I Made $10k Yesterday, What's It Gonna Be Today? Beware Of These 13 Ides Of June Stocks

Translation of a review of my Russian seminar 

This multi-monitor trading setup is sweeeeet

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $194,841, this account was up 56% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and is now up 1,470% since 11/07 start

Total Account Balance: $767,000ish up 28% in 2011 so far, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $14,000ish profit day for subscribers and I ($9,500ish in profits for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profitly to see how everyone’s doing

RESPECT YOUR UNIVERSE (RYUN), Mariposa Resources Ltd (LEXG), Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN) are the pumps I’m watching, RYUN keeps surging so good, let it, potential short eventually…LEXG bounced nearly 30%, potential short…JAMN I covered my 15k short at 2.10 one day too early like a true coward and given its $1.70ish price (yes it finally broke multi-day support at $1.80) my covering is now a $6k+ mistake…good thing I made $10k yesterday on other plays or I’d be very annoyed with myself right now…congrats to all the longer term JAMN shorts, you’re banking! Potential short still as it should retest $1/share soon.

Majesco Entertainment Co. (COOL), Glu Mobile Inc. (GLUU) and Zagg Inc (ZAGG) are all at different levels of breaking out…COOL did breakout but then tanked 20% on good but expected earnings…fail….GLUU can’t seem to breakout because anyone who researches the company wants to throw up…and ZAGG is the only one that manages to go up every day, now a 25%+ breakout past technical resistance at 10.50, the inverse of what RENN did breaking down when it went past $12/share…yup, sometimes technical breakouts/breakdowns on choppy stocks really are that easy and their effects last for days…no plays on any of these today.

Renren Inc (RENN) is trying to bounce, but can’t do so even as its sector is surging…probly because their highly unethical investment bankers who just IPOed their stock at $14 put out a price target of $8.42…in a just world, that firm known as Deutsche would be sued for billions…but I’m not a lawyer, just a teacher/commentator…no play for me, when the firms backing “the Facebook of China” put a TARGET price 40% discount to what they sold shares at one month ago, that means there is something hugely wrong here and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it keep dropping like MOBI…can’t trust Chinese companies or their American udnerwriters.

High Plains Gas Inc (HPGS) dropped from nearly $1.50 to $1.25, but I forgot all about it due to the other great plays…zzzzz, focus on volatility when there are better plays, I could care less about this pump now.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. (JVA) I don’t care what happens because there are so many better plays…real companies are last on my list of priorities, right up there with trying to get furus like Baron to show all their trades….zzzzzz, it just gets boring to hear excuses after a while…no play when we have better plays to watch and trade.

Recon Technology, Ltd. (RCON), RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT), Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. (ORS), eOn Communications Corporation (EONC) now these are the plays I’m talking about, MASSIVE volatility and predictability…EONC dropped too quickly for me to short so it’s out, but I made roughly $6,000 on ORS yesterday, $3,000 on RITT and am up $1,000+ on RCON short at $3.75 (now at $3/share, it was a longer term newsletter alert and yes IB had shares to short, I use no special broker for Penny Stock Millionaire)…ORS/RITT are my top potential shorts today but I’d love to see a morning spike squeeze all the stubborn wannabe shorts who forgot Sykes is their master…I was telling EVERYONE all day yesterday it looked like it was doing the unthinkable, bottoming, but people thought I was just playing it too safe as usual…well, on volatile low floaters like these – remember IFLG a while back – I really do excel, so the bottoming happened and there was actually several great buying opportunities for the bold as RITT squeezed $2+/share off its lows and ORS spiked $1/share into the close when it couldn’t go red on the day… all are potential shorts, but you gotta watch my video lessons and DVDs to better understand the patterns, if you don’t know what I expect right now, it’s too late for you to learn everything today, this is why I say be prepared in advance!

BOURQUE INDTS INC (BORK) dropped from the 5s to the low 4s and there were shares available to short, but my focus obviously lay elsewhere and this doesn’t have great liquidity….potential short though still since it’s absurdly valued given the 10x+ runup.

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