How To Profit From The SEC Halting A Stock

By Updated on January 24, 2023

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I took a lot of heat all over the internet from penny stock promoters and their errand boys, TIMalert subscribers didn’t understand why I focused sooooo much time on this one company, but today, EVERYONE now understands that when you have a true GIMME, you try to make as much $ as you can off it because you know these don’t come around every day…especially when your research leads you to believe that the stock you’re shorting has done soooo much bad stuff that it’s likely they’ll get halted by the SEC.

Yes, it’s true, after a series of blatant SEC violations, Genova Biotherapeutics Inc. (GVBP) has finally been halted by the SEC. You can read the official SEC press release below, or click on the nearly one dozen blog posts I wrote cataloguing all the nasty stuff that GVBP did to earn this distinctive honor….little different than the companies I teach you about in my PennyStocking DVDs

I am short 3,000 shares at 27 cents/share, so I’ll basically make another $750 or so (most likely at .01 to .02 cents/share if and when the stock reopens) after making $2,000+ overall on this company and more than a dozen TIMalert subscribers are also still short, one subscriber has 53,000 shares (although I’m gonna ask him for a screenshot to verify!) after we’ve already made $40,000ish short selling this scum (no, I don’t regret taking most of my profits, the SEC was quick this time, usually they take weeks or months before halting, and there’s always risk of a second pump)

In the next few days, I’ll be unveiling a premium penny stock research service in which I’ll cover stocks EXACTLY like this…no more freebies and as you can see from GVBP falling from $1+ to its current 18 cent/share today before the halt, my research is not only good, it can lead to significant profits. CONTACT ME if you’re interested in being one of the first subscribers to that service. It’s gonna be limited so hurry up.

See below the SEC halt press release and my nearly one dozen article documenting all the GVBP thievery, it’s disgustingly beautiful:


The Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) announced the temporary
suspension, pursuant to Section 12(k) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the
“Exchange Act”), of trading in the securities of Genova Biotherapeutics Inc. (“Genova”),
of New York, New York, at 9:30 a.m. on September 23, 2009, and terminating at 11:59
p.m. on October 6, 2009.

The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of Genova because
questions have arisen about the stock promotional activity for Genova, and the accuracy
and adequacy of publicly available information concerning, among other things, the
company’s business operations.

Good halt, plenty of reason, now learn more from these MUST READS and you can see thier chart is EXACTLY like the pump & dumps about which I teach in these 3 videos:

-GVBP’s hilarious story of travel turned cancer cure company with $35,000 in the bank

-GVBP using the old patents

-GVBP’s “partner” denying partnership 100%

-GVBP using recycled press releases

GVBP has the same address as a penny stock spammer

-GVBP issuing embarrassing Friday night press release

-GVBP’s largest shareholder selling millions of shares

-GVBP’s partners have the same address!


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