Fundraiser for Afghanistan: This Is Urgent

Right now, the Afghan people are in crisis.

Warning! Graphic Images: Some people may find the following content disturbing.


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In April 2021, President Joe Biden announced that all U.S. troops would withdraw from Afghanistan. Since then, much of the country has fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

Many people need assistance because they’re unable to meet their basic needs. That’s where the fundraiser comes in.

Along with Karmagawa, I’m raising money to help the Afghan people.

Most immediately, we’re providing food, water, medical treatment, and temporary shelter.

We’ll be donating 100% of the funds raised to several charities including Partners Relief & Development and Save the Children.

We’re also in discussions about how to best help locally in Afghanistan. Your donations can help save lives and improve the lives of those who are suffering.

Donate to the people of Afghanistan here.

Matching Your Donations

Every last donation helps — no matter how great or small.

To help maximize the efforts of this fundraiser, I’ve personally pledged to match all donations dollar for dollar.

I’ve had an incredible year of trading … As of the end of August 2021, I’m up over $960,00 in profits for the year.

I’m proud to donate all of my profits to charity. Right now, I couldn’t imagine a more worthy cause than donating to the people of Afghanistan.*

Even if you can’t donate, please contribute by sharing this fundraiser. Help us reach more people. 

It’s so important for people to see and understand what’s happening in Afghanistan right now. By helping people who are suffering, we’re investing in the well-being of the world at large.


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Why Donate?

Some people might be tempted to think Afghanistan has nothing to do with their lives. They just want me to give them hot stock picks so they can get rich quick.

I take issue with that. First, trading isn’t about a get-rich-quick mentality. If you want to avoid being one of the many traders who fail, you’re going to need to study and work hard. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Second, while it might seem like Afghanistan is another world, it’s really not. The people of Afghanistan are human beings just like you and me. But right now, they are in dire need of assistance.

If events like these continue to occur unchecked, how long will it take for the travesties to spread closer to home? How long will it take until your safety is threatened and you don’t have the freedom to trade?

It’s our responsibility as humans to improve the situation of others who are in less fortunate situations.

No people should be suffering or denied basic human needs. That’s why, along with Karmagawa, I’ve created this fundraiser.

Afghanistan Fundraiser: The Details

Just to recap, here are the important details…

Afghanistan Fundraiser

Here’s the direct link to the fundraiser: Karmagawa’s Fundraiser To Help The Afghan People

The Karmagawa Afghanistan fundraiser will donate to the following groups:

These established charities are both in a fantastic position to provide relief.


We’re SO thankful for any donation you can make.


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Help Us Help Afghanistan

I’d love to see this fundraiser become a runaway success like last year’s fundraiser for Yemen. We exceeded expectations and helped so many.

The people of Afghanistan have a very hard road ahead. People are suffering. Their basic human needs are not being met.

So yeah, our goal is to try to raise as much money as possible to assist them.

No donation is too small. Just as I say that small gains add up over time in trading, every donation counts. If everyone contributes a little, it can have a huge impact.

Please join us. Donate here.


*While Tim Sykes has enjoyed remarkable success trading stocks over the years, earning an aggregate sum of over $7.2 million in trading profits between 1999 and 2021, his primary income derives from the sale of financial education products and subscription services offered by various businesses and websites in which he has an ownership stake.


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