The Cheapest Way to Buy Apple (AAPL) Stock

By Updated on June 8, 2023

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The cheapest way to buy Apple (AAPL) stock is by learning how to execute your Apple trade well. In this guide, I’ll tell you just how to do that!

Sounds like a tall order? It doesn’t have to be. Tens of thousands of people do it everyday.

I teach new traders everything I had to learn for myself when I started trading. That’s why I’ve written a beginner’s guide to the most affordable way to buy Apple shares.

I wouldn’t exactly call Apple stock “cheap.” But if the price keeps increasing the way it has the past 10 years, its current price is going to seem like a bargain!

How to Buy Apple Stock (NASDAQ: AAPL)

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Here’s how to buy Apple stock.

1. Get a Good Broker that Lets You Trade Apple Stock

This is the first step to buying any stock.

Choosing a broker isn’t the hardest thing. Here’s what I look for:

  • Low commissions and fees
  • Fast trade executions
  • Access to a wide range of stocks
  • Good customer service
  • A great trading platform

My personal pick for the last item is StocksToTrade. StocksToTrade integrates with most of the top brokers, and it’s hell on wheels for the things traders really care about.

It should be good for trading — I helped build it.

StocksToTrade has dynamic charts, a selection of pre-built stock screeners, awesome add-on alerts services, and more. It has everything I use to trade in one easy place.

Try StocksToTrade today — only $7 for a 14-day trial!

2. Determine Your Goals and Your Risk

Every trader wants to make money — but unless you have a clear idea of your goals you probably won’t achieve them.

Some traders are looking for short-term gains. Others want to invest for retirement.

If you’re an active trader, the 100% annual return Apple has had for the past 10 years might not be enough for you. I look to make 5–10% per trade. Most of my trades take only minutes.

Many long-term traders and investors are looking for exactly the kind of chart Apple has. Apple stock is what is called a “growth stock.” That means it has a track record of growth, which is usually a good sign for future gains.

The flip side of this is volatility. Make sure you only risk what you can afford to lose.

3. Do Your Research Before Buying Apple Stock

There are several ways to research stocks.

First, there are indicators of the company’s value, like its sales figures, debt, and more complicated indicators like price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. These indicators all fall under the category of fundamental analysis.

Short-term traders tend to look at charts more than fundamental indicators. Short-term price moves and volatility tend to relate more to market sentiment than the stock’s “real” value.

This is called technical analysis. It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

I tell my students to pay attention to volume. This is one of the best indicators of an upcoming price move.

I also pay attention to news. The value of Apple stock is heavily tied to future growth projections. News can really affect this perceived value.

4. Have a Trading Plan

After you’ve done your research, you should have an idea of what you should pay for Apple stock, and how much you want to profit off of your trade.

Having a concrete trading plan is the best way to keep from overpaying for Apple stock.

Write down your preferred entry, and how much of a win you’re targeting.

You also need to define your risk. If the stock price falls below your risk — that’s the point you have to cut your losses!

Without a trading plan, you’re just gambling. That’s a good way to lose your trade.

If all this sounds overwhelming, I get it. That’s exactly why I created my Trading Challenge.

In the Trading Challenge, I teach students all the things I had to learn for myself. Things like creating a good trading plan and executing it well.

You don’t have to go it alone. If you’re willing to put in the work, I’m willing to help you grow into the best trader you can be.

If you think you’re ready to give your all, apply to my Trading Challenge today.

5. Enter Your Apple Stock Order

Trading is 90% preparation. Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to place your Apple stock order.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  • Always use a buy-limit order. Market orders can execute for any price. This is not the cheapest way to buy Apple stock — and it can be dangerous in stocks with less liquidity than Apple.
  • Cut your losses quickly. As soon as you hit your risk you NEED to exit the trade. Your number-one job is to protect your account. If a trade isn’t going your way, there’s a poor chance that it will course-correct at the last moment.
  • Don’t get greedy. You always want to sell into strength. The way that I’ve made $7.4 million in my 20-plus years trading is by going for singles. That’s the best way to become profitable that I’ve seen in all my experience trading.

Should You Buy Apple Stock?

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You should buy Apple stock if it fits your trading goals, and your research indicates that there’s an opportunity.

Through much of 2022 and 2023, Apple stock has been at all-time highs. Some analysts think it’s in a clear uptrend, others think it’s due for a pullback.

I like the fact that it’s at all-time highs. That’s the first step on the way to creating new all-time highs.

There are other growth stock options out there! Check out my guides on the cheapest way to buy Facebook (META) stock, Amazon (AMZN) stock, and Tesla (TSLA) stock.

Pros of Buying AAPL Stock

There are a number of advantages to buying Apple stock.

  • Apple has a strong brand and loyal customer base: Apple is one of the world’s most recognized brands, and its customers keep buying its products. This translates to a steady demand, which is a big factor in its stock growth.
  • It’s one of the most innovative tech companies: Apple is committed to developing new products and refining their existing lines.
  • It has healthy financials: It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. Apple’s revenue and profit margins are pretty consistent, which makes for happy investors.

Cons to Buying AAPL Stock

Here are the cons you should weigh when making this decision…

  • It faces stiff competition: The tech sector is home to the biggest companies in the world. Rivals like Samsung and Microsoft are working just as hard to succeed.
  • It depends on new product launches: Apple’s stock typically fluctuates when it releases new products. This can be a big negative for the risk-averse investor.
  • There are always regulatory risks: Apple is a global company, and it faces regulatory risks everywhere it sells its products.


The Cheapest Way to Buy Apple (AAPL) Stock: FAQs

Read on for some more questions you might be asking...

Does Apple pay dividends?

Apple pays a small dividend, 0.55% annually as of 2023. Visit

Is Apple stock undervalued or overvalued?

The question of value is more for fundamental investors. As traders, we think that Apple stock is properly valued according to our current information. When something changes, that’s usually the first step in a price move… and a good basis for a trade! Visit

What would $10,000 invested in Apple be worth today?

If you really want to torture yourself, imagine if you’d invested that $10,000 at Apple’s IPO. And you’d held it through all the twists and turns, never selling it to buy any nice things or pay for your kids’ college education. It would be worth… a lot of money. In reality, most investors and traders don’t do this unless they don’t need the money — and then it’s all a moot point. Don’t give into FOMO. Treat trading like work instead of like gambling and you’ll likely be more profitable. Visit

Is buying AAPL stock a good long-term investment?

Buying Apple stock could be a good long-term investment, depending on your strategy and on the unknowable future. I prefer trading, which gives me more control over my exposure to a stock. The idea is to capture most of the gains without taking losses as collateral damage. Visit

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